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Excerpt from "Love Incarnate"

Author Leslie Brooks Writes Her Soul...

by Leslie Brooks

Leslie Brooks’ books portray the ongoing story of a real woman on a healing path. Beautifully written, starkly honest and revealing, she shares her strengths and vulnerabilities in a deeply loving attempt to further her own evolution, as well as that of humanity. 

In Love Incarnate, she describes her path of healing, as she takes in, for the first time, that she is truly loved.

In On the Path of the Beloved, she develops a "loving mother within" and learns to love herself.

In Soul Writer, she comes to a deeper intimacy with herself and her soul, opening a gateway to the possibility of having a loving, healthy connection with a life partner.

In her next book of the series, Loving in Grace, she will be exploring just that, as she embarks on a new loving relationship, for the first time coming from a place of conscious grace, instead of fear and unworthiness.

Always, woven into her very being, is the presence of magic, which threads through her magical fantasy Alannah, coming in 2016.

Excerpt from her new book Soul Writer, chapter entitled "Forgiveness":

"Soul Writer still wrestles with the concept of forgiveness. 

So, my soul, what is forgiveness? she asks. 

Her soul answers, and Soul Writer feels the answer move inside of her, deeply, reverently. 

A very small part of forgiveness, says her soul, is the act of saying, “I forgive you.” It is so much more than that.

See it now. A field of light. And in that field, the knotted and tangled cords that bind two souls. See the cords magically, visibly unwinding, untangling, falling away, lifting to the light, releasing—along with them—the joined stories of the shared lifetimes, all the way back, past, present, future, parallel lifetime, all the way back and forward to the divine plan of each soul.

A nod - an acknowledgement - of recognition, of freedom, of respect for two separate paths. A thirst to make it so, as well as intention that all responsibility lies to the self alone, not to the other.

A dissolving of all vows and contracts, all old marriages, old family ties, old business relationships—all old relationships of any kind.

The intention of starting anew, in a clean current relationship with self that respects, recognizes and frees self completely.

See the dissolutions now. See how the field of forgiveness is not just a horizontal plane but its force field is all-encompassing, even to below the earth, so that the dissolutions are absorbed and transmuted into the purest, cleanest, and most essential of all energies - that called love.

This is the impartial, impersonal love of Source itself and yet its quality of tenderness pervades all. 

The field of forgiveness is a layer of Source’s complex personality, and its sole purpose is to readily absorb and magically transform all ties, cords, entanglements, stories, lifetimes, blame, grievances, and guilt into the finest and purest particles of a mist of love that fills the field to its perimeters.

This mist is a constantly renewing, regenerating, reconfiguring source for freedom in relationship, to be tapped into, sourcing all humanity, as well as all universes, and the intergalactic families.

The mist of this field pulses and throbs, glows and shimmers, sparkling with every color of the rainbow, and yet it is so soft and so gentle that its very moisture hangs in the sunbeams of Source’s love and exudes itself upon all creation.

Imagine this now. See it.

When one is at last ready and stumbles into an awareness of this field, the feeling of wonder, and the delight in freedom is astonishing!

When one steps into this field and makes the choice to make it a conscious, eternal part of oneself, there is no going back. For once one has truly delved and searched and come to this field around one relationship in particular, all relationships follow.

The gateway remains open, in joy.

And there is one more gift that affords itself to the finder: the field of faith becomes even more vibrant, more visible, more emergent, as a layer through which one now may stand in both fields at the same time.

For when one stands in the field of forgiveness, it is faith in both self and in the infallibility of Source’s sublime and exquisite creativity that becomes activated. 

Again, I rejoice in you, my dear person. The field awaits you. Simply, step in when you are ready.

As you intend it, so does it happen."

Leslie Brooks has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, an Advanced Certification in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy®, and is certified as a Master RoHun Therapist (soul worker). In 2007, she retired from her psychotherapy practice to devote her time to writing her soul and assisting in the evolution of humanity. To read more about Leslie's books, please go to: LOVE INCARNATE BOOKS 

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