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Astrological Forecast for May 2017

by Lou Valentino

May promises to bring us warmer weather and beaches open at the end of the month for Memorial Day weekend.

The signs most effected this month are Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Scorpio,Taurus, Gemini and Pisces.

Mercury turns direct on May 3rd at 24 degrees of Aries 12:33PM EDT. Since April 9th, Mercury has been testing the inner world of Taurus and Aries. Ifyou have either of these signs as your Sun, Moon or rising you may have been going over plans and strategies to implement in the month of May.

We still have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde but the good news is Mercury will be direct on May 3rd and Venus already turned direct on April 15th. This is important as both Mercury and Venus effect us on a personal level more than the outer planets like Pluto which is more connected to the collective consciousness of the world.

Both Aries and Taurus are ready to move forward this month with plans that expand their vocation and add more financial gains. The social life of both of these signs also increases helping to make more connections with the public.

The full Moon in Scorpio at 20 degrees opposes its opposite sign Taurus and trines Pluto which rules Scorpio. An opportunity for the signs of Scorpio and Taurus to claim their own confidence. Self empowerment is the calling for both of these fixed signs.

Balancing your financial life is at an all time high. Taurus rules the house of money earned on a daily basis and Scorpio rules the house of losses or debt.

Money we borrow from banks for any purpose is seen in the 8th house of Scorpio and also reflects inheritance. If you have Sun, Moon or rising around the 20 degree point in Scorpio or Taurus, maybe you will acquire some money from another source and invest in your own personal desires at this time or pay off long standing debt.

The tensions in this full Moon are still with the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Tensions about personal empowerment verses others telling you what to do. 

These signs must claim their own talents and abilities and not let others water their personalities and talents down to a commercial version or some political version that supports only those they serve. Serving oneself without becoming full of pride is fine. Find the balance between service to self and service too others and your country.

Happy Mothers Day on May 14th.

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20th. Happy birthday to those born under the sign of the twins.
The full Moon signature of Aries changes over to a Gemini signature on May 25t as the new Moon in Gemini at 4 degrees packs a powerful punch from a Yod (finger of God). This new Moon is at 3:44PM EDT.

While tensions of the full Moon are more influenced by Aries and the possibility of more military action by the Trump Administration, the new Moon starts releasing information over social media regarding human rights and the continued voice of the public to let their leaders in government know how they feel.

The Yod is not a common configuration. It has planets inconjunct to a central planet at the eye of the Yod inconjunct two other planets that it has nothing in common with. In this Yod Jupiter is inconjunct both Mercury and Neptune while Mercury and Neptune are sextile (opportunities) to each other. This forms a triangle shape.

Yod's produce tensions from the inconjunctions but also produce some of the best opportunities for the signs involved with the sextile. In this case Jupiter in Libra at the center of the Yod indicates that those with Sun, Moon or Rising in Libra around 19 degrees could be making significant adjustments in the way they communicate and use their creative abilities. Pisces and Taurus are also effected around the 10 to 14 degrees give or take 6 degrees on either side.

Mercury is in Taurus and Neptune is in Pisces. Both of the these signs could have financial benefits from the opportunities that this Yod offers. Where is the balance (Libra) in the lives of Libra, Taurus and Pisces. With hard work this configuration pays off big time and you could be in the right place at the right time. This could be the beginning of a more abundance and success for Taurus and Pisces from May 25th to June 9th, 2017.

Social justice and balance is the call of this Yod. People are sick and tired of following leaders who have deceived them (Neptune) with words of promises (Mercury) regarding how they should live and the individual choices they make.

People are sick and tired of men in leadership positions who deceive the public
in spiritual, religious, medical and political organizations. A huge change starts with this new Moon from voices of many (Gemini) heard through social media and other forms of communications.

The tensions continue with this new Moon for the cardinal signs mentioned in the full Moon forecast. Tensions with both personal and professional relationships as well as instability within the new government policies set forward by the Trump administration.

President Trump is a Gemini so he may start new policies around the new Moon that would meet with some resistance. President Trump finds himself in the middle of lots of stress in the last week of May through the first week of June.

I wish him a happy birthday and I always pray that the huge amounts of wealth that the Trump family enjoys can be given out to the world to show that giving to others who are less fortunate is the law of Christ. To be an example of God we must help those in a practical way get from step one to step two. This is one of the lessons for all leaders of the free world who are swimming in money only to continue to spend the majority of it on themselves.

Jupiter in Libra in this Yod formation along with the new Moon in Gemini trine to the part of fortune in Libra conjunct Jupiter at the eye of the Yod can create this type of environment of giving.

God's angels smile when action is taken to relieve the suffering of the poor and health issues like Cleft lip, food, shelter and a sanitary place to go to the bathroom are provided as a stepping stone to a dignified way of life.

When the rich hold onto their money and spend it on owning another home or a home that cost millions of dollars they don't really need or another business hotel investment rather than thinking of the poor, the devil smiles. Such self indulgence is inappropriate behavior for those who claim to be evangelical.

The new Moon with the eye of God (Yod) set's in motion circumstances for those in power too exercise their power in a way that is more divine than human. Truly, there is nothing on this planet that speaks to the God's more than sharing what you have to help others in any way you can afford. It does not have to be with money.

Blessings this month to all signs. Jupiter can give abundance to all nations and create a world of equal value where everyone is seen as being worth a milliondollars as everyone is a true diamond of God. Jupiter represents international balance and the higher values of life. Neptune the higher octave of love and Mercury the communicator. May they all come together on this new Moon and create new beginnings of promise that only a Yod can deliver. Namaste.

For more information or to contact Lou visit www.yogavisionaries.com 

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