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2018 Messages from the Stars, the Star Beings, and the Speaking Stones

by Elissa Heyman

No matter what is happening out in the world in 2018, in our personal universes, the planets compel us to reach determinedly for our true desires. It’s a wonderful year for satisfying a curious mind that’s fixed on specific ambitions. It’s a good year to make a list of what you want for yourself, and then keep track of the journey.

There’s a lot of change afoot, and 2018 brings opportunities to make a break for what’s more the truth for you now. So although bad behaviors are going to be in the news, they happen in an energetic field of opportunity; do with it what you will.

2018 Psychic Horoscopes for the Zodiac Signs and Four Elements

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs

For all signs: Before you plunge into the New Year, it’s good to make room for it by taking inventory of what you could stop doing to make the needed space. The concept of ‘making room’ and putting it to work can give you many new insights and ideas in January. However you choose to restructure your life, prioritize your own health and the daily habits that maintain it.

Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: A mightily creative year if you can carve and claw your way through initial challenges, and get to that creativity. Are you being stubborn in some way? Don’t make it so hard to change! Don’t try to move so fast, either. It’s going to be a great year but it may not start that way. If there’s something in your life that takes a lot to overcome, this year you think you can probably do it. For successful change, there has to be a lot of preparation so that you areready to go through territory that’s new. Your satisfactions are going to change, and how you are paid can change. Your offerings might become more mainstream or reach more people.

Aries: This is looking like a very big business year for you. You might buy something or sell something, meaning you figure out a new way when it comes to wealth accumulation and career success. There can be a strong jump to the upside in your fortune and finances.

Leo: There’s more money or more work coming your way. More of the same, as if things likely grew last year and they’re continuing to prove successful and lead to better circumstances. There can be change in relationships with women. Expect a lot of discoveries this year, including perhaps a different way to live. Different people are presenting more opportunity, an ongoing development. Travel is beneficial, and you might take a bigger trip than usual.

Sagittarius: Something seems done. The curtains are closing on one chapter of your life, and you’re getting adjusted to new environments…and wanting new relationships. There are a lot of new things that you want, but one thing at a time. It looks you have to spend more time trying to get established before you can get things going with other people.

Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: The water signs are quite preoccupied with the future, but if you are trying to plan, the playing field or goals can change this year, so it’s not a good time to insist that you figure out your life. What you want for your future and your ideas are subject to change, which you might become aware of in some kind of “breakthrough” fashion. Being well-established where you’re at, you can still be looking for some place to go. Manifesting your dreams will require a lot of coordination and connections, “yeses”, and readiness. You’ll learn a lot in the process, and you will be able to root yourself in the right place if you let things happen naturally, and follow the signs as they appear.

Cancer: At first you don’t see what to do and it’s better to sit tight then to act, and when in doubt, don’t, but then partnership support shows up, or better order to your life develops. In other words that lack of vision doesn’t last, and you can see your way to what feels right.

Scorpio: You can do very well and feel a tremendous amount of success! You can get something that you need. It makes you feel successful in new territory. Now you can venture out into the world in new ways.

Pisces: On a practical level, you must be careful that your plans are supported by facts and feedback. It is possible that something you desire or look forward to what can be overwhelming or hard on you in some way. You can be affected by circumstances that make it safer to play it by ear.

Air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius: Relationships and partnerships can demand that you become stronger. Your response to any changing scenario is to rely on your own strength. If you’ve got a new idea or want to try new things, consider doing them in places that are not so familiar to you; they can have advantages in terms of costs, for instance. It’s more important for you to be able to make it work than to know the place. You’re out in the world with new people, new relationships, having to use new skills and also to develop new skills. There’s something rough and tumble about the year – a lot of new learning experiences – and it all makes you a lot stronger.

Gemini: You have very strong ambitions that may have been thwarted for some time. You’re really trying to get to higher ground and a better place. That strong pull to get you into different circumstances is coming from your sense of what’s going to make you happy! This year, somehow you can do the impossible. Things can look bleak and then work out, and work out better than you expect.

Libra: The focus this year can be on children, your health, and keeping things balanced. Being able to make changes and pay for it all is also on your mind. It’s a pretty grounded, earthy year of dealing with the material world. At the same time, 2018 can be a year you try to make a big change or are adjusting to a big change, one that takes quite a while to play out. You are somehow around “new rules”.

Aquarius: There’s nothing like experience and trying something new to give you the information you need, so don’t settle with anything that’s not making you want to take root. You’re in the seeking mode on all kinds of levels about what you believe in, and what feels like home in terms of your ideals and values. You want to know what the world is needing from you, too.

Earth Signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: The need to make changes to how one’s life is structured in ways that make it more practical and serving of your ambitions, is a hallmark of Saturn in Capricorn. The earth signs will feel this especially. This year, the lag time between desire and manifestation can be frustrating, though. Inside yourself, you might feel it’s time to go, to change, to leave behind the familiar. Yet something you can conceive of is still not possible for some reason. The timing might be that it serves you to stay connected to your familiar roles and activities for a little longer. This goes double for Taurus beginning mid-May when Uranus moves into Taurus.

Taurus: Once again, you may want to make a switch in your focus and seek something new…it looks as if you’re strongly seeking satisfaction this year and are willing to try new things to achieve it. The journey is what’s important this year, and the necessary steps you’re taking - not whether you completely rearrange an aspect of your life. Something new comes into your life that you get the hang of by September.

Virgo: Positive developments, circumstances that make you happy, are the more likely outcome to whatever your concerns may be…worry looks unfounded. The year’s events work out well for you.

Capricorn: The new places and magical places you want to get to are in reach… Mystery is your pilot, and where you’re going is more the new truth for you, and also financially and in terms of opportunity, everything in the new direction and new environments looks successful. You’re carving out a lot for yourself, you’ve got a lot of energy and endurance this year, and it’s a very good one for you!

The Star Beings: Their message is that they are in touch with life in the sea as well as life on earth, and that the whales and dolphins and seas in general are what need protection; they are the most endangered.

The Speaking Stones on U.S.A. 2018: Only one stone was played. It represents very strong change, being adrift; a division; a wall that cannot stand and one that has a short life. Foundations are uprooted. The feeling is anything can happen and nothing’s for certain. “How things have changed!” is what people notice.

Second Cast for 2018: Such a dreary prognostication deserves another cast:

Tremendous change with manufacturing is in the works; investments are pouring in. There have never been so many excited meetings behind closed doors about new inventions and innovations…lots of big money to make even bigger money, and create what’s new.

Women seem to be preparing to change history in a couple of years, and there will be more class action lawsuits around their causes. The Mueller investigation does not show a clear win. The crystal is left out of the design, meaning no real unification around common ideals this year… still fighting.

2018 U.S.A. Psychic Pictograph Message: This picture got showed it was gray for the many and bright for just a few. Even if Trump is ousted, the new rules make a lot of peoples’ lives gray, and suggest that our democracy has slipped away.

Private sessions with psychic counselor and spiritual healer Elissa Heyman from Santa Fe, New Mexico, will be available in the Boston area March 20th, and Manhattan March 22nd and 23rd, elissa@elissaheyman.com Telephone sessions available any other time. Elissa’s website and award-winning blog offer guided meditations and a weekly psychic guidance column. For information about individual sessions or intuition workshops, http://www.elissaheyman.com

Elissa Heyman

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