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Astrological Forecast for April 2020

by Lou Valentino


March brought us an unexpected (Uranus) problem with the economy and a new virus that has taken over our lives. What will April bring?

First, Mercury moved out of its retrograde shadow as of March 29th. It is the energy of Pisces that created so much fog around this new virus with very few clear answers on how to handle it when Mercury was retrograde mid-February to March 9th and not back to its original degree till March 29th.

This all means Mercury will be in a much better place in April than it has been since mid-February. Any health issue wanting clarity during a Mercury retrograde can be tough but especially under the sign of Pisces.

The rare Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that was most potent at the end of March, along with Mars crossing over all of these planets in the last week of March, is now separating and falling apart from the start of April.

Capricorn is a sign affiliated with tradition, big business and government. The federal government is doing all that it can to set up new structures to handle this healthcare crisis due to the dominate Saturn energy.

Saturn moving into Aquarius as of March 21st is helping to organize the social responsibilities of keeping a distance from one another and shutting down the economy as a safety net, so hospitals are not overwhelmed any more than they already are.

So, by the beginning of April we should have gone through the worst part of this Virus in America and headed for some breathing room by the full Moon in Libra on April 7th at 18 degrees (10:35PM EDT).

Venus will move into Gemini on April 3rd offering more social enjoyments before it stations retrograde on May 11th. Those with Sun, Moon or rising in Gemini are able to attract what they need till it stations retrograde and then they too have to look deeply into what they enjoy in life verses what others around them think they should be doing to enjoy themselves.

It is the full and new Moon’s this month that are ruled by Venus, the planet that brings beauty into life and a sense of balance. Since the full Moon is Libra with a Libra signature and the new Moon is in Taurus with a Taurus signature, Venus plays a pivotal role in April as it rules both signs.

The full Moon on April 7th is, in my astrological opinion, the turning point for some balance in this virus drama. Remember, it is a balancing act on full Moon’s as they are in opposite signs of each other.

Sun will be in Aries and full Moon in Libra. The squares to Pluto conjunct Jupiter from both the Sun and Moon, a T-Square, shows obstacles are still there but faith (Jupiter) and the power that it brings (Pluto) plays a strong pivotal part in turning fear and scarcity into love, joy and abundance. Look to the full Moon for a turning point in the numbers decreasing rather than increasing in America of new infections and deaths.

I don’t know if everyone will be able to attend Easter Sunday services by April 12th but there is a 50/50 chance that could happen. Venus will be trine to both Saturn and Mars which have been players in this less than positive manifestation health crisis. Trines are much more relaxed than conjunctions, squares or oppositions.

Trines are the wind at our back, so this is a good sign in the full Moon chart. Trines and sextiles to the rising sign, Scorpio is the rising sign, can create opportunities (Sextiles) for an easy flowing (Trine) recovery. Scorpio can resurrect us from a tuff situation.

Look for the government to allow back to work hours by the middle of April or the latest April 22nd when we have a new Moon in Taurus.

Jesus Christ is in the “Celebrity Spotlight” with a birth chart and time created by Alphee Lavoie who has been a professional astrologer for decades. March 1st is the date he gives making Jesus a triple Pisces. Go to my website www.yogavisionaries.com for my interpretation of his chart and photos.

Happy Easter holidays to everyone.

Mercury will move into Aries on April 11th and give the sign of Aries clarity of thought and a very active thought pattern till April 27th.

The Sun moves into Taurus on April 19, 2020. Happy Birthday to those born under the sign of Taurus.

The Earth can be the element that grounds us all. It is the Earth element that gives us a sense of stability. The new Moon in Taurus on April 22nd, Earth Day, is the perfect element to let go of a crazy month of uncertainty in March to a prosperous stress-free feeling for April.

Taurus rules abundance and a new more creative energy surrounding our thoughts and feelings about money is starting to manifest. Uranus will conjunct the new Moon, so we have both luminaries, Sun and Moon, conjunct Uranus in its fall in Taurus all inconjunct the rising sign of Sagittarius. This shows a change of directions in the financial health of America.

The squares flowing from the 2nd house of money to the 5th house of creativity shows that IF our financial situations do not get better by April 22nd, the financial system could fall apart all together. I don’t see this happening, however.

Venus is trine to Mars and Venus rules both the full and new Moon charts. The part of fortune is in Sagittarius conjunct the rising at 4 degrees. This could be the luck we need that offers us plenty of money to keep our economy alive but the lessons we are learning about money and the system we believe in will not be the same.

Uranus can create new innovative ideas around the idea of physical security that would make our lives more independent from the banking industry and the control the federal government has on it. Saturn in Aquarius brings power to the people.

Chiron, the wounded healer, is in the 4th house of both the new and full Moon charts showing a need for families and neighbors to ease the stress that surrounds our healthcare and financial systems. Family becomes more important than gaining financial power after this is over.

Pluto stations retrograde on April 25th around 26 degrees of Capricorn and won’t station direct till October 4th, 2020. This shows the powers that control the world are thinking more deeply about how their power effects humanity for the good or bad.

The sign of Capricorn continues to look deeply for answers. If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Capricorn, you are seeking psychological answers to deeper issues in your life. Look to your natal birth chart to see which houses Capricorn rules to home in on which specific issues you are looking more closely at to adjust by October when Pluto stations direct again.

We end April with Mercury entering Taurus on April 27th. This will give those with Sun, Moon or rising in Taurus a clear mind for creative projects and financial stability as we all balance our check books and see which bills, we can afford to pay at this point.

Hopefully we will all be back to work and a social life by April 22nd. I think this will happen.

In closing, keep your faith in a higher purpose. Do your spiritual practices that you most enjoy. I’ve made Jesus Christ the highlight of the month through mid-April but whatever you do and believe in can lift your spirits with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction this month.

I teach meditation to quiet the mind down and reach union (Yoga) with yourself. Value of our inner self is worth just as much if not more than the material values of life. Less stress creates less fear.

As Jesus Christ said regarding strong faith: If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you could point to that mountain and tell it to move over there and it will move.

Krishna also said that moving beyond the 3 gunas, the relative existence of time, can bring you to your true nature which is invincible and untouched by the outer material world, which is always in motion, always changing.

May the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction bring us back to a more balanced approach to life. I wish everyone safety and for those who have coronavirus, our prayers are with you and we will get through this very intense time. If you are in the hospital or any healthcare facility with a ventilator, may you know that prayers, love and light are being given to you from every corner of the universe.

For everyone around the world, Namaste:

Lou Valentino has been doing astrological consultations for over 25 years. He can do either Western or Vedic astrology. Visit his website www.yogavisionaries.com or call him at 860-574-9467 to set up a consultation or ask questions about his services.

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