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Astrological Forecast for July 2020


by Lou Valentino

July reminds us of patriotism as our nation's birthday is on July 4th. Happy birthday to America.

On the first day of July we start off with Saturn retrograding back into the sign of Capricorn reminding us that the structures of our nation are still out of balance and need of loving care.

Capricorn wants traditional values to stay but we have been in the eclipse energy of Capricorn and Cancer since the end of December 2019 and beginning of January 2020.

If you have Sun, Moon, rising or other planets in the signs of Capricorn or Cancer, you are completing the task of balancing work and family. Capricorn's are known to overwork, and Cancers are known to care for the family. Where is the balance in your life between work, play and family?

The full Moon in Capricorn on July 5th at 13 degrees (12:44AM EDT) is a full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral) meaning a partial eclipse and is the last eclipse in the sign of Capricorn till July of 2028.

If Capricorn and Cancer have not learned the balance between work and family, they still have till November 30, 2020 to catch up. If they do not pay attentions to what is going on in their professional and personal lives by November 2020, it causes relationships to break down.

This full Moon Lunar eclipse is part of six eclipses in 2020. Very rare as the normal amount of Moon eclipses yearly is 4. Two full Moon Lunar eclipses and two new Moon solar eclipses a year.

This full Moon lunar eclipse chart shows 5 T-squares of tension with Mars in Aries at the center conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, with both conjunct the rising sign of Aries at 12 degrees.

This clearly shows a need for America to heal (Chiron) deep wounds connected to our history (Cancer) and if not healed threatens the traditional ways (Capricorn) of doing things. Lots of anger is shown here that must be healed to find balance.

We have Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and this full Moon eclipse all in Capricorn square to the Mars, Chiron, and rising conjunction in Aries all square to a Mercury/Sun conjunction in the sign of Cancer. Mercury is still retrograde till July 12, 2020.

Talk about communication breakdowns. Is anyone listening to the other person’s point of view? If you have planets in Capricorn, Aries or Cancer, your lesson is to learn to listen for arguments are fertile with this combination.

There is a positive aspect however in this very intense energy. The part of fortune is at 12 degrees of Libra filling in this stressful energy. Libra is the sign that balances relationships. This is an opportunity for those with planets in the signs of Aries, Capricorn, and Cancer to heal whatever is not working in your personal and professional lives.

It is also a time for America to heal past (Saturn) issues that deal with police and military (Mars) issues when it comes to public responsibility. I see the first week of July as a push and shove situations between state and federal government and protesters with a good outcome by the new Moon in Cancer on July 20, 2020.

There is wonderful aspects also to help find a creative solution to today’s problems as Neptune in Pisces, the higher octave of Venus, sextiles Venus in Gemini, offering communications (Gemini) that are more compassionate (Pisces) and not so dualistic in nature. Pisces is known to be colored blind. A quality that is needed in today’s environment of racial tensions with government and law enforcement.

This Moon trines Uranus offering a less rebellious energy. Look to July 5 to July 20, 2020 for America to heal many of the open wounds that happened in June.

Mercury stations direct on July 12 and now we have both Mercury and Venus in direct motion. This is much better for social life.

Jupiter stays retrograde till September 13th, Saturn till September 29th, Pluto till October 4, and Neptune till November 29 all in 2020. Uranus will not station retrograde till August 15, 2020 but will be the only planet retrograde after November 29, 2020 till it stations direct in January of 2021.

This obviously shows a slow opening to handle the virus until a vaccine is developed or an emphasis on holistic healthcare to strengthen the immune system. Tune into Andrew Lessman on HSN for a quality education on vitamin and mineral supplementation.

The virus stays unpredictable at this point. It shifts from states of the east coast and finds itself more in the Southern and Western states currently. Mars conjunct Chiron is trying to find a way to stop the expansion (Mars) of this health issue but the tensions in this full Moon chart show America still needing to keep an eye open on where it will manifest again. America is obviously more prepared this time around.

If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Cancer, you are coming to terms with your feelings about anything in life. July is a month to hover around family and the ocean waters or any body of water that creates calm and joy. The sound of ocean waves or rivers can add balance to the often-emotional roller coaster rides of those with planets in Cancer.

The new Moon on July 20th is in the sign of Cancer at 28 degrees and has tensions from 3 T-squares pointing to Libra rising. Libra is also a sign active this month but much more positive in their personal life. Librans may feel that everyone is coming to them for advice on how to balance out complex situations.

The part of fortune at 28 degrees of Libra conjuncts the rising sign of this new Moon chart exactly at the same degree and sign. Balance will be found from any tensions in America. Many couples will marry or become engaged around this time.

The signs of Cancer, Capricorn and Libra are letting go of old outworn situations and things they own. They are creating more space and allowing themselves to not feel overburdened with excess of anything. They want BALANCE. A new beginning (New Moon) for their lives.

The Sun moves into the dramatic sign of Leo on July 22nd. Happy birthday to those born under the sign of Leo.

This is the time that the summer concert’s start to take off as Leo rules the performing arts. Also, Venus will be out of its retrograde shadow on July 28 and this can make social life expand.

Wishing everyone a very balanced and joyful month of July. Stay safe and healthy.


Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations in both Western and Vedic astrology for over 25 years. Go to his website www.yogavisionaries.com or contact him to schedule a consultation 860-574-9467.

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