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Excerpt from "Your Soul Purpose"

by Margaret Ann Lembo

Gemstones are powerful tools to enhance and awaken you in all aspects of life including your soul purpose. In this Gemstone Guardians Cards deck there are 11 soul purpose archetypes that express different parts of our inner self, the qualities or attributes of which find their expression in different professions clustered around each archetype. For each soul purpose archetype, there are 4 different career cards, each aligned with a gemstone that supports the positive expression of this aspect of the archetype.

The cards can help us gain insight and give guidance on any issues/questions we have on our life (these can concern our actual careers in this world but are not limited to this). Like other oracle cards these cards can be used in different spreads – single card, 3 card spread, etc.

How to Use the Cards

Pose a question / an issue / a problem on which you would like guidance. For example, “How can I improve the relationship with my partner around the issue of XXXX?”

The card drawn shows an aspect of a profession archetype on one side, relevant to the question posed. Continuing the example: You draw a card from the Investigator archetype, say, “Archeologist.” This points you to your own “inner archeologist,” the part of you that resonates with the skills/attributes of an archeologist (curiosity, interest in the past, love for detail, meticulous careful work, patience, perseverance, etc.), which can help you find insight into your question.

In this case you could say: “I need to investigate the origins of this issue XXXX further; carefully excavate more of its background; work slowly, methodically, and meticulously uncover layer after layer, detail after detail with patience and perseverance--e.g., why it happened, how it happened, who was involved, etc.--in order to be better informed / be able to discuss the issue with more authority and understanding / possibly change my attitude, etc.”

The gemstone aligned with this archetype aspect brings additional insight through the guidance in words and support through its vibration.

The affirmation connected to both gemstone and archetype aspect helps ground the insight and supports you in achieving your goal

Sample Cards


Gemstone: Peacock Copper

Message: Are you vibrant and dramatic? Your creative energy and the ability to express yourself are dynamic and enthusiastic. Have the courage to show your true colors and translate the information you need into the parts you perform.

Affirmation: I am full of vigor! I am authentic and loyal. I confidently show my true colors to others. My life is dynamic and full of vibrant energy.


Gemstone: Carnelian

Message: Do you enjoy and embrace creative projects? Direct emotions, passion, and enthusiasm toward art, music, writing, or any creative outlet. Remember that you are a creative being and have the ability to put things into motion and birth new creative concepts. You have the courage to take action to make your dreams come true! Affirmation: I am creative and bring my ideas into reality. Creativity flows through me in many facets of my life. I embrace my imagination which fuels my success.


Gemstone: Celestite

Message: Are you a visionary with great timing? Take notice of and respond to the thoughts and visions flowing through your consciousness. You have a phenomenal sense of timing and are able to synchronize what is needed for the highest good of all. You have a keen sense to run a conscious business with ethical business practices. Affirmation: I am always at the right place, at the right time, with the right people. I have great ease and flow with paperwork. Coordination is my forte.


Gemstone: Green aventurine

Message: Do you feel lucky in all your pursuits? Recognize your good fortune. Focus on your vast abundance, and you will attract more. Believe that all you do flows with ease and providence. Physical rewards in the form of financial success can be achieved with focus, action, and intelligence.

Affirmation: I am so incredibly lucky! I take action on my ideas. Abundance and prosperity are constantly flowing in my life.

 Margaret Ann Lembo is a noted speaker and author of several books and decks, including The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones and The Archangels and Gemstone Guardians Cards. She is a spiritual practitioner, aromatherapist, and the owner of The Crystal Garden, a bookstore and spiritual center in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Gemstone Guardians Cards and Your Soul Purpose by Margaret Ann Lembo © 2020 Findhorn Press. Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International. www.InnerTraditions.com

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