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Astrological Forecast for September 2020

by Lou Valentino

September reminds us of retreating into ourselves as the summer winds down. The Fall Equinox is on September 22nd at 9:31AM EST. This also is the time the Sun enters the sign of beauty and balance. Happy Birthday to the sign of Libra.

I would like to start off talking about retrograde planets. I know that most of us if not all of us, regardless of the Sun sign you are born under, have been feeling very stuck.

We have also seen the state and federal government stuck and unable to move forward at the normal pace of life since the pandemic started. Financially, the whole system has been lacking coherence.

Astrologically, retrograde planets can make you feel stuck. Why? Retrograde means planets appear to be moving backwards from the point of the Earth. Retrograde planets cause us to look at ourselves deeply mirroring back our life’s lessons more directly. This is something we do not enjoy doing but for now we do not have a choice.

Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde. The signs most effected depends on the sign each of these planets is retrograding in.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are in Capricorn. Chiron is in Aries. Uranus is in Taurus and Neptune is in Pisces. These are the signs that can really evolve spiritually from the intense identification with themselves on the deepest levels of their souls from this intense retrograde period.

Mars will join with these other planets as it stations retrograde on September 9th in the sign of Aries. It will station direct on November 11th and will stay in the sign of Aries till January 7, 2021.

Mars entered the sign of Aries on June 28, 2020 and we have seen lots of violence break out in the cities of America. Just today, August 23rd, as I write this article another black man is killed trying to get away from police and this time his children in the car witness their father being shot. Here we go again. Sad.

Mars is related to war and violence and is a first class malefic. The positive side of this planet is energy. Many athletes have a strong Mars in their chart as it gives them a competitive and energetic nature. Needless to say, many sports activities in schools and professional sports will continue to be delayed till end of November.

Mars turns retrograde every 2 years but not often in its own sign of Aries. Last time was in 1988 and the next time will be in 2067. It has been forming repeated squares to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in 2020.

Mars in January through March ignited the pandemic as it conjunct the Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto conjunction. Passing over the planets started to enlarge (Metastasize) the virus and when it retrogrades it may ignite other health issues we may not know of.

Normally Mars moves through a sign in 6 weeks but because of its retrograde period it will stay in Aries for a six-month period. On a positive note, this may be the time that a vaccine is starting to be given to the public around the end of October or beginning of November when Mars is in its deepest retrograde period. This could stop the metastasize and offer needed protections.

Tune into Andrew Lessman on HSN for high quality vitamin and mineral supplements to help the immune system protect you during this Mars period. Even if it’s just for the education, Andrew Lessman is a great educator and creator of supplements to give the body a chance to defend itself.

Jupiter will turn direct on September 12th, Saturn on September 29th and Pluto on October 4th getting this stuck energy we have been dealing with to move forward and lessen some of the intensity of Mars.

It will be an intense Political season with plenty of anger and “fighting dirty” so try to stay away from the social media hypnosis of expressing feelings about your favorite candidate.

God knows we need compassion in September and the full Moon in Pisces on September 2nd gives it. At 10 degrees around 1:22AM EST early in the morning, it opposes the Sun in Virgo allowing some practical sense to the often overly sensitive Pisces.

If you have planets in Pisces or Virgo you may be trying to balance your spiritual creative needs with your practical organizing power. This is particularly good for artists who often feel like they cannot manage themselves when it comes to business direction such as marketing.

Neptune offers opportunities for spiritual development and religious faith as it sextiles both Pluto and Jupiter. More and more people are turning to a higher power for answers to the violence taking place.

Transformation (Pluto), good luck and expansion (Jupiter) and higher unconditional love (Neptune) is needed as many people are suffering form loss of work and the congress needing to find agreement on a new stimulus package which the retrograde planets have put in standstill since July 26th when additional unemployment money was helping and was taken away.

Both the full Moon and new Moon charts this month have a Capricorn signature. The government has lost touch with the average person who needs to pay their rent and put food on the table. Since the full Moon represents completions, they should have everything ironed out by September 2nd or at least some parts of the relief package.

The signs of Pisces, Virgo and Capricorn are highlighted on this full Moon and receive more attentions to fulfill their desires till the new Moon in Virgo on September17th.

Mercury moving into the sign of Libra on September 5th is helpful for balance and seeing the beauty in life. If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Libra, you have balance in your perceptions in all areas of your life from September 5th till the 27th.

Venus moves into the sign of Leo on September 6th. If you have planets in Leo, you will have the law of attraction on your side from September 6th till October 2nd. Ask for that raise, create a beautiful work of art, decorate your home, and fall in love all over again. You will be the center of attentions so get on stage and let everyone know your alive.

The new Moon is at 25 degrees of Virgo on September 17th at 7:00AM EST. This new Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces mirroring the same elements of the full Moon chart. If you have Pisces or Virgo elements in your chart you want to start a new life. A life filled with fantasy but also practicality. Walking with 2 feet firmly planted on the ground till the next full Moon on October 1st. Manifest your current work or visions.

Virgo is known for being hygienic and this could be a start to a new health program as well. Pisces can be lazy at completing their dreams, but the opposition allows balance so to start that new exercise program Pisces, and keep things organized and clean Virgo’s.

The trines, wind at your back, between Pluto and Saturn conjunction to this new Moon offers less tensions in our state and federal government bodies. Maybe this means that our refunds from the I.R.S or the past stimulus money will be delivered.

Mercury moves into the deep waters of Scorpio on the 27th giving the sign of Scorpio extra research power. If you have planets in Scorpio, you will have heightened insights into any area of your life. This energy runs through October as Mercury will station retrograde in Scorpio October 13th at 11 degrees.

I will talk about Mercury retrograde in Scorpio in my October column.

May life bring you peace and balance this month and wishing everyone a wonderful Fall season. UN Int’l Day of Peace is on September 21st.

Namaste: Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for over 25 years in both Western and Vedic astrology. Go to his website www.yogavisionaries.com for all of his services. Call 860-574-9467 to schedule an appointment.

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