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Summer 2021 Psychic Messages and Horoscopes

by Elissa Heyman

The Inner Journey: Jupiter Retrograde on the Solstice – Expect Inner Growth

Jupiter goes retrograde in Pisces on the summer solstice for the next four months, and brings everyone deeper understandings of self and others. People are more likely to be guided by their feelings, which are extra strong. Healing phenomena can take place. Also, tremendous emotional outbursts.

Expect one kind of healing this season to be the release of pent-up emotional energy. People are ready to snap! Let your feelings out in a safe place.

If what you’re feeling is not just everyday frustration, if it’s not just Mercury retrograde kicking your butt – if you are deeply emotional about your life and want to change it, then you are likely letting go of defenses, and cathartic releases are part of that process. Upsetting times lead to seeing your own truth more deeply.

It’s not a good time to try to get anyone else to change or see the light, just your own self.

HOW TO DEAL WITH EVERYBODY: People can very easily be offended, especially the first half of Summer – all in all, a very bad time to provoke or antagonize, so “…walk away, walk away, and don’t need to say!” Embroilments now can dog you later.

HOW TO DEAL WITH YOURSELF: It’s a very emotional and bitter time if a person can’t let go of negative feelings, if they’re blaming anyone. The key is to make it your responsibility to change the channel, become your own best friend, and think of getting out of that bitter place like it’s a project.

WHERE SUCCESS LIES: If peoples’ goals are to work together and improve something, this Summer is very good for brainstorming and coming up with new approaches. New orders of power and hierarchies are formed now.

LOVE IN SUMMER 2021: Summer is willowy, wending its way, waving a wand, beckoning and swaying… being more to someone than ever before. Love is growing.

A DISTURBING PSYCHIC INSIGHT ABOUT THE LAW: “The law, it turns out, is a living thing, changing its countenance and character in front of our eyes.” (This is a reference to the laws in U.S. changing from protecting democratic rights, to taking away democratic rights.)

TIME WARP ON THE FAST TRACK: Time speeds up, the next few months seem to whiz by.

COVID UPDATE: Get vaccinated.


Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Happy Birthday Cancer!

Mottos, suggestions, and what you find in your birthday year:

“Don’t stop, but drive slow.”

Time for fun, fishing, and fashion!

Love is in the Air!

All Bets Are Off (A sign of surprises ahead.)

Hard Won, Positive Support.

Plus, all the little messages on your bday card: “It’s your time! Starting over, starting fresh. You will have more serenity, and sacred space.”

­­Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: You might unwittingly be setting yourself up to do the work of 100 people. “Managing” is a big issue this Summer… you’re getting it right and it isn’t easy! Make sure you don’t ask yourself to do more than you can handle, you could even lose money doing that. What you value is going to be changing, and what you spend time doing. From December through August that the issue of priorities, and prioritizing your time, has been on the front burner, and the heat just got turned up.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: You get better help than you have before. There are people to collaborate with and do fun projects with…if not already engaged, look around! Love, and relationships in general bring special pleasure. There's something new that you might start with a partner. Some things that are started now have wonderful results in the Fall! There’s help when you go and do what you want to do, the Universe and other people conspire to help you manifest your dreams!

Gemini Libra Aquarius: You are now fine with, or at least completely resigned to, change that you now can see is necessary. Accepting profound change in your life puts you in a strong position to get to new places. You have the courage to be a pioneer! You know you're also living a more truthful life. Looking up, Air signs!

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: You have quite a bit of Saturn in your Summer tarot cards, and it's saying make sure to get ready; there's something that you're trying to establish and it takes readying. You have some pictures of what you want; it doesn't look as if you have to be patient to get it, it looks like it can proceed and get done. Quite a bit has to be done! There are things to complete, and the business of getting stronger with certain abilities and clearing the way to do that, but your Summer goals look do-able.

Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and spiritual healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and teaches at LearnitLive.com Please contact Elissa for information about sessions and classes at www.elissaheyman.com, 505-982-3294.

Elissa Heyman

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