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Excerpt from "Mastering Your 5D Self"

Chapter 3

by Maureen J. St. Germain

Learning Big Secrets

Have you ever wondered what consciousness really is? How is it that we are conscious of ourselves yet believe the animal kingdom is not conscious of itself? In the animal kingdom we know that there is some innate ability for pets to find their masters, or animals to return to certain areas they have originated from.

Certainly they don’t communicate their awareness of consciousness to us. Yet we know from observing the phenomenon of animals returning to a former home and other associated behaviors that there must be some force within that produces their ability to “find” their owners or the migratory homes they travel to. Surely there is some form of consciousness in the animal kingdom, as well as mankind, even if we do not yet understand it.


Your consciousness is immutable, present, and observable. One proof of your innate consciousness is your inability to commit suicide by holding your breath. The minute you lose consciousness, your autonomic systems take over and breathing resumes.

I recently opened the Akashic Records to ask, “What is consciousness?” and this is the answer I got.

Consciousness is awareness that moves through human thought. It is the remarkable ability to achieve awareness with or without a body. Consciousness is self-awareness in either limitless or limiting form. Consciousness seeks to validate itself. Consciousness knows experience through awareness. Some help can be found by stating what consciousness is not. It is not thought. It is not thinking, nor is it emotion or emoting. Consciousness is life itself, appearing in all living things to a greater or lesser degree.

To me, the debate about consciousness is a circular one. It becomes a self-referencing statement because it takes consciousness to recognize itself. It takes consciousness to think about what consciousness might be. Yet clearly consciousness is life itself.

Initially the ability of each of us to identify consciousness is limited by the five senses and our normal responses to normal stimulation. What about stimulation outside the normal realms? What about various forms of meditation? I have read that expanded states achieved by the use of certain drugs also provide expanded awareness beyond the normal physical scope.

Once a person’s consciousness is expanded beyond their own physical, observable senses, they have difficulty describing these experiences because their experience is beyond their awareness at the physical level. Thus we can conclude that consciousness can expand a person’s experiences, and his experience of himself. How far can it expand? The answer lies in the beholder.

When we meditate we open ourselves to expanded consciousness and start to experience more “consciousness” than is humanly experienced in nonmeditative states. Humanity has wandered around the mind of God throughout the ages. Proof of this very idea comes from the mystical traditions and teachings of the Egyptians, the Chinese, and the Hindus, as well as the Edgar Cayce material held at the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. This massive research library preserves the entire database of Edgar Cayce’s 14,307 documented readings as well as hundreds of books written about the use of the information found in those readings.

Consciousness in man expands as he uses his mind to unearth his true spiritual nature. Consciousness is the Source! I believe we choose to be human as we choose to expand consciousness. As we incorporate the discoveries of the scientists of the last century (Max Planck and others) into the discussion we begin to understand that if matter doesn’t really exist (according to physicists) then only our thoughts exist. And if our thoughts are a product of our consciousness, everything is consciousness! So consciousness is life itself--it is God, and God is consciousness.


Many people do not realize that there are so many attempts to get humanity to fail, and the overlays and toxins sent humanity’s way are staggering. This is why it is so important to know how to clear yourself and to get help when the situation calls for it. I have mentioned clearing in my other books, so we will not go into it deeply here, but it is important to know about.

It’s all a game, of course, but the intent to watch humanity fail is serious and can be addressed in a very sweet way.

Clear intention will assist you in finding your way out of darkness. One time when my phones were being bugged (they aren’t now, as far as I know) one of my sons overheard me complaining about this and said, “Mom, you’re not that important.” I remember laughing out loud! I use that phrase whenever I think a situation is trying to intimidate me. I’m just not that important!

One of my very good friends didn’t realize her husband was bringing in dark energies . . . he worked at both a bar and a church! Yikes! My first husband and I prayed to Archangel Michael as part of our daily practice. He picked up a side job to help with family expenses, working as a bouncer in a bar after working all day in his day job. He said never had a single fight in the bar on the nights he worked.

Don’t assume that just because you are clear and you’re doing your work, that your family and friends are clear. I’ve seen my current husband inadvertently pick up energies that didn’t belong to him on a simple trip to the grocery store! I’ve cleared him dozens of times, and he lives with me! Think bigger. Think in terms of helping the planet. Lost souls that jump into you are simply doing their part, and you are doing yours by helping your loved ones stay clear. And by clearing them, we are also helping many of the lost souls to find their way home to Source. Clearing is the word we use to define the clearing of one’s energy fields. (These are the four lower bodies of humans: physical, mental, emotional, and etheric.) There are many ways to do clearing exercises. You may be familiar with smudging or burning a special kind of wood. These are traditional methods that Native Americans use. I teach a much more powerful method of clearing with a stainless steel knife, that Tibetans taught Madame Blavatsky (and handed down through the ages).

The Archangel Michael Clearing Exercise

Here is one method you may not have experienced. I start with a prayer: When you clear the entities, you always state in a commanding voice: “I call in Archangel Michael with his nets of blue lightning to clear away any and all entities, energies, and anything that [I] can clear at this time, and escort them to a place of evolution or dissolution. I further ask the Golden Illumination Elohim to assist [me] in releasing all that is not of the light. Thank you.” (Please note that the “I” and “me” in brackets should be replaced with the name of the person you are clearing.)

The Archangel Michael Clearing method includes the use of a stainless-steel knife that you use to cut around the space your body; the same space that your aura would occupy. Make sure you cut underneath the bottom of your feet, and make sure you are holding onto a chair or table when you do so. (I have found even if you well balanced and flexible, if there are entities present they can cause you to lose your balance.) After you cut around your body, make a sweeping arch from left to right (think of a car’s windshield wiper) to announce to the universe that you are done.

You can also clear someone else, given that entities are not allowed to be here on the earth plane anymore. This is an important distinction from what you may have been taught, for example that actions or ceremonies you do for another are usually done with their permission.

Exercise to Clear Another

A way to clear someone else is to start with a completely clean piece of paper, large enough for you to stand on. Write the person’s name on the paper, then place it on the floor. Stand two paces in front of the paper. Back up one step then wait until you feel like the energy of the person you are clearing is behind you. Back up one more step, placing both feet on the paper.

Next say the Archangel Michael prayer above, using the person’s name instead of your own. Cut around your body the same way you would clear yourself with a knife. Then step off the paper, retracing your original steps. On the first step, pause and make sure you can feel the energy pull apart, like “taffy” pulling apart. Once you feel it “snap” you may then take the second step forward. After you have taken the second step, wait until you feel as if you and the other person’s energy are completely separate, which may be described as being “all clear.” Make sure you burn or shred the paper with the person’s name on it when you are done.

In one case, Kim, was being called by her sister repeatedly to “Please clear me.” The sister worked in a telephone quota environment, and needed clearing frequently, after which Kim chose to save the paper. Kim received so many requests, that she thought to be efficient, she would save the paper that you stand on and are supposed to shred or burn. She thought it would save time, and she would be ready for the next request. What Kim did not understand is that the clearing was “incomplete” because she saved the paper and had to be repeated often! Kim asked me to check in with my guides to “find out what is going on!” When I discovered she was saving the paper between clearings, Kim realized her mistake.

Maureen J. St. Germain is the founder of Transformational Enterprises and Akashic Records Guides International. An internationally recognized teacher and intuitive, she is also the author, musician, and producer of more than 15 guided-meditation CDs. She is the author of 7 books, including Waking Up in 5D. She lives in New York City. https://maureenstgermain.com/

Mastering Your 5D Self by Maureen J. St. Germain published by Inner Traditions International and Bear & Company, ©2022. All rights reserved.
http://www.Innertraditions.com Reprinted with permission of publisher.

Availability: Usually ships within 1-2 business days. Price: $16.00. To purchase this book visit B&N.com, Amazon.com, InnerTraditions.com, or your local bookstore

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