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Astrological Forecast for June 2022

by Lou Valentino

June is here so summer is about to begin. That means lots of sunshine and visiting your local beach. Mother nature is a blessing to all of us regardless of what zodiac sign you are born under.

This month Mercury stations direct, Saturn stations retrograde, Mercury moves into Gemini, full Moon in Sagittarius, Father’s Day, Sun enters Cancer to start summer solstice, Venus moves into Gemini, Neptune stations retrograde and a new Moon in Cancer.

If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Gemini or Taurus, the Mercury retrograde period that started on May 10th has you thinking more deeply about how you communicate and how do you keep your finances in balance.

Mercury will station direct on June 3rd at 26 degrees of Taurus and move back into Gemini on June 13th giving a green light to those with Gemini signatures in their birth chart.

It’s time to take what you have learned and planned since Mercery turned retrograde and move forward with all forms of communications and a better sense of how you can manage your financial life.

There are so many families not only in America but around the world who are trying to make ends meet and continue to try have a healthy relationship with the banks that lend us money with increased inflation rates. I heard the average gas price per gallon could go up to $6.00 a gallon by August. It’s already that in California.

My article on Pluto return for U.S.A is on target with hidden energies that need attentions. When you read my article, it will help you to see why some of the less than positive energies are at play and healing is needed in the collective consciousness of America.

The economy will continue to be in trouble from the start of summer till the end of August, we will most likely be experiencing a pre-recession. I don’t think we will be waiting till next year to admit this. The second exact Pluto return for U.S.A in the financial house will happen on July 11th. Give or take a couple of weeks before and after that date is most intense.

More opportunities for Americans to get rest and turn to many of the holistic healthcare remedies to calm down and heal the nervous system is vital during the Pluto return. Having a better relationship with mother nature by being around the stillness of nature is needed more than ever.

Saturn stations retrograde on June 4th at 25 degrees of Aquarius. If you have Sun, Moon, rising or plants in Aquarius you may be busy finding new ways to create a better life. Saturn will be retrograde till October 23rd.

Saturn is asking us to slow down. To take a serious look at how you use your energies. Saturn wants discipline and more conservative. Aquarius wants more independence and freedom.

Saturn does work well with Aquarius as it used to rule the sign of Aquarius before Uranus was discovered. Working in groups and humanitarian aid could get slowed down due to Saturn’s retrograde motion. Obstacles are often affiliated with Saturn.

The fixed signs are most influenced by Saturn so if you are born under the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius you may meet with some obstacles during this Saturn retrograde period.

These signs can mature a lot during the Saturn retrograde period. Become more responsible in all areas of life and feel proud of yourself when you make changes that bring more joy into your own soul and the souls of anyone that you come into contact with.

Saturn can however create depression when is hovers around the Sun, Moon, or rising sign. If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Aquarius within a few degrees of this Saturn transit, you can use breathing techniques to flush out stuck emotional energy that doesn’t want to move and circulate.

Mercury enters Gemini on June 13th allowing those with Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Gemini to move forward and have lots to talk about with less resistance and others will understand you better. Mercury retrograde may have brought communication breakdowns where conversations are not as kind as they could be since May 10th.

Students are busy finishing exams and getting ready to graduate

Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14th at 23 degrees (7:52AM EDT). If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Sagittarius, you are reaching higher. Sagittarius rules higher education and Sagittarius is an optimistic sign. They reach higher and have a wonderful sense of humor.

America needs a full Moon in Sagittarius at this point. Sagittarius also in the natural ruler of the 9th house which represents ethical behavior, religion and philosophy, international relationships, foreign languages, reaching higher in education for a college degree, and in India it’s the house of the Guru.

Sagittarius is completing some aspect of their life that they have been working on for some time. Congratulations to all students who are closing one door and opening anther one lifting them higher and higher as they graduate.

With North Node, Venus, and Uranus all in Taurus in this full Moon chart, square to Saturn and sextile to the rising sign, Taurus can create opportunities to advance financially even with their back’s up against lots of stress and pressures. Have faith in patience and allowing time to balance life’s financial situations.

Happy Father’s Day on June 19th to all loving Father’s.

Sun enters Cancer on June 21st, and we start the Summer Solstice at 5:14AM EDT. Cancer is the sign America is born under. Cancer can be caring and sensitive to others and values family life.

If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Cancer, you will feel more active till the Sun moves into Leo on July 22nd. Going to the beach and having special memories of your children and family having fun.

Finding ways to have a family vacation without spending money on travel expenses. Everyone in every state in America has opportunities to be with nature in some way without having to travel long distance and spending more money than you need too.

Venus moves into Gemini continuing an active time for those with Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Gemini. Geminis are the multi taskers of the Zodiac. This is a highly active time for you in your work life and a romantic time in your personal life.

If you are single, you could meet someone over next few weeks and if you have a special someone in your life you may have a fun time socially dancing the night away or just having fun in one way or another.

The new Moon is in Cancer on June 28th at 7 degrees (10:52PM EDT). The Sun and Moon coming together in Cancer gives those with Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Cancer another fresh start in life.

New Moons represent new beginnings. What do you want to do with your life and time in the present moment? What values do you treasure? What can you start that you want to finish by the end of the summer with your family? What kind of values do you want America to have? These are just a few of the questions that the sign of Cancer is asking on this new Moon chart.

Neptune stations retrograde on this new Moon Day increasing the need for those who are born under water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, to retreat from the chaotic outside world into a calmer dreamier like life that Neptune offers.

Neptune will be retrograde from June 28th till December 4, 2022, in Pisces. Neptune takes 14 years to move through a sign. If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Pisces you have been on a roller coaster ride towards your personal visions and dreams since 2022 started.

This is a wonderful time to re-evaluate your spiritual goals and move into a deeper level of your spiritual practice. Try to leave behind addictive behavior that drains your spiritual energies. It is the water signs that addictive tendencies more than the other zodiac signs.

Use this retrograde period to evaluate your weaknesses but also to love yourself without so much judgment towards self. Affirm “I AM PERFECTION.” Nurture faith in a higher power and in yourself. Especially for the signs of Pisces and Cancer as this Neptune stations retrograde on the same day as the new Moon in Cancer.

As I type this June column, I am listening to the news regarding another shooting at an elementary school. Children and a teacher were killed. As Pluto retrogrades back into an exact conjunction with itself in U.S.A chart around July 11th, we are seeing the hidden insanity in our culture’s consciousness.

President Biden, as I mentioned in my May column, is influenced by the total full Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio that happened on May 16th. This energy runs for 6 months. It creates dark situations for him to face.

We need new policies not only for gun control laws, but also a huge crackdown on drugs coming into the bloodstream of this country. American need a day of rest. We used to honor a day of rest when I was growing up. It gave time for Americans to wind down and be with their families.

Most of all, we need holistic healthcare practices to be more embraced by the American culture to give the human nervous system needed rest and heal many mental, emotional, and spiritual issues that all of us have been through.

Parents need to be careful on buying a gun for their teenage child or at least watch over any child that is having mental or emotional breakdowns and could be a danger to other children.

The Pluto return for America is to heal deep issues that have been ignored for a long time. Psychological issues triggered by memories need healing if the past memories have been traumatic.

Praying for the people of Ukraine as they experience the destruction of their country and criminal activities against them for no good reason at all. Also, other countries that are going through poverty, loss of life and criminal activities that harm the human soul and are evil. Evil is live spelled backwards.

Pluto is forcing us to take a close look at the many issues I’ve written about in my Pluto return column. I pray and have been meditating for 44 years’ every day, twice a day to allow my own calm energies to radiate out into the environment.

May God bless America and every country in the world. May the hearts of those who lost loved ones including children from needless and senseless violence be watched over by God and its angels.

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological readings for over 30 years. He specializes in Western and Vedic timing of events in all areas of life. Go to www.yogavisionaries.com for all his services. Call 860-574-9467 to schedule an appointment.

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