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Astrological Forecast for January 2023

by Lou Valentino

Happy New Year 2023.

This year gives us some ups and downs but the intense stress from 2020 to 2022 planetary aspects is winding down. Go to my 2023 forecast for more information on my website www.yogavisionaries.com .

January is about planning and by the end of the month moving forward from a sluggish physical energy which started at the end of October when Mars stationed retrograde.

The sign of Aquarius will feel joyful as Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius on January 2, 2023, and will remain in Aquarius till January 26th.

Venus can help those with the Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Aquarius attract a romantic partner if they are single and attract abundance. This is a good time for those with Aquarius energy to affirm abundance through affirmations or creative visualization so when they move into February, they are feeling great about their lives.

The first full Moon of 2023 is at 16 degrees in the sign of Cancer on January 6th (6:08PM) EST. If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Cancer, home and family means everything to you.

Sensitivity will be high for the signs of Cancer and Capricorn as the goat is the opposite sign of Cancer and shines its illumination on Cancer. Where is the balance between family and work? Where is the balance between emotions and the physical world?

Most Americans will be looking over their financial lives as heating and electricity bills soar this winter and credit card debt from the holiday season spending becomes a reality check when the bills come in.

Mercury turned retrograde on December 29, 2022, and will station direct on January 18th. This also calls for deep reflections on how family and work play an important role in our lives as Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn and conjuncts the Sun within one degree in this full Moon in Cancer chart.

With Chiron, the wounded healer, square to the Sun, Mercury, and Moon combination, it offers a fresh new start for the signs of Cancer, Capricorn, and Ares. Jupiter entered the sign of Aires on December 21st, 2022, so Aries has extra luck on their side in 2023 till Jupiter enters Taurus on May 17, 2023

If you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Aries, this full Moon helps to heal any issues that need healing. Maybe it’s a job you lost in 2022 and you want to take a step forward with a new job or maybe there has been problems or losses with a friend or family member. This is a great time to heal those wounds and get back on track.

Mars station direct on January 12, 2023, after being retrograde since the end of October of 2022. If you were born under the signs of Aries and Scorpio, you may have felt like your physical energy was not strong over the last few months. This also was a time when health issues related to a weak immune system may have expanded. We have seen hospital admissions of a few health issues increase.

The mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces have been most affected by a physical lack of energy. Make sure you tune into HSN and watch Andrew Lessman who recommends Co-Q10, the highest quality on the market, the nutrient that fuels the energy in every cell of our body.

After Mars stations direct on January 12th, Mercury stations direct on January 18th and Uranus will station direct on January 22nd.

ALL PLANETS WILL BE IN DIRECT MOTION FROM January 22nd to April 21st, 2023

This is very good news for life to move forward and by the time Mars moves out of its retrograde shadow around the middle of March, life is moving forward, and the health of our nation and its people are in good standing.

Since Aries and Mars are affiliated with war, could this be the time that the Ukraine/Russian war ends or at least there is a major change in the direction of the war for the better?

The Saturn square to Uranus in fixed sings is over, the Pluto return in U.S.A chart has run its course and Mars is in direct motion by January 12th. All of this could indicate a major turning point in the war even thou commentators on CNN say it will last for the whole year of 2023 and possibly longer.

The Sun moves into Aquarius on January 20, 2023, Happy birthday to those born under the sign of Aquarius.

The new Moon at one degree of Aquarius on January 21st at (3:53PM) EST. The Sun and Moon sextile to Jupiter shows good fortune for those with Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Aquarius.

Sextiles create opportunities. Add in a Saturn/Venus conjunction in Aquarius and abundance is plentiful. Play the lottery or ask for a raise at work for all your (Saturn) hard work that deserves rewards (Venus).

This is a wonderful time for technological advancements in computers and robotics. U.F.O. sightings may be more prevalent from January 21st to February 5th, 2023. The interest in astrology from the public expands in 2023.

If that’s not enough, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, turns direct on January 22 offering a third energy that empowers those born under the sign of Aquarius.

Uranus creates unexpected changes, and these changes are for the better as all planets are now in direct motion. If you have been feeling that life is stuck and it’s moving slowly, as it felt in 2020 to 2022, for the signs of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn, that time is over. Hit the gas pedal and fly.

Venus will enter the sign of Pisces on January 26th and end the month on a romantic and artistic note if you have Sun, Moon, rising or planets in Pisces. Venus is exalted in Pisces so the fish could fall in love, create beautiful music, painting, or photography photos. This energy runs strong till February 20, 2023. An increase in financial gains for Pisces can happen during this time also.

January 2023 starts off a New Year that will be much more balanced than it has been in the skies over the last 2 years. I pray there is an end to the war in Ukraine, less gun violence and less troubles in regard to immigration at our borders.

Wishing everyone peace, perfect health, abundance, and love in 2023.

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultation in both Western and Vedic for over 30 years. Call Lou to make an appointment 860-574-9467. Visit his website www.yogavisionaries.com for all the latest readings, Inner Grace Meditation, astrological reports, and the trends for 2023.

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