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Love Incarnate "I Have Come To Tell A Story Of Love"

by Leslie Brooks & Yeshu, Known as Jesus

Yeshu begins his story:

“I am Yeshu, called by many “Jesus Christ,” “the Christed One,” “Yehoshua.” I have been blamed for many things. There have been wars fought for me, in my name. None of this is Truly what I chose to speak for.

As a child, I knew what was Light. I saw Light around people. I saw fine filaments of Light around the birds, around the animals in the village. I reached out to them and my hands glowed. I did not wonder at this for I assumed that everyone had this experience. I remember reaching out to a bird and, as I reached out, my hands became liquid and merged with that bird.

There was Light flowing from my hand. There was Love flowing from the bird. We were one. I was inside of his body. I saw myself through his eyes. I saw a small child, smiling, beaming in wonder. There was so much Joy in the Heart of this bird. I sang as the bird. I flapped my wings and danced on my little feet.

I saw this one, this little boy, and I was glad.

When I relinquished my being back to the boy, as the boy, I felt Joy. I felt touched. I felt that I could soar. I knew that I could soar, and I flapped my arms and ran around. I think I was three or four. I did not fly in the way that birds fly, but within myself I soared. I felt GOD’s Light. I didn’t know what it was. There was no name for that. I was born with it.

I felt that Light all around me like a warmth, like a kiss, like a breath of warm breeze all around me and I giggled and danced and flapped my wings just like the bird. And the bird was still there and did the same.

There was so much Joy!!”

Yeshu Dying:

“My desire is that all know of the Joy of this new age, of truly living the life of the Great Love Incarnate where there is no separation, no wall between living and dying, no wall between living and the Great Love.

The body itself is the medium. The body is the miraculous medium of experiencing the glories and the gifts of the Great Love Incarnate!

In this moment the body of this channel feels the physical expansion of Joy in her physical Heart! It is for this that the body was created! That the body could experience the sensations of water, wind, music, sound, color, the beauty of the Pyrénées, as I did. These are the gifts of the Great Love. The human body is a canvas, and the gifts of the Great Love are the palette.

Not only, Blessed Ones, do you transmit this Great Love. You enhance it! From the wisdom of your Hearts – through your embodiment – come your inspired creations, which enhance the Great Love! Does Source not revel in this Knowledge? Does this not cause great expansion in the Light of the Everlasting Love?

You create beauty, art, a relationship of Love. You create a song, a symphony, a book, a poem... a moment of stillness, a meal, a child, a garden. You create every possible experience!

It is of that which I speak.

Let this knowledge be Known.

Allow the blessing of the Great Love to transmit itself through you.

Allow the wisdom of the Great Love in your Heart to inspire your life.

Step into this new reality of the blessing that you are.

For do you not know that every breath, every moment on this planet – in body – is a blessing, a beloved gift of living and transmitting the Light of the Everlasting Love?

You the reader are a transmission of the Great Love, as is the sunlight-dappled stream, the November wind roaring through the pines, the doe nudging her fawn in the winter forest.

You hear, see, smell, touch, taste, and sense all that the Great Love is, for is not the Great Love, ALL?

I am filled with Joy in this moment! [tears in his voice]

I am filled with Joy!

For this is the True meaning of Love Incarnate!

There is no end to the creations of humanity.

There is no end to the Love of the Great Love.

We are so glad that the channel has been moved to make way for this channeling. She has been in an almost agitated state in her eagerness for this channeling to come. For I was with her giving her images, and glimpses and words and phrases, of my dying, but she did not know that this would come also!

Again, we are so grateful. We are so very grateful that this new level of understanding has come at this time, to this planet, to humanity, so that this knowledge can spread throughout all creation itself.

Allow the rejoicing of this new time.

Allow yourselves to embrace this new information, as it is in formation in your beings, in the collective consciousness now.

Go in peace, our beloveds.

Go in peace, as I go in peace.

I am always here with you.

We are all always here with you, as we have said.

Go in peace.


In this book, the masters speak as if they were alive today. We hear from Yeshu (known as Jesus), Mary Magdalen, Mother Mary, and many others.

This is the story of Jesus’ life as a man – his childhood, adolescence, adulthood, travels and dying – as he sought a way to say that GOD, an energy of Great Love, resides in everything, in every one of us, in all beings.

“There is not one person in any moment who is unworthy of Love.”

About the Author. Leslie Brooks has a Bachelor’s degree in Art, a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, and is a Master RoHun Therapist. This is her first book in print. She lives in Western Massachusetts. Her website is: www.healingofthesoul.com.

To purchase the book, please go to www.loveincarnatebooks.com  

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