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Intuitive Children

by Kylie Holmes

I was introduced to Children’s imaginary friends when I picked up my eldest daughter, Jade, from nursery, ten years ago, and she announced that her brother – imaginary friend ‘Sammy’ – was going to live with us and sleep under her bed. Her mischievous playmate once persuaded her to clean the bathroom using toothpaste!

And so my adventure began. My Health Visitor told me it was just one of those things – part of growing up and she would grow out of it. This I simply did not believe and decided to do my own research, as there was not much available to read on the subject. It has taken me on many journeys, throughout the UK and around the world, and I have many stories to share with you of children unaware of the real connection of their mystical and spiritual experiences.

Who on earth is that imaginary friend your child talks about? And talks to? Their own creation? A figment of a creative and fertile imagination?

But what if? What if this friend is something we don’t yet have a word for? A ghost? A Spirit Guide? An ancestor wanting to reach out to this sensitive and receptive child?

And what about those dreams? Those images your child conjures from nowhere? Ones that no one could possibly ‘dream up’? And what about the invisible friends who come to dinner?

Recent research indicates that there is a strong possibility that imaginary friends could be a relative who passed away before the child was born. When Jade, my daughter was 3 years old, she always defiantly asserted that ‘Sammy’ was her brother. Could this be the child I lost in a miscarriage years ago?

Some people dismiss the spirit world as jiggery-pokery. Others wait in the firm belief that loved ones who have passed over will be in contact.

It seems that children up to the age of eight are receptive to spirit contact. After this time the tangible, concrete world of logical strategies and mathematical equations sets in. As the child is challenging what they know, start to perceive and test boundaries, question their parents and, importantly, absorbs their peers’ perspectives and opinions, some faculties may get lost. Or hidden away.

Mediums, sensitive’s and their clients have evidence that the door to spirit contact can sometimes remain open into adulthood.


I was on BBC Radio Birmingham being interviewed in the early hours, and whilst I began to talk about my research, a man called Alex rang in. Alex went on to tell us that the day before, at a family BBQ, his little girl Emily went up to the television and spooked the whole family!

They were watching a family video of his mum who had passed away before Emily, then four years old, was born. Emily went up to the television, kissed the screen, looked straight at the women and announced that “Betty comes to see me at night time.

She reads me a story and then kisses me good night and then I go to sleep.” The room fell silent because Emily never knew her name and Alex confirmed that his mum Betty had died before Emily was born. Alex also said that sometimes, late at night, he would walk past her room on the way to bed and hear Emily talking as if someone was with her. The day that they had watched the video, was the day that his mum had passed away six years ago.

Any parent wishing to nurture the special nature of their child should know that they have boundless imagination and often glide into a little world of their own – one that exists only to them. They are very spiritually sensitive, which, if encouraged, becomes second nature to them.

As part of my research, I have interviewed hundreds of children who have previous knowledge of being here, which indicates them being an Old Soul.

An Old Soul is a person who comes back and gains new understanding with each lifetime; an Old Soul Child has experienced many lives and appears wise beyond their years. The Old Souls found in young bodies, are returning to bring a much-needed change to the world, bringing the aspect of having a more laid back attitude towards their life.

For many young children, this is not their first visit on earth. ‘Old Souls’ are queuing to come down on earth, to encompass the human experience and rejoice in changing the world, which is seen as challenging.

Old Soul Children’s imaginary friends are evidence of children’s openness to the spirit worlds. They may also be the child’s true self, helping to steer them through the world of conditioning that they have to encounter during their formative years.

They are sometimes children that need companionship and cannot fully find it on the other side, because they have not yet let go of their, perhaps brief, incarnation in the present world. They are beings from the spirit worlds who also help the contact between different levels. Some Old Soul Children find their spiritual connections in their early years and begin to talk about it with ease. When they come into contact with people who have not woken up to spiritual awareness and energies, and are not heading in the same direction, these children find it difficult to understand why their peers are not supporting their spiritual education. This could be in schools, sport clubs and even in the families that they are born into, and so the lid gets firmly shut down on their spiritual aspects, which lay dormant until possible adult years, when they are awoken again. It is more acceptable for an adult to be psychic and spiritual than a child, but that is all changing at a rapid rate.

Some Old Soul Children come back to repeat learning patterns because of what they have disregarded in previous lifetimes. Once back on earth, they have some powerful insights and start to undo the karma so that they do not repeat the same lessons over and over again. Earth becomes their ‘knowledge playground,’ and each day brings them a new experience for them to truly understand why they are here.

It is very clear to me that Old Soul Children are being born into families where the family has chosen to receive spiritual information and divine energies. These families do very well in encouraging their child’s spiritual education and enabling them to use their spiritual gifts in every situation that is presented to the whole family.

As a past life regression therapist, I am very passionate about the journey of the soul, why we are here and why we choose experiences before we incarnate. Aristotle said “When the body dies, the soul passes onto another, leaving behind its memory but takes with it a higher realm of thought”. Why are we attracted to certain foods, people and places and recognise, in an instance, our soul mate? The feeling that we get when that happens is called ‘Soul Recognition’; when our souls becomes in tune with our soul

mate, surroundings or emotional feelings, something just clicks inside of us that allows us to know that this person could be the one. We can also wonder why certain love affairs fail and why our stomach turns at the thought of coming face to face with a bully, tyrant or someone who makes our skin crawl. Could it be that karma has played a part in our life because we agreed that, at a certain time and date; we would encounter this being again in order to cross this off of our ‘karmic shopping list’?

It takes such great courage and stamina to incarnate and live on earth that maybe we need to look at what happens to us with open eyes rather than remorse because if we see the bigger picture that is beckoning towards us; we would welcome it with open arms.

When a child is born, parents can wish that the child came with a set of instructions. However, parenting is about being a role model and setting up surroundings, which mix together spiritual growth, responsibility and delight for those involved. Choices are stumbled upon, whether they are good or bad ones, which are made at that moment in time. Yet, getting it right is something that all parents fret about. This can lead to us regularly feeling inadequate. But, if a newborn came down with a set of requests, then what would happen to free will? Free will gives us the chance to learn and grow from our experiences.

Before we incarnate, our soul makes a series of choices for the next incarnation and we choose our particular circumstances to help us to evolve as souls. The soul enters the body and the experiences are erased. This is because, if we were to remember what happened to us in a previous existence (for example, we were subject to a horrible death of the hands of someone else), we may seek revenge and, in return, it may alter our soul path lesson – the reason we decided to reincarnate. If the karmic lesson is not learnt at human level, we agree to come back again and learn the lesson again and again. We set out, whilst we are in the body, to begin to learn our earth experiences from our parents, friends and relatives. However, when the Old Soul Children arrive, they have not forgotten their soul path mission – what they need to do with their lives. As I said previously, it is only when we become adults that we may have a ‘spiritual awakening’, usually through a personal crisis, and we remember our spiritual awareness and calling. This is when we get back on the yellow brick road of enlightenment and our soul calls out to us and explains our ‘calling’ for this lifetime. The soul has many memories of past lives, which are stored away to protect us. Soul path lessons are involved in everything that we have to overcome to live more creatively, in a way that makes our hearts sing and to feel that we have taken control of our life and its direction. Our personality may not have agreed to all these experiences, but our soul agreed it. That is why the soul and personality have to develop an alliance until the personality is a more willing instrument for the higher self or soul thread. You get the soul teaching from the being you have encountered, quite simply, by asking for it and then being open to receive it. It may come in short pieces at first, but will gradually expand.

The Old Soul Children are remembering this earlier on and talk of other lives, realising that their purpose is so strong that they cannot ignore it. Their ‘calling’ starts early and gets caught up with every day life. Most people have not woken up to what is really going on. As these children are born sensitive, childhood is not always easy, so, as parents, we can invoke the Angel of Delight, Angel of Protection and Angel of Sensitivity to help them whilst they are out of their normal environments. More information will be provided in Chapter Three on how your child can invoke angels for themselves.

Old Souls, whether they are children, teenagers or adults, feel isolated and lonely and are always unsettled in the physical world, whilst searching for spiritual truths and other Old Souls to share their experiences with. They have an inner knowing that pursuing fame and fortune is not on their to-do list once they have taken embodiment on earth; the knowledge they have collected through various lives is used for a bigger purpose. They become researchers, teachers and healers to feed their imagination as the yearning to learn more grows through learning from life’s experiences.

Heath Ledger’s family recognised that he was an Old Soul Adult; the devastated family placed a death notice in The West Australian Newspaper, which is based in his hometown of Perth, remembering him as ‘the most amazing old soul in a young man’s body’. His sister Kim paid her tribute: ‘We were ultimate in soul mates’, which gives proof that Old Soul Families recognise each other for their own talents and strengths.


Kylie is a naturally intuitive person. She has refined her skills over many years through the combined methods of regular meditation, self-development techniques and mind, body, spirit and soul related courses.

The mother of three 'Old Souls', Jade, Amba & Leo. Kylie is also a Writer, an Intuitive Angel Therapist, Reiki Master and Past Life Regression Therapist.

Kylie's website:

Book website: www.intuitivechildren.co.uk  

Publisher: O Books ~ http://www.o-books.com/product_info.php?cPath=109&products_id=554

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