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Michael, The Divine Protector

by Doreen Virtue

The following excerpt is taken from the book The Miracles of Archangel Michael by Doreen Virtue. It is published by Hay House (November 2008) and is available at all bookstores or online at: www.hayhouse.com

More than anything else, Michael is known as the angel who rescues, protects, and safeguards. He’s always depicted as a warrior, albeit a very peaceful and loving one. Because I hear and read so many stories of Archangel Michael’s miraculous protection, I’m convinced that he’s the model for superheroes that writers have used for inspiration!

As you’ll read about, Michael can definitely leap tall buildings in a single bound. In fact, this chapter has ample evidence that the archangel is absolutely unlimited in his abilities to help us! That’s probably why he constantly reassures us that there’s nothing to worry about, for he’s here with us, protecting us all.

With Michael’s Help, You’re Completely Safe and Protected

Michael’s miraculous strength and gravity-defying powers aren’t limited to maneuvering vehicles. He also protects us by altering, undoing, or blocking the source of our fear. No matter what the situation, Michael can protect us, as Brenda L. Hann discovered:

I live in a Los Angeles apartment building without a garage. One night I was walking from my car to my building when I noticed a huge German shepherd blocking the gated entrance. The dog showed signs of tension as I approached, and his body posture changed into attack mode. His eyes were fixed on me, and his ears were tense, giving him a scary look. This was a pretty tall animal with long limbs, and he was probably taller than me if he stood up on his back legs.

The dog got really upset when I was five feet away. He started growling and barking really aggressively with his ears down. As he was ready to lunge at me, in that moment I mentally called, Michael! The next thing that happened was amazing: All sound and action paused, and the dog jumped back from the sidewalk to the street, where he continued to bark like crazy for a moment before finally running away!

I walked to the entrance praying to Michael to keep him away, and as soon as I passed through the gate and closed it, my hands were shaking seriously and my knees were like rubber. I firmly believe that the archangel intervened and got the dog to run away. I went home and lit a candle for Michael in gratitude and in acknowledgment of his presence.

What I love about Brenda’s story is that it’s a perfect example of how the archangel’s help defies normal logic. This is why I continually emphasize that we needn’t worry about how our prayers will be answered, because Heaven’s creativity and power is unlimited. As Brenda discovered, Michael can stop a menacing dog in his tracks.

Perhaps you’ve had an experience where you called upon the angels while in an airplane. If you haven’t yet discovered this, Christine Cowl’s story illustrates how Michael and the other heavenly beings make flying safe and smooth:

I was traveling from Tennessee to New York during a season of very bad storms. The flight was rocky and I was scared, so I called upon Archangel Michael and his Band of Mercy to level out the plane and take us safely to our destination.

Well, the angels really did help us, because we made it into New York’s airport safe and sound. My taxicab driver said that he’d been waiting all day for a fare and we were the only plane that had made it into New York. All the others were rerouted to other airports.

I consistently call upon Archangel Michael and his Band of Mercy whenever I’m traveling and the plane ride gets a little scary. As a result, I always experience complete safety and miracles such as this one.

Archangel Michael does help make traveling safe and smoother, and that also includes travel by automobile. I could only hope that you and I would have the same presence of mind to call upon Michael that a woman named Andrea did when her car was stuck in the path of a speeding train:

I was driving over railroad tracks when I heard the sound of a train racing toward me unexpectedly because the crossing arms and warning lights were broken. All of the traffic stopped, and I found myself on the tracks with the train approaching, its lights flashing and horn blowing. The cars in front of and behind me weren’t moving, so there was absolutely nowhere for me to go.

I shouted, “Archangel Michael, stop it! Stop it, Michael!” By some miracle, the car in front of me moved forward! I accelerated at the speed of light, feeling the wind of the train flying by my car and shaking it side to side.

My experiences with Archangel Michael are many over the years—always in the car. When I’ve summoned his help, I’ve been able to escape unharmed from situations that might have otherwise had fatal endings. And it’s all thanks to Michael!

Not only does the archangel assure our safety when we’re driving, but he also protects our car and other physical possessions, as Donna Murray experienced herself:

I’ve been calling upon Archangel Michael for protection for so long that it’s become automatic for me to say his name even for small things. Every time I get into my car, I ask Michael to surround it with his white light of love, power, and protection. I also ask that I hit nothing and no one, and that no one and nothing hit me.

One day my son had a friend over. When his mother came to pick him up, we stood in the driveway for a few minutes talking. She got into her car, and as she started to leave, I realized that she was backing right into my car! All I had time to do was say “Michael!” as she backed into it. I stood there and watched her bumper crunch into mine.

She quickly pulled forward, jumped out of her car, and yelled, “Oh my God! What have I done?” But when we looked at the bumpers, there wasn’t a dent or a scratch on either one! All I could do was laugh and say, “Thank you, Michael!”

Each of these stories is a wonderful reminder that if we’ll just call upon Michael, he’s able to protect us in all ways. We can also ask him to safeguard our loved ones. While the archangel can’t force his help onto someone who doesn’t want it, his presence can provide a protective barrier and guiding force. In the following story, Lynne Martin recalls how she asked Michael to protect her son:

I call upon Archangel Michael daily for his loving protection of my family and me, since we live in South Africa, a country where crime is a way of life. My teenage children want to go out at night to clubs, and I can’t describe the horror stories that we hear on a regular basis. That’s why I count so heavily on St. Michael’s invaluable help . . . and he’s never let me down.

My son usually returns from the clubs around 2:00 a.m. Always, without fail, something wakes me up 30 minutes before he arrives, and I automatically thank Archangel Michael for protecting my child.

One such night, I didn’t wake up, and when dawn broke around 5:00, I panicked, uncertain as to my son’s safety and whereabouts. I ran to his room and saw that he wasn’t home. I tried to phone him on his cell, but there was no response. So I sat down, took a deep breath, and told myself to relax and speak to Archangel Michael. I said to him, “Oh, my beloved Michael, only you can help me now. I know that you’re looking after my child, and I trust you, so please let me know he’s okay.”

Within three minutes flat, my son phoned and told me that he’d had to take a few friends home and had slept over but would soon be home. My first thought was: Oh, thank you, Michael! I love you!

I believe that Michael guided Lynne’s son to call her. Only the strength of the archangel could get through to a busy teenage boy and remind him to call his mother! I also believe that the prayers that Lynne says 30 minutes before her son comes home each night keep him safe after he leaves the club.

The following example from Tania Rome also illustrates that we can ask Archangel Michael to help others:

A few months ago, my boyfriend, Arran, had his bike stolen from outside our apartment in the middle of the night. The person who took it cut through a thick bike chain, and we were surprised that they did this so quietly. A lot of bikes get stolen where we live, and it’s rare for people to get them back.

As soon as my boyfriend told me the bike was gone, I asked Archangel Michael to return it immediately and undamaged. To Arran’s amazement, the police called three hours later to say they’d found his bike. It had been abandoned in a car park, with no damage.

The people I’ve told this story to have been impressed or have commented that it’s unusual or very lucky. I can’t tell them all that I asked Archangel Michael to help, because not everyone believes in such things, but I quietly know that luck didn’t have anything to do with it.

Tania’s story is another example of how Michael is a champion of justice and fairness. Because he’s an upholder of truth, he’s protective of those who are unfairly accused, as Maura Canty discovered when the archangel provided legal safeguarding for her:

I’ve been studying metaphysics for many years and have worked a little bit with angels. Before I had my experience with Michael, I had a hard time asking angels for support: (1) I wasn’t really sure they were there, (2) I have difficulty asking anyone for help, and (3) I didn’t really think I should be troubling Heaven with my problems or requesting assistance in any way. Yet when I needed the angels in a way I never had before, I truly believe that Michael protected me.

I work in the mortgage industry as a loan officer. Years ago I was employed by a company and had a assistant who worked for me originating home loans. I was very busy, and I had little time to pay attention to what my assistant was doing. I had no idea that she was committing fraud under my nose!

One day I received a call from the State Bureau of Investigation, who said that I was to present myself to a grand jury for indictment on fraud against the government. I was horrified! I knew I’d done nothing wrong, so I contacted a lawyer, who learned that the case against me was strong. An investigator informed him that I would definitely be indicted.

So I hired the top attorney in the field. He, too, said the same thing: “Tell your family and make arrangements for your son, because you will be indicted for sure. Then we’ll have to fight them—at a cost of $30,000.” The attorney explained that if we lost, I’d be in prison for five to eight years!

I was innocent and I knew it, yet I was spinning out of control. Thankfully, that’s when I remembered the angels.

I called upon Archangel Michael, lit blue candles in his honor (since that’s the color he’s associated with), and asked him to enfold me in his wings and protect me from false accusations and let the truth be known. Every day, I invoked Archangel Michael to surround me and protect me. I sent my son to live with family members while I waited to be arrested. It was a horrible time, but I believed that Michael would protect me and the truth would come to light.

Well, my faith was rewarded! My attorney and all parties concerned were shocked when I wasn’t indicted. They said that this investigator was so positive he had a case against me without a doubt. Time passed, the grand jury was dismissed, and I was never called in or arrested. My name was kept out of the whole scandal as well. My old assistant was indicted, though, and she’s currently serving time.

All I can say is that I know Archangel Michael saved my life. He protected me and my son, whose name is also Michael. It reinforced my belief in the angelic realm, and ever since then, I tell everyone about the messengers from Heaven and my experiences with them. Thank you, Archangel Michael!

Michael is always with us, continually watching over everyone and the entire planet. As I’ve mentioned several times, he’s unlimited in his ability to be with us all simultaneously and to provide unique, individualized attention to anyone who asks.

In the next chapter, we’ll examine Michael’s miraculous ability to provide help in the form of people . . . and sometimes, the archangel appears in human form himself.

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