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Articles for May 2019
   Excerpt from "Healing Body Meditations"
   by Mike Annesley
  THE SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA Sanskrit name: Manipura (literally meaning “jewelled city”) Colour: Yellow Element: Fire Keywords: Will power, self-esteem, awareness, self-control The solar plexus chakra is the core of who we are: our identity or personality...MORE

   Excerpt from "The Return of Planet Sedna"
   by Jennifer T. Gehl, MHS
  Sedna: Shaman for the Earth While it will likely take many years for the astrological community to agree on Sedna’s role in the individual horoscope chart, Sedna’s energy feels very much like “Triple Water,” a symbiosis of all three Water planets (th...MORE

   Astrological Forecast for May & June 2019
   by Armand M. Diaz, PhD
  If you haven’t heard much about the meeting of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in January of 2020, you will. This is considered a major time of realignment and change – one that will set the tone for politics and economics for the next 36 years or so. ...MORE

   Astrological Forecast for May 2019
   by Lou Valentino
  May is here. It’s a month where we can expect to hear the birds sing louder while they build their nests and the temperatures are more seasonal. One of my favorite months of the year as Memorial Day on the 27th opens the beaches. If you’re a water s...MORE

   Magical Times for May & June 2019
   by Bob Makransky
  Planetary transits – in conjunction with Planetary Hours – are a simple way to plan your activities to take advantage of the karmic ebb and flow of the cosmos. These favorable / unfavorable times to act (or refrain from action) hold true for everyone...MORE

   May 2019 Psychic Insights and Astrology, the “Do It Yourself!” Month
   by Elissa Heyman
  Being able to rely on yourself means you’ll need to take good care of yourself, and in May you’ll want to do both because it will often be best to be self-sufficient. Do things in a manner that’s convenient and fast. Don’t give yourself to people who...MORE

   Your Horoscope for May & June 2019
   by Elizabeth Joyce
  The May 4th New Moon in Taurus brings practicality and organization. This Earth sign brings a dark and quiet time for planting seeds for new beginnings as well as your Spring garden. Time for good management, healthy eating. Doing what you love, and ...MORE

   Your Horoscope for May 2019
   by Cocoa
  Aries Hoping to switch jobs? Think long haul. If you and your partner’s vision of the future isn’t in sync, get back on the same page. Single? Loosen up and meet people where they’re at. Family issues could come up. Curb the emotional blackmail. Don...MORE

   Ask Your Pet
   by Jennifer Dickman
  Dear Jennifer, My cat Ringo is repeatedly peeing and pooping outside the litter box. We’ve ruled out medical causes. Would you please ask him why he’s doing this and what we can do to help him to stop? Thank you, Debbie Dear Debbie, I’...MORE

   by Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss
  Dear EarthTalk: My hairdresser was just diagnosed with leukemia and I wonder if there is a link between the chemicals in hair dye and cancer? -- Cyndi B., Tallahassee, FL The short answer is...maybe. Scientists have found links between certain ty...MORE

   The Jewels of Atlantis: Crystal Skulls
   by Jill Mattson
  Legend has it that when the twelve lost Crystal Skulls of Atlantis are recovered and reunited - it will signal the beginning of the ascension of Mankind to the Divine realm. Crystal Skulls have captivated people's imaginations for many years, and ...MORE

   Totems: Eel, Part 1
   by Cie Simurro a.k.a. Thunderbird Starwoman
  What exactly are you trying to hold onto, dear one? The more fear you have, the more you try to control things to make yourself feel safe, but safety will never come that way. It will elude your grasp just as trying to catch me will fail, for I AM EE...MORE

   Spring Detox Diet
   by Dr. Sarah Cimperman, ND
  Spring is a season of renewal. Over the winter, as our bodies have stored energy, they’ve also stored environmental toxins. Now is the time to eliminate them. True detoxification involves several enzymes, hormones, and organs, including the liver, ki...MORE

   The Hormonal Brain
   by Michael Cheikin, MD
  Hormones are chemical messengers that evolved early in evolution. A hormone is a molecule excreted by one cell to affect another cell. That other cell can be next door, downstream, or the cell itself (as a form of self-control). Plants had hormones b...MORE

   From the Heart: The Best That Can Happen
   by Alan Cohen
  My coaching client Andrea has struggled with issues of lack and poor self-worth for a lot of her life. Although she is smart, spiritual, and attractive, she has regularly feared that she would become impoverished and bereft. She told me, “Whenever I ...MORE

   This is Your Brain on Novels!
   by Cate Montana
  Once upon a time I wrote books and articles about consciousness, psychology, enlightenment and quantum physics. Those were the topics I was passionate about. Those were the subjects I thought the world needed to know about. And then, after 20 years o...MORE

   A Travesty of Errors by the Christian Church
   by Marguerite dar Boggia
  According to ascended Tibetan Master, Djwhal Kuhl, who wrote many books through His amanuensis, Alice A. Bailey, using mental telepathy, the symbolism of the Gospel story has been twisted and distorted by theologians until the crystalline purity of t...MORE

   Becoming Self Aware
   by Alison David Bird
  ‘Returning to Oneness’ is not the return to an all-encompassing Source of all things, but to wholeness of your own Sovereign Being, as the unique higher aspects of your own fragmented soul selves, return to a state of Grace. Oneness refers to the...MORE

   Good Boundaries For A Better Life
   by Eve Wilson
  There is a saying that “Good fences make good neighbors” and I want to agree with that in the most positive way. As people living in an increasingly crowded and chaotic world, better boundaries on every level have become essential for living a good l...MORE

   Ms. Tuli0p
   by Tina Rollins
  It was a gorgeous sunny spring day. The refreshing late afternoon breeze stirred hints of floral scents briefly touching my nose. A small group of us decided to ride mountain bikes on the woods trails behind the Augusta University grounds. A few week...MORE

   Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
   by Judi Thomases
  The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling. It is an invited procedure. The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life. AT ONE At first, the notion of being calmed and...MORE

   The Magical World of Numbers:
   by Elizabeth Summers
  As we move into the fifth month of our calendar year, all of Nature seems to be taking off its “spandex” and bursting into the joy of freedom. The Number Five exudes this very energy. To hold life loosely, to patiently allow life to unfold and to li...MORE

   What the Angels Want Us to Know: May 2019
   by Cassendre Xavier
  Cassendre Xavier is writing as Amethyste RahI am so grateful that I discovered angel spirituality in the early 2000s. They have been so tremendously helpful to me as a black female indie artist, and one who deals with mental health and trauma is...MORE

   AMMA in New England July 8 & 9
  Amma's arms are open to everyone Most people come to experience her embrace, her unique way of spreading comfort to the world. Amma, meaning Mother, has given this motherly embrace, known as her darshan, to more than 38 million people throughout the ...MORE

   Reflexology: The Power to Transform Your Life
   by Laura Norman
  Laura Norman, author of the best-selling book Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology, is a world-renowned authority on Reflexology. She is offering comprehensive training programs in the Laura Norman Method of Holistic Foot, Hand, Face and Ear Refle...MORE

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