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Articles for July 2015
   Excerpt from "A Journey to Oneness"
   by Rasha
  In A Journey to Oneness—the long-awaited sequel to the underground spiritual classic, Oneness—Divine Messenger, Rasha, takes us along on a seven-year odyssey through the labyrinths of consciousness, as she shares the incredible story of her own spiri...MORE

   Excerpt from "Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body"
   by Robert Henderson
  An energy blockage is an accumulation of subtle body energy from current or former sources that has become stored in a particular part of the body. It’s a bit like the accumulation and storage of fat in the body. Under normal circumstances, the body ...MORE

   Excerpt from "Liquid Luck"
   by Dr. Joe Gallenberger
  The first day I tried Liquid Luck, we solved a complex hardware/software interface problem in the lab that had resisted our efforts for two years. Not bad! I liked the format, very smooth. Will use it again, and let you know what  else happens. ...MORE

   Excerpt from "Love Never Dies: From Heaven My Sister Speaks"
   by Angela Dawn
  I began to meditate daily, first thing in the morning. It became a wonderful obsession. The more I meditated the easier it became. I found I could meditate up to two hours a day! The lawn mowers, leaf blowers, cars passing by, even the phone ringing ...MORE

   Excerpt from "Remapping Your Mind"
   by Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D. and Barbara Mainguy, M.A
  Fiction is not defective empirical description, but a species of simulation; just as computer simulation has augmented theories of language, perception, problem-solving, and connectionist learning, so fiction as simulation illuminates the problematic...MORE

   Excerpt from "Speaking with Nature"
   by Sandra Ingerman, M.A. and Llyn Roberts, M.A.
  Banana SlugLlynmagine strolling on a mossy trail in a dense, wet forest. You breathe in the freshly scented air, rich in oxygen and negative ions. It is springtime in the rain forest. Everything is green and flowing and blooming. Seeming to walk...MORE

   Excerpt from "Waking Up in 5D"
   by Maureen St. Germain
  In 2010 dragons appeared to me in an open field in a huge sculpture garden called Storm King, an hour north of NYC in the Hudson Valley. They continue to delight and amaze me. To be honest, I had no interest or attachment in dragons prior to this exp...MORE

   Astrological Forecast for July & August 2015
   by Armand Diaz, PhD
  A subtle – or not so subtle – shift in the tides may occur this summer, as the cosmic weather suggests a turn towards Virgo. Jupiter begins a yearlong stay in the sign – just one of several ways that the part of the zodiac we associate with purity, h...MORE

   Summer Solstice 2015 in Astrology
   by Raphael Simons
  Summer solstice, or the Cancer Ingress, happened on June 21 at 3:39 PM GMT, or 12:39 PM EST.The Sun is separating from conjunction with Mars, Mars at 28 degrees Gemini. This has been a few very intense days leading up to the solstice, and we can expe...MORE

   Venus Retrograde: July 26 - Sept. 6: Re-Visioning Your Love and Money
   by Mark Dodich
  Your life is changing this summer. The planet Venus is turning retrograde July 25 through September 6, and she rules over your relationships and finances. This reverse cycle actually affects much more than your love and money, but those two words alw...MORE

   Your Horoscope for July & August 2015
   by Elizabeth Joyce
  Aries (3/21-4/20)Of the two Full Moons in July, the second one seems to be especially beneficial to you, Aries. In the department of friendships or group endeavors, you will need patience until the 31st, which is never easy for you. After that you ar...MORE

   Ask Your Pet
   by Jennifer Dickman
  Dear Jennifer,Kaley is my 6 month old adopted puppy. Initially she had bladder infections, and I thought that was why she was taking a long time to potty train. But, she is still having accidents, both pee and poop. She recently started tearing up fu...MORE

   by Doug Moss & Roddy Scheer
  EarthTalk®From the Editors of E - The Environmental MagazineDear EarthTalk: Summer is near and I am planning a big road trip. Do you have any tips for boosting my car’s fuel efficiency on long, hot drives? -- Esther McCoy, Burlington, VTAh, the...MORE

   Totems: Cockroach, Part 2
   by Cie Simuro, a.k.a. Thunderbird Starwoman
  Have you done any Spring cleaning this year? It’s not too late. Because cockroach will eat both food and non-food substances, as scavengers, they “clean up.” This reminds us to clean out, sell, and give away things we no longer use or need. We can ap...MORE

   Lyme Disease: Chronic Cases & Newer Diagnostics
   by Katina I. Makris
  Lyme disease can be a complicated and even deadly tick borne infectious illness. It affects every person in a unique way beyond the initial feverish, flu-like pains and malaise of the acute phase. Lyme morphs and lingers, disseminates and moves its w...MORE

   Resolving Chronic Lyme
   by Dr. Karen Clickner
  The way to treat Lyme is to realize that Lyme is just a name that is being used to describe many differing infections and infestations. We are only beginning to truly understand Lyme and how it manifests in not just everybody, but in each individual ...MORE

   The Connection Spectrum & Social Technology
   by Michael Cheikin, MD
  For the first time in history since the written word, our intra-species communications is changing dramatically. Through the internet we are able to connect to any person or place on the planet. This connectivity allows for the sharing of information...MORE

   Vitamin D: Should We Get it From Food, Supplements, or the Sun?
   by Dr. Sarah Cimperman, ND
  Vitamin D is essential for good health. It’s a key nutrient for several systems in the body including the cardiovascular, neurological, and immune systems. And it regulates the activity of more than 3,000 different genes. Many people in the United St...MORE

   From the Heart: The Alcoholic Saint
   by Alan Cohen
   I heard about a fellow who set out in a spiritual quest to India. There he was recommended by word of mouth to find a particular saint who lived in a remote village. The seeker went to great lengths to travel to the village, where a shopkeeper ...MORE

   Music: A Hidden Source of Energy & Transformation
   by Jill Mattson
  Music was once a powerful force, but we have forgotten how many ways it can be used - from improving work production and healing to influencing large groups of people.  In an example, work chants were used with sailors, field workers, slaves and...MORE

   The Bliss Mistress Guide: Time is Precious
   by Edie Weinstein
  I am writing this article on an itsy bitsy, mini version of the circuitry and wiring that comprised the laptop that has served my writing needs for the past year. The HP Envy will be going to the computer hospital today, fingers and toes crossed (min...MORE

   Intelligent, Sentient Trees
   by Eve Wilson
  The other evening, as I was walking through my neighborhood, I stopped to visit a group of four pines that live in the open space near my townhouse.  I am particularly fond of them as they create a sheltered, quiet place, smelling fresh and live...MORE

   Karma & Slow Moving Lines
   by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff
  Today, I saw the Law of Karma operating right in front of me. Fortunately, I did not have to wait another lifetime to work my issue.While paying for medical prescriptions at the local pharmacy, I kept hitting incorrect display prompts on the credit c...MORE

   Soulmate Attraction for the Rest of Us: Faster Results in 3 Easy Steps
   by Cassendre Xavier
  As a 46 year-young polyamorous womon, who has been studying soulmate attraction since the late 90s, I have enjoyed over 20 years of joyously bringing new romantic companions into my life! I am grateful to have a learned and practiced a lot of tips fr...MORE

   Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers: Speak Up
   by Judi Thomases
  The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling. It is an invited procedure. The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.   Speak up!  That is our message. &nb...MORE

   The Healing Crystal Technologies of Harry Oldfield
   by Marguerite dar Boggia
  So many enlightened, brilliant souls are being born with each generation.  Dr. Harry Oldfield is one of them. He is a trained British biologist turned energy-field researcher.  He qualified as a homeopathic physician in 1982.  He is an...MORE

   The Magical World of Numbers: July - Rest, Relaxation, Vacation
   by Elizabeth Summers
  Even though the month of July starts out with picnics, fireworks and parades, this seventh month of the calendar year is just the opposite energetically. Chill out, kick back, go on vacation in July should become the norm.  Statically, more peop...MORE

   Waking Up in 5D
   by Maureen St. Germain
  Time to Create Heaven on EarthHave you wondered what you are supposed to be doing on this planet? Have you wondered why there is so much difficulty and violence? If you are reading this, you’ve probably come to the earth to be part of the solution. B...MORE

   Why We Don't Remember Past Lives
   by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff
  The book of your lifeIs filled with many blank pages;You are free to write on themWhatever you choose.*People do not remember past lives for several different reasons.Generally, this information is not pertinent to this experience and part of their j...MORE

   "Bonds Forged in Love"
   by Lisa Wilson with Alison David Bird. C.Ht
  As Earth prepares to Ascend into higher vibrations so do other planets existing in parallel universes throughout creation.Free Will has allowed for some Galactic Races to evolve Spiritually while others only technologically. This has created dif...MORE

   Embodyoga®: Overcoming "Otherness"
   by Matthew Andrews
  In our modern ‘Western’ culture, perhaps more so than in any other culture in history, we’re taught to see and relate to surfaces.  Even when we dissect or disassemble things, we find within them more surfaces.  Atom, nucleus, electron, qua...MORE

   SHE is Legendary for Ending Addictions Through a Miraculous Encounter
   by Veronica Ramos
  The Self(s) Healing Experience SHE is a sacred encounter that promises instant enlightenment and primes one to attain and sustain inner peace. But for over the past three decades, SHE has also become legendary for manifesting a side-effect, or by-pro...MORE

   Vacations: Destination or State of Mind?
   by Laura Norman
  How is it that one word can conjure up both excitement and relief?  Vacation is defined as “an extended period of recreation, usually involving travel away from home.”  When you consider that most Americans have only one to three weeks vaca...MORE

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