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BOOKS (Alphabetically by Author)

Nov/Dec 2017

Shamanic Awakening
By  Sandra Corcoran
Inner Traditions/Bear & Co.
Book, 257 Pages, Soft Cover
ISBN: 978-159143180-0
Shamanic Awakening, shares core teachings of the author’s indigenous and cultural mentors, including lessons in synchronicity, metaphysics, the extraordinary power of heart, multi-dimensional realms, eco-consciousness and the world of living energy. Her journey across continents takes the reader through birth, death, ceremony and renewal. No matter how deep into our personal grief, or as far outside of the familiar that we are led, we are always offered another opportunity to embrace our world, and ultimately, our place in it. SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase book on Amazon, post a review, email to sandy@starwalkervisions.com  and receive free her meditative CD, Souled Out. Read an excerpt online at www.wisdom-magazine.com  

Sep/Oct 2017

Love Never Dies: From Heaven My Sister Speaks
By Angela Dawn
First Edition Design Publishing
Book, 236 pages, Soft Cover, $14.95
ISBN: 9781622873050

Two sisters bound by love and courage continue their oh-so-familiar conver-sations regardless of being separated between the paths of life and death. This is a true story of two deaths and one life, which has proven that the bonds of love do exist beyond the grave.  They speak about life in heaven, God the Creator, the universe, the reason for living, and the soul’s purpose. The discovery and understanding that Angela experienced, brought much comfort in a time of grief. Join Angela as she is taken on a spiritual journey in which she unravels the truth - the truth of life. Read an excerpt online at Wisdom Magazine

Jul/Aug 2017

Sacred Signs and Symbols: Awaken To The Messages and Synchronisities That Surround You
By Sherrie Dillard 
Llewellyn WorldWide
Book, 264 Pages, Soft Cover, $16.99
ISBN: 9780738749686

Improve your life by embracing the guidance that Spirit sends you each day. Everyone receives sacred signs, messages, and synchronicities, but we don’t always notice or know how to interpret them. With Sacred Signs & Symbols, you’ll develop the ability to recognize, understand, and be guided by the signs all around you. Featuring a glossary of hundreds of signs and their meanings, this comprehensive guide helps you build a personal oracle system for invoking messages in your daily life. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, a loving, wise, spiritual presence is offering you advice and comfort through divine messages. You can read an excerpt online at www.wisdom-magazine.com/ .

Nov/Dec 2017

The Way Home To Love: A Guide To Peace In Turbulent Times
By Maresha Ducharme
Balboa Press / Hay House
Book,  111 Pages, Hard Cover, Soft Cover & e-Book, $12.99
ISBN: 978-1-5043-8255-7 (soft cover)
Maresha’s exciting new book provides a useful approach to interpreting the sacred mysteries and esoteric principles of spiritual understanding. It provides “life tools” to deal with the difficulties in our lives that obstruct the flow of love and shares spiritual practices to return inner peace to our lives.The book will captivate readers who are interested in personal growth revealed through wisdom teachings of: unity consciousness, the practice of meditation, the art of surrender and the alchemy of inner transformation. Maresha explores what is universally sacred and how to find within ourselves a wellspring of love and peace. This book speaks to a world sorely in need of unity.

Jan/Feb 2017

The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine
By Jennifer T. Gehl, MHS with Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.    
Healing Arts Press
Book,  272 pages, Soft Cover. $19.95
 ISBN: 9781620554982

In this comprehensive guide, Jennifer Gehl, with Marc Micozzi, explores the cosmic influences that underlie health and healing, including how ancient and modern traditions interconnect through the doctrine of signature, “As above, so below.” The authors reveal how to restore the cosmic foundations of healing for personal, planetary, and universal health and wellbeing


Mar/Apr 2017

Cannabis and Spirituality

By Stephen Gray
Park Street Press
Book, 288 pages, Soft Cover, $16.95
 ISBN: 9781620555835


In this guide, editor Stephen Gray and 17 other influential voices of the modern cannabis movement reveal the potential of “the people’s plant” to enhance a wide range of spiritual practices. Gray shows how cannabis is an effective ally on the awakening journey, unlocking the receptive energy in us all.



May/Jun 2017

Sacred Geometry of Nature 
By Francene Hart
Inner Traditions 
Book, 224 Pages, Hardcover, $35.00
ISBN: 9781591432739


In this lavishly illustrated memoir, including more than 80 full-color reproductions of her intricate watercolor paintings and the stories behind them, Francene Hart recounts the evolution of her art from formative influences to her masterful integrations of Nature, Spirit, and Sacred Geometry. Opening with her early work on mandalas and her explorations of the work of Joseph Campbell and C. G. Jung, Hart explains how her first works of art were in response to the solitary life she led in the forest, where she discovered the hidden order of Nature.

Nov/Dec 2017

Unlimited Realities
By Elizabeth Joyce
Visions of Reality
Book, 338 Pages, Soft Cover, $21.95
ISBN: 13: 978-0997208306
A memoir of the life of a gifted “seer” and “healer.” How a woman transcends from pain and sorrow, as destiny taps her on the shoulder. Unlimited Realities alerts people that they have the power for transcendence personally. Through meditation, mystical union with God is possible to attain for everyone. The powers that were previously considered only for the elite high yogis, and gifted can now be seen through reading the book. We all have the power to attain higher levels to help us solve the problems that everyday life can bring. When we are touched on this deeper level, truth is instantly translated from a thought into active, workable solutions to problems. Soon to be a major motion picture. Read an excerpt online at www.wisdom-magazine.com


Mar/Apr 2016


Angels Watching Over Me: A New Age Odyssey
By Kiros
Create Space
Book, 254 pages, Soft Cover. $16.95
ISBN: 1508820287
ISBN 13: 9781508820284


Kiros’s stories of triumph over ego and testimonies of celestial encounters offer encouragement to even the weariest of life travelers. These angelically inspired pages will reveal the secrets needed to successfully navigate your life course! Kiros writes, “All the paths we take, whether painful or happy, will lead us to healing if we create that intention. All the answers,” he further states, “to all our questions are stored within, waiting for the right key to unlock them. On our quest for this key, teachers and guides will appear; those spiritual beings that will help us reach our best outcome.” Read an excerpt online at www.wisdom-magazine.com

Mar/Apr 2017


The Teacher Appears: 108 Prompts to Power Your Yoga Practice
By Brian Leaf

Free Living Press
Book, 224 pages, Paperback, $14.95
ISBN: 978-0692770580

For anyone longing to deepen their yoga practice comes The Teacher Appears: 108 Prompts to Power Your Yoga Practice. This illustrated journal includes original celebrity contributions from such luminaries as Krishna Das, Jack Kornfield, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Gretchen Rubin, and more. In this book that Yoga Journal declared “The Must-buy Holiday Gift of 2016,” acclaimed author Brian Leaf guides readers to deepen their yoga practice with dristi, mudra, and pranayama; to explore their uncomfortable edges; to cultivate intuition; and, simply, to long for the divine, as they experience the true meaning of yoga. Readers discover a new depth to their yoga practice and a new level of dedication, meaning, and happiness in their lives. Read an excerpt online at www.wisdom-magazine.com

May/Jun 2017

By James Poulos


Book, 36 Pages, Soft Cover $6.69, e-Book $2.99
ISBN: 9781542932691

I carried around a deep contemplation with me as I wandered around the East Coast raising a family. Forces led me away from my hometown, yet, a gentle silence, nurtured by my years growing up in Brooklyn, along with magical circumstances, led me back. “brooklynwind” is written in a poetical style, as a reflection/meditation on the the importance of silence as a vehicle of communication.  I have tied in Brooklyn, as a symbolic birthplace of individuality, as an essential component of encountering transformative silence. Read an excerpt online at www.wisdom-magazine.com.






Nov/Dec 2017

Waking Up in 5D 
By Maureen J. St. Germain
Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Book, 256 Pages, Soft Cover, $18.00
ISBN: 9781591432883

In this ascension manual, spiritual teacher Maureen J. St. Germain explains how to shift your energetic patterns and choose to permanently anchor yourself in the joy, love, and kindness of 5D. Offering eye-opening stories of 5D experiences from students and inspiring information from her spirit guides, the author also details exercises to protect your energies, especially while sleeping, and provides Sacred Geometry meditations to activate your 8th chakra and open yourself to higher frequencies.

Jul/Aug 2017

By Nicki Scully
Bear & Company
Book, 288 Pages, Soft Cover, $18.00

Healer Nicki Scully teaches shamanic rituals with the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet to bring about transformation at the deepest levels of being. Feared as the goddess of war and destruction, Sekhmet also represents the transformative power of kundalini energy, or sekhem



Nov/Dec 2017

First Templar Nation
By Freddy Silva
Inner Traditions
Book, 448 pages, Soft Cover, $19.95
Revealing Portugal, not Jerusalem, as the first Templar stronghold, Freddy Silva shows how the Knights Templar existed a decade prior to their established founding date, how they formed Europe’s first nation-state with the Cistercian monks and the Order of Sion, and how the Grail remains hidden in plain sight to this day.



The BioMatrix Method
By Patti Schippani,
LMT & Carlos A. Perez, DC
DVD, 90 minutes, $75

The BioMatrix Method is an energetic system of working with the body that teaches the manual practitioner how to incorporate concepts in energy healing and informational medicine with classical manual therapy techniques. The BioMatrix Method can be easily learned by anyone willing to step out of their linear mindset and just play with patterns of light and information. This includes Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Energy Healers, and more. By combining The BioMatrix Method philosophy with your existing skills that you have already mastered, transformational healing on all levels can be possible for your patients and clients.

by Dr. John-Roger and Jsu Garcia
Scott J-R Productions
DVD, 99 mins, $25

Spiritual Warriors is an exciting, suspenseful yet heartfelt film that delivers the message, “Every life has a purpose.” These simple yet powerful words come from the book that inspired the film by NY Times #1 bestselling author Dr. John-Roger, who also co-wrote and produced the movie. Spiritual Warriors is a terrific voyage. A memorable journey through the light and dark of our lives and ultimately to hope. I loved it.” – Victor Salva, Director, Peaceful Warrior ”This is a major hit” - Stephen Rubin, Director, Santa Fe Film Festival ”If there’s one film you see this year, let it be this one.” - Lori McPherson, Personal Success Magazine


Jan/Feb 2015

Artists: Haleya Priest & Thom Levy
CD, 40 Mins., $13.99 disk, $9.99 digital download


This guided meditation was created to help people go into the deepest possible connection and resonance with the Angelic realm. Together Haleya and Thom weave a tapestry of words and music in tune with the higher dimensions. You will be guided through a mystical forest to a magical pond and then up to the Angelic Realm where you’ll receive a healing from an Angelic guide and several Archangels. There they will clear your chakras and help restore you to health and well-being, while helping release past life karma and restore your sacred grid. It is a sacred healing passage that you can experience again and again to deepen you sense well being and wholeness. Listen to a sample at  http://angelmatrix.net/angel_cds.



Jul/Aug 2013

EMBRACE YOUR EMOTIONS AS YOUR ALLIES: A Personal Development Experiential
By Sue Singleton, Medical Intuitive

Self-published, CD, 30 minutes, $14.00
ISBN CD:  884501817189

Internationally recognized Medical Intuitive Sue Singleton’s warm and engaging techniques empower people to embrace their emotions as allies instead of conflicted enemies. What if you could harness the unique hidden gifts of your emotions and put them to work helping you? Imagine the new sense of freedom, joy, inner peace and confidence this would bring to your life! Sue shows you how to do this, in a transformative experiential that includes instructions, examples and exercises. The meditative exercises are accompanied by soothing sounds of evening peepers and bird songs. Sue Singleton’s techniques create true emotional alchemical changes.

By Ellen Sypowicz and Lou Gilio
CD,  $17.95 (includes shipping and handling)

What they’re saying about Many Blessings: 
”The ethereal artistry of Many Blessings… takes you on a deeply spiritual interior journey. The lyrics of the songs range from sublimely beautiful to cleverly humorous. Singer-songwriters Ellen Sypowicz and Lou Gilio perform with sensitivity and passion. This CD celebrates the inherent divinity of the individual while awakening the listener to the truth… we are One.” - CG
”Ellen’s amazing voice and Ellen and Monty’s holy guitar sounds transfer us to another place… heaven. Lou’s harmonies vibrate in a majestic way mixed with a variety of new age sounds beginning with the ‘eternal OM’ and ending with the sound of the Crystal Bowl. They not only aim at the heart but the soul of us all.”  - LM


By Bernadette Yao
CD, 61 minutes
$20.00 CD
$9.99 Digital Download

Calming, relaxing one hour of ambient music designed to create a gentle atmosphere of caring and healing. With a soothing flow of beautiful melodic harmonies, this album creates a space of peace and compassion for the listener.  Music composed by a certified energy healer (Reiki, Brennan Healing Science). 1 hour of ambient instrumentals, quiet, deeply healing, gently providing a healing template for relaxation, meditation, pain reduction, coming back to authentic self, connecting to Divine Source, and remembering the Sacred.  Useful for preparing for (and during) surgery to aid in the healing process.  Listen to a sample at www.healingwavetherapies.com


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