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Whitney's Whirl - Your Horoscope for June 29 - July 5, 2009

by Whitney McClough

This week the Sun in Cancer Quintiles Saturn, which will bring some kind of self restricting behavior.  This will assist us to adjust to our limitations, and our destiny.  It will allow us to project an image of a successful, in control, and down to earth person. The Sun makes a semi square to both Venus and Mars, which will bring a sense of uncompromise, which could lead to loss of a relationship, so be aware of what you say and do this week.

With the Sun also semi-square Mars, you will be very short on patience this week, and you may offend others.  You may find yourself very defensive and uncommonly volatile.  So, this is the week to take care of a realtionship if you have one, and truly desire to be with that person.  Don't fall into despair, but reach to the highest point of love and awareness that you can achieve to keep life working around you at its best.

The Sun Sesquiquadrates Neptune.so you may be somewhat confused  and conflicted about your right to act in your own interest, and whatever obligations you have or may feel you have to respect the feelings of other people, their agenda, and society in general.  You will have to deal with this issue this week, sorting through your options realistically, rather than avoiding the problems by acting covertly. 

With Mars septile Uranus, there will be inspiration as we act out in original, and perhaps startling ways.  We now desire freedom to express our individuality, and show that through our actions, and our choice of artistic expression as well.

Mercury semi-sextiles Venus, so you may find yourself writing something that is quite articulate, or creating a storyline that captivates those who read your words.  You may feel enchanted with love this week, and can't help but feel inspired by this person.

Jupiter semi-sextiles Uranus, which draws good opportunities and good luck to us in some way.  The best way to know where this will fall in your life, is to book a reading with Whitney so she can run your personal natal birth chart and transits, and see where that gold mine falls.  Don't miss out on this special aspects that are here now.  Know what they mean, and how they reflect in your chart.  This can also lend itself to our being very socially oriented, needing to find laughter, and being funny and upbeat.  Perhaps a few summer parties will fill this need!

With Venus and Mars both square Neptune and Jupiter, we will need to be very careful not to delude ourselves in the name of love!  Choose responsibly, and carefully, and get lost in the fog of delusion.  While some of this energy could be transferred into a creative outlet, even that will need to be carefully analyzed as we apply it. 
The best way to use  the energies of these planets is to turn within and meditate.  Any sort of self-therapy will help us achieve the outcome we desire, which should be clarity of mind.  We need to relase old patterns, and find a new core by clearing illusions of any kind.  As meditation will redirect the flow of energy inwards, it will also clear conflicts and emotional blockages.  The channels of blocked creativity can be transformed so that you may take control of your life back into your own hands, and helps to transform the conflicts in our lives.

ARIES:  With a fourth house Sun Quintile Saturn in your 6th house, this brings a reflection upon an earlier creative piece of work, that now gains attention. With Mars Septile Uranus this week your energies flow in new and highly creative ways, again, bringing just what you need, and the financial blessings to continue.  With Mercury square Uranus, you will need to keep your mind under control.  Take the easy way out, sit and meditate for the profound answers you desire.

TAURUS:  Your ruler, Venus, Biquintiles Pluto, which brings out the very best in your creative expression this week.  With both Mars (action) and Venus (art and creativity), your art will be full of passion, power, and emotions.  With the Sun in your third house of commucations, this would be a great time to take classes, or have a showing of your work.  With Venus square Neptune, you may falter in your choice of love, struggle with others, or need to clarify issues.  Best time is now to meditate and ask for clarity.

GEMINI:   With Mercury in Gemini, in your first house, your mind will be working at warp speed, and coupled with the trine to Jupiter in your 9th house, you may take the opportunity for higher education, to teach some classes, or take an international trip. Take this time to stay atop planning for your future, as it is easier then it appears.  The Sun shines in your 2nd house of income, and that's just what is coming up, and in.  With Uranus in Pisces in your 10th house, an unusual, spiritually oriented career is trying to find you.

CANCER: The Sun shines on you this week Cancer, and even though there are  new romantic opportunities this week to temp you, there is a need for you to focus on your finances  first.  Some quiet time, and a private conversation will assit you in your financial decisions, which puts a smile back on your face, and then you get to play.  I see an exciting get away, spur of the moment, but well worth it!  Enjoy!!

LEO: An inwardly reflective week in some respects, yet new opportunities in love  will surprise you!  Internet dating breaks down walls that keep you apart, and opens a new romance, or two!  There's a buzz in your career too, with new options.  With the Venus Biquintile Pluto from your 10th house of career to your 6th house of work and service, someone is bound to see your abilities.  If you seek new employment, this is the week to succeed.

VIRGO:  Your mind is teaming with ideas this week regarding career, and with the amount of opportuny coming your way, plus the surrport of those who count, your finances are sure to increase!  With Mercury square Uranus, a work related issue, might rattle your mind, and upset your plans.  Stayed focus on love instead, as the sextile from Venus and Uranus is packed with romantic opportunity! 

LIBRA: The pair of Mars and Venus are in your 8th house of intimacy, and shared values.  And, as your ruling planet, Venus is showering you with romance, and time to enjoy it!  Mercury; however,  will throw a stick in the spokes as it square Uranus in your 6th house from your 9th!  So maybe you change your travel dates, due to a work issue, but you are still going! 

SCORPIO:  Romance is your keyword this week, and someone will be attentive to you if you let them in.  On another note, a family member may offer some financial support, and your talents, coupled with an advertising campaign puts your name in the public eye, bringing in more cash.  Someone finds your creative ideas lucrative, and so it is, quite romantic too.
SAGITTARIUS:  With Jupiter, your ruling planet Quadranovile Saturn. This aspect occurs when two planets are 160 degrees apart, and brings forth a charismatic, mystical time, bringing karmic details to our awareness, and can bring ceremony and marriage as well. This offers education, and a career promise that showers you with opportunities.  Someone wants to share ideas and plans with you, so tune in as this puts you ahead of the pack.

CAPRICORN:   With other people your focus this week, and Mars sextile Uranus, this brings an opportunity for someone to assist you with your talents, and an other blessings to turn your creativity into cash.  A fith house Venus Biquintile Pluto in your first house, turns your life around with financial rewards.  Pluto gives us the gift of self empowerment, and Venus certainly brings money, and good luck..  My suggestion is to play the lottery, as the fifth house is the house of gambling as well as creativity...what an interesting week for you.

AQUARIUS:  A sixth house Sun focuses on work and service to others, and in the nurturing sign of Cancer, that will come easily to you.  The sparkling Sextile of Venus to Uranus, showers you with good luck, so be sure to buy a few lottery tickets, as the energy is fluid, and blessed with good luck.  Jupiter semi-sextile Uranus brings more good luck to you, and puts you in the mood to party, to keep things light, and to enjoy!
PISCES:  A fifth house Sun brings the warmth of play, creative inspiration, children, art, and all that we call fun.  This could bring a loving and warm love relationship or a vacation; think about your deepest needs for fun and joy this week, and wrap your mind and heart around them. You can heal a wound this week with love.  Do your tender hearted best to encompass creativity, and fun, and maybe a vacation as well?

Whitney McClough, a highly sought after psychic and medium, offers individual psychic readings and parties, along with Astrological, Intuitive coaching sessions. Whitney teaches classes in Psychic Development, Astrology, Tarot 101, and offers sessions in hypnosis, or past life regression. Call to book your time with Whitney at 207-451-9731, or contact her at: VisionsByWhitney@aol.com.

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