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The New Psychology

by Fern Kazlow, EdD

There is a new psychology dawning on the horizon and it leaves the old one in the dust.

The new psychology gives you power and shows you how to be all you can be. The old one teaches you to be reasonable, accepting diagnosis, medication and treatment.

If you’re interested in more power, read on.

We’re more than the sum of our problems

The old psychology taught us a lot; we learned about resistance, drives, transference, and the dangers of repression. We got comfortable talking about anger and sex, and mental and emotional problems became a constant in everything from television sit coms to dinner party conversations.

This old psychology focused on problems, limitations and a segmented sense of self. It brought us to a higher level of awareness than we’d had before — but it only went so far.

Some people have reached the edge of growth with the old method. They continue trying to solve problems and put bandaids on, which keeps them from getting to the next level – that of claiming their own power and operating with it in every moment of their life.

We’re moving beyond a psychology of problems into a psychology of wholeness. This new psychology holds the promise of being more than the sum of our problems. It’s a psychology of harmony, balance, and self-actualization. Rather than looking for a way to fix the current problem, and the next, and the next, it strives for sustainable inner harmony and self-balance. Rather than simply re-training your mind, the new psychology understands and embraces the knowledge that we are multi-dimensional beings who are connected to others and to Source.

This new view is one of wellness, and sees the therapist, if there needs to be one, as a partner. It looks to teachers, guides, and facilitators, with the goals of self-healing and growth, rather than the model of illness and requiring diagnoses and medical treatment. This psychology is not limited to the realm of doctors, therapists, ministers or those with special degrees. It’s the province of everyone, as we strive to unlock the secrets of the psyche — the secrets of what makes us who and what we are.

Its toolbox includes principles, processes and tools that you can use yourself or with an experienced guide; tools for exploration that focus on possibility and growth rather than pathology. These tools are safe, simple, and are meant to be used regularly, integrated as part of our everyday life. They involve body, mind and spirit and can include mental and emotional processes, physical movements, art, music, story, and prayer.

The Roots of Identity

The new psychology understands that an individual’s core essence and absolute identity is based in the infinite. We are more than our mind, our thoughts, our bodies, but derive everything from what we have been or have the potential of becoming.

The whole flavor of life is different when you realize that your identity is determined not only by genes, your diet, and whether your parents got divorced, but it has its roots in the infinite possibilities of the quantum universe which exist as the hidden foundation of everyday experience and in our connection with others as well. This identity about our true and original nature is a deep and highly dynamic realization that not only changes our own personal reality but that of others as well- – people we know and people we don’t — for no human is an island in the quantum, entangled Universe.

Basic to this psychology is the knowledge that we are the creator of our destiny. It places responsibility directly upon us, teaching how to be discerning yet not judgmental. We take responsibility for all that comes before us. If it isn’t relevant to us, it will not be in our experience.

The stuck emotions, thinking, and physical illness that we used in the old discipline as indicators of problems, issues, even mental illness, now become signals of opportunities, informing us about a lack of balance between mind, body and spirit. Rather than judging that we shouldn’t have these problems, we understand these symptoms as perfect messengers, for they tell us of a misalignment and give us clues as to how to get things in sync.

In fact, these problems are part of the fabric of life and a mechanism for moving us forward. Life happens, that’s the way it is. The point is to fulfill our purpose and create the life our dreams.

This new psychology sees an interplay of thoughts, feelings dreams, and the zero point stillness. It looks at us as spiritual beings and seeks to replace the energetic patterns of chaos that have come from not listening to ourselves, with a wholeness and re-connection to the deepest patterns of harmony that creates Life itself.

What does all this mean for you?

It means that you get to choose who you are and how you relate to life. You can act from the awareness of infinite possibilities and potentialities, or you can go from a more constrained view … a limited view.

Most of us say “I want freedom!” Yet often we’re scared of the infinite. We are afraid of what we can’t pin down.

I say: enjoy that our Universe can’t be controlled. Playing that we are in total control, is fake control anyway. Real control means joining in the nature of what is. It lies in riding the waves rather than trying to stop the ocean from making them.

What do you want to create?

Do you want to accept your power, or pretend that somebody or something else controls you. You yourself have chosen to have a deadline, to mow the lawn that needs to be mowed, and you chose your reaction to it.

You can hand your power over to someone, pretending that they are in control.

Or, you can own your power, and learn how to use it with great creativity and satisfaction. Align your energy to your highest dreams, and channel its power into the brightest picture of YOU. Infinite possibilities are revealed as your thoughts, feelings and actions, in harmony expands .

Dr. Fern Kazlow, Ed.D., is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. A licensed clinical psychotherapist, she founded Integrative Therapy and Integrative ActionTM in 1981. She has served as mentor and consultant to health professionals, entrepreneurs, Wall Street executives, and business professionals. Dr. Kazlow founded the Rapid Wealth SystemTM to increase your income and expand the riches throughout your life. The Predictable Jackpot: Secrets of the Rapid Wealth System is the first part of her home study program and is available now. For more info visit www. drfern kazlow.com or email info@drfernkazlow.com.

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