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Meditation for Universal Healing, Comfort, Light & Abundance

by Cassendre Xavier

Join millions of people around the world, from many different spiritual faiths and practices, meditating regularly to focus on the healing, comfort, light, and abundance of the universe.

Whether you meditate twice a day or once a month, your efforts do help the world make a better place.

You do not have to be an expert in meditation or prayer. Anyone from any faith is welcome. All that is required is about 10 minutes of quiet, meditative time alone, and a willingness to open your heart, your mind, and sending love out to where it can be used for the highest good of all involved.

How to start: Close your eyes, become still, centered, and peaceful while you visualize the healing and comfort of all beings, bathing the universe with the energy of love and light, and offer a prayer of gratitude and everlasting, universal abundance of joy and material comfort.

You may wish to focus on one or a combination of the following (let your first instinct and heart lead you):

Healing – focus on the healing of illness, physical conditions, dis-eases, etc. with the powerful vibration of love. See a vibrant green light covering the world, and healing all illnesses with lightning speed. Support those who are healing themselves or asking for healing. Transform ailing organs with renewed ones in your vision. All illnesses are transformed with the spirit of wellness and health. Take action every day in your own health matters – baby steps are fine – it’s the essence of the action that matters.

Comfort – call on the angels to comfort those in pain or torment. Send the prayer of relief from pain to anyone anywhere in the world who may be crying out. Promise yourself you will be comforting to your soul and your inner child. Take small steps every day to be kind to yourself and others. See the world as a basketball-sized globe receiving a huge psychic hug from your own two arms. Wrap the globe in the pink light of your comforting, heart-based love. Send the love from your soul out, while protecting yourself from negativity. Give comfort without fear to those in your life day to day.

Light – Ask the Ascended Masters (such as Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, Buddha, Confucius, Kuan-Yin, etc.) to bring the light of knowledge, wisdom, and clarity to transform ignorance, intolerance, and dysfunction. See the world as being completely filled with light, glowing, peaceful, and inviting to all who experience it. Strengthen your light by visualizing it glowing brighter and brighter within you, and make a commitment to yourself that you will shine your light often, boldly and respectfully.

Abundance – Thank Divine Intelligence (Mother Father God/Goddess, etc.) with multiple thoughts and prayers of gratitude for the love, joy, material comforts, and health you personally experience. See the world as complete exactly as it is, and wish nothing but total wellbeing for your fellow humyns, being, as well as all members of the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. Remain in a state of gratitude for the rest of the day and week, remembering that when you give thanks for what you have, what you give thanks for grows and multiplies, as it will around the world after this collective prayer and visualization.

Use this meditation whenever you can, and share it with others as well. May you experience the benefits of your efforts!

About the author:

Cassendre Xavier is an award-winning multi-media healing artist and community organizer. A first generation American born citizen of Haitian and Chinese heritage, she coined the term "renaissance negresse" in 2002 to describe her work as a musician, author, visual artist, and actress. Cassendre sometimes works under the names Amethyste Rah and Amrita Waterfalls, also identifies as a lightworker-in-training, and has been involved as a producer of books, audio and video (YouTube) recordings, as well as a peer support group facilitator in the personal growth, spirituality, and recovery movements since 1991. She is the founder and excutive director of Philadelphia's 7th annual Black Women's Arts Festival, an acclaimed, inclusive community event at which all respectful persons are welcome and encouraged to attend or volunteer. For more information, please visit http://cassendrexavier.com.

Permission is granted to forward and share part or all of this article. Please include the title, author and website link as printed below:

Meditation for Universal Healing, Comfort, Light & Abundance by Cassendre Xavier. (c) Copyright 2010 by Cassendre Xavier. All rights reserved. Visit http://cassEndrExavier.com for more information.

Comments/feedback are welcome and appreciated! Post here, by message, or email: cxwriting(at)gmail.com.

You can subscribe to Cassendre’s email list by sending a blank email to: cassendrexavier-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Source: http://cassendrexavier.blogspot.com/2010/05/meditation-for-universal-healing.html or http://tinyurl.com/26q3wmd

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Business Opportunity
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