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Interview with Dr. Eric Pearl

by Edie Weinstein-Moser

Imagine going about your day as a well-respected professional in your field with an intention to provide compassionate service to your clients and after 12 years in practice, find that you can have an impact on their lives in ways you could never have thought possible? Would you step into that role even if it meant questioning everything you thought you knew about life? Dr. Eric Pearl is the author of The Reconnection and has done just that. This Philadelphia area native is on an extraordinary journey into realms that combine both physics and metaphysics. He invites readers, clients and students to join him for what might feel like a wild ride.

Wisdom: How would you explain the process that led you from the relatively mainstream role as chiropractor to the offering of what many would consider an extraordinary healing gift?

Eric: Do you mean, what happened that I used to be a normal person and now I do this?

I was minding my own business and a few strange things happened. I went through a break up of a relationship that I thought was going to be the relationship of a lifetime. Did you ever hear anyone say that they had difficulty putting one foot in front of the other following the break up of a relationship? It’s not just an expression. I really had difficulty walking from patient to patient. Somewhere doing that time, I started experiencing problems with staff members and let them all go at once. Suddenly, I was adjusting the patients, answering the phones, making the appointments, filling out the insurance forms, mailing the envelopes. I realized that I had better get some help quickly. In came this one woman applicant who was both the physical and audible incarnation of Fran Drescher’s character, ‘The Nanny’. We don’t know why people are brought into our lives when they come in and if we did know, maybe we wouldn’t go on that roller coaster ride that they take us on. She was a ride. One day she suggested that there had been so much stress at work and in my personal life that we should just take a day off and go to the beach, which meant that she wanted to take a day off and go to the beach. We went and she wanders off from where we were sitting and then comes back half an hour later and says “I found this woman reading cards and you need to get your cards read by her.” I don’t have a problem getting my cards read, but I would really like someone who comes with a background and recommendations, not some woman with a folding chair and card table, but she pushed and let the woman give me a reading. It wasn’t anything particularly special, except that at a certain point she said, “Being a healer (which I took to mean being a chiropractor), there is this work that I do and you need to have this work done.” I listened to what this work was that she thought I needed and she explained that the meridian lines on our bodies used to be much more effective a healing system than they are right now because they used to tie us into the entire Universe and extend off of our bodies and connect us with the grid lines or ley lines that encircle the planet and then these lines continue out to the other stars and planets and connect us to the Universe and other dimensions in between and she went on and on. I asked how much she wanted for the work and she said “$333.” and I said “No, thank you.”, because I could think of a lot of things I could do with $333 and giving them to a card reader on the beach wasn’t on my list. She said, “Let me write something down for you.” and she scribbled on a piece of paper: ‘The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch”. She said, “Read chapter 317 and it will explain all about this.” I put it in my pocket, planning to have no further thought of this. I did keep thinking about it and thought I would take an extra ten minutes off lunch one day and quickly run over to the Bodhi Tree Bookstore which is this little metaphysical book store here in Los Angeles to skim through chapter 317; it’s only supposed to be 8 little pages. The way it’s written, you start to read and find there is so much depth and layers to it, that you almost feel your brain moving around trying to interpret it. I read one part and I understood and then the next part and didn’t understand. I went back and forth another day and another day. Finally, I realized that with all the energy I have been expending, it would probably just be cheaper if I paid the woman her $333 and let her do the work. I went to her place and she told me that it was done in two sessions two days apart and she placed me on a massage table and dimmed the lights and turned on the ‘new age tinkly music’ we’ve all grown to love, which I say sarcastically. She started tracing little line patterns on my body with her fingertips and all the while I’m lying there thinking “I can not believe that I paid this woman money to draw lines on my body with her fingertips.” I let her go through the whole process and when I was finished, she sat me up and told me to slowly get back into my body and to hold on to her and get grounded again and I was thinking “I don’t really know what you think went on here, but I kind of missed it.”, but I humored her and did the whole ‘get back in your body’ dance and said “Thank you very much.” and I left thinking that there was probably nothing more ridiculous that I could have done, except to agree to come back for part two. So I get home that night, being certain that nothing at all had occurred. I watch some tv and go to sleep. An hour later, this bright light comes bursting in through my eyes and I’m thinking to myself “What is this light doing on?” I open my eyes and saw that it was the lamp next to my bed that had turned itself on. I had that lamp for ten years and it hadn’t selected any other propitious occasion to self ignite, but there it was. You would think that would be a strange enough situation except it also felt as if there was at least one ‘someone’ in my home. I can’t explain how uncomfortable that is. About 10-20 minutes into the process it DID feel like there was someone in my house and simultaneously, I could look all night and never find them. As unintelligent as this sounds, I went back to sleep. I get up in the morning, I don’t think about it much. Friday and Saturday were normal work days. Sunday I go back for part two. She does the same thing, places me on the table, puts on the tinkly music, starts tracing the line patterns with her fingertips, only this time, I couldn’t lie still. I felt chilled and in fact, this was an oppressively hot day in Southern California in mid-August and I’m in this woman’s tiny, non-air-conditioned apartment. When she finished the session, I became so chilled that she had to wrap me in a blanket for at least five minutes. After this session, I did feel different. I experienced a sense of peace that I had not known before and it was so familiar that it felt like being home. I remember leaving, getting into my car and the car and I becoming one and slowly drifting home. I go to work the next morning and seven different patients insist that they feel someone in the room with us just as I was feeling someone in my house. No one had ever said this to me before. I would adjust my patient and tell them to close their eyes and lie there to let it settle into place, rather than just jumping off the table. Seven different patients insisted that someone had come in through the door, walked around the table, ran around the table and like someone was flying around the ceiling. That should get my attention by itself. Other patients on that same day, were saying “I could feel your hands before you touched me.” I had them close their eyes and hold my hands places and they would tell me “Right ankle, left shoulder.” It sort of became a game. I would hold my hands 8-12" above their bodies and their muscles would twitch, their toes would move and their fingers would move. They would say “I know you were standing by my head, but I felt your hands on both of my feet.” As I continued to play with it, I found that my palm blistered on two different occasions. Instead of lasting days, they were gone inside of three hours. On another occasion, my palm bled. Not like a stigmata, but more as if you had taken a tiny pin and stuck it in and a little blood came out. People started reported healings. Bones were untwisting, people were getting up out of wheelchairs, hearing was returning, they were reporting that cancers had vanished and that their AIDS related symptoms were disappearing, they were regaining vision. Not everyone, but enough so that we began to see that something real was going on. My patients would say “What did you do?”, and I would say, “Nothing and don’t tell anyone.” which went over as big as Nancy Reagan saying “Just say ‘no’ to drugs.” The next thing I know, people are asking me to teach it.

Somehow or other, we started to observe that once you interact with these healing frequencies, you start to pick them up, as if they’re gifted to you somehow. You do have to interact with them; it’s not something you can just want to have, sit down in a corner and ‘om’ in. Once you interact with the Reconnective Healing frequencies, you begin to carry them. What we do in the seminars, after you feel it, is teach you how to utilize them. I’m on the road about 42 weeks of the year and the book is just coming out in it’s 24th language. What I try to do is give a weekend seminar where on Friday night, I’ll be presenting the history of the work, the research behind it and the philosophy of it, as much as we understand it. We allow audience volunteers to come up and we demonstrate. Something magical seems to transpire when you see that these healings are real and it allows us to accept the fact that something truly, clearly and plainly exists. For people who want to learn the work, we usually have one massage table for every four people and on Saturday and Sunday, people come to the seminar and I tell them “Don’t come if you think we’re just going to sit around, hold hands and ‘om’, because that’s not my nature. We demonstrate the level of healing in front of the room and we go to the tables in groups of two’s or four’s and I’ll walk around the tables and my assistants will walk around the tables and help you feel for this until the person on the table starts having involuntary movements of their bodies too. It’s a full working weekend and by the end, you’ll be able to do any and every thing that I can do at least as well as I can, if not better. You’ll be able to do anything in the way of healing in the way that any person on the planet can do, whether they are doing it at the tip of South America, or a mountaintop in Tibet.

Wisdom: How does this differ, for example, from Reiki?

Eric: Reiki is a form of energy healing. A large number of people who are involved in the research of this work, seem to think that what I call The Reconnective Healing Spectrum..because I think that we are reconnecting with the original fullness of who we are as human beings, includes energy. There are different techniques, as you know. There’s Reiki and Jin Shin and Qi Gong and Johrei and ABC and 123. The reconnective healing spectrum allows us to access all of the energy healing, whether or not we’ve learned the techniques. You may have noticed that as a Reiki master, you don’t need to use the techniques and symbols to access the energy. Have you found that?

Wisdom: Yes. My hands are switched on almost 24/7.

Eric: It’s because there is a broader level of healing that’s coming through and one way or another, we are all starting to access this. Yours is developing beyond the level of the Reiki you learned. What researchers say is that it seems to go beyond energy, but of energy, light and information, not as if they are clearly independent, but part of a continuum. It seems that Reconnective Healing functions with a different set of laws and rules. Energy measurably gets weaker with distance. As you pull further away from the body, with Reconnective Healing, you actually see stronger involuntary response. We become a catalyst and our presence as the observer and the observed ignites a broader communication and interaction between that person and the Universe and we are not needed.

Wisdom: What was the most astounding part of the work you do, as you experienced it unfolding? Was there anything that came as a surprise?

Eric: Everything came as a surprise. Every day was so exciting. I couldn’t wait to find out was going to happen next. People ask what was the most exciting healing that happens and I say, “the most recent one.” The most exciting gift is the one that happens in that very moment.

Wisdom: Do you sometimes stand in awe of the immensity of what you do?

Eric: You can’t help but do that. ‘Awe’ and ‘immensity’ are two perfectly selected words. That is where the healing comes; when we allow ourselves to stand in the awe of it. I believe that as we practice techniques, we get involved in the doing and we lose that which can only come from being in a state of observing. For me, the gift in technique is experienced only once we allow ourselves to transcend it. As any master will teach you that until you transcend the technique, you can not attain mastery.

Wisdom: Please clarify the concept of ‘receive, don’t send”.

Eric: We’re taught about ‘sending a healing’, or ‘running the energy’. A lot of that is based on what we see in the external world. If I’m on the pitcher’s mound and you’re at the batter’s plate and I have the ball in my hand, the only way I’m going to get the ball over to you is if I send it. Those rules of physics, we tend to mistakenly apply to the healing arena. We need to do it with energy, because energy has to be sent. When we’re working with Reconnective Healing frequencies, we can simply step in and listen and feel. In essence, we receive from standing in one place and from feeling with our hands. We become a catalyst and alter what is in that space. Science can demonstrate that the DNA in each cell in our bodies burns at a consistent level of light. If we add light to it and then took the light away, for a moment, the DNA would begin to burn more brightly. It’s called ‘delayed luminescence.’ When our health starts to deteriorate, our light actually dims and when it comes back up to its normal level, that’s when we function again.

Wisdom: Knowing that healing comes in many forms, and that healing and curing are two different things why do you think some people don’t recover?

Eric: We tend to think of healing as getting up out the wheelchair, regaining our vision, or having the Cerebral Palsy vanish. In many cases, that is what happens. I don’t really like the word ‘healing’ because it implies that there is something we have to get better from. Healing can often be our evolution. When they were first happening, it was in my office as a chiropractor, so we saw them in their physical form. Many people would come in and have healings of other natures. I think that what is happening, is that we are actually effecting the DNA. I know how crazy this sounds. I do believe, with good reason, that we are helping the evolution of our DNA. Everyone evolves, so why shouldn’t there be DNA evolvement? It seems to have us become more multi-dimensional human beings, which helps us in functioning at a healthier level. What if the restructuring of our DNA is allowing us to access more of what exists with our brains and letting our brains access more of what exists out there in the Universe? This may very well be the precipice that we are on that will allow humanity to involve into more conscious multi-dimensional beings. Sometimes healing is getting well and sometimes it is accepting more of who we are and moving forward. My belief is that we have more than one lifetime and gain our lessons from experiencing. Living forever and skipping the dying process is not necessarily healing. It is being healthy to our optimum, while we are here on the planet and evolving in the process.

Visit Dr. Pearl’s website for upcoming workshops and presentations:


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