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GOAL: 4 Ways to Stick With Your Resolutions Year-Round

by Crystal Williamson

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2011? Lose weight, quit smoking, start a holistic business … What were your resolutions in 2010? In 2000? In 1992? Did you have the same resolutions? Did you pursue your new resolutions all year? Did you remember those resolutions on to March 1, 2010? If not, then you’re in the same boat as most Americans. Approximately 87% of us don’t keep our resolutions. It’s frustrating, distressing and exhausting.

One way to keep your resolutions fresh and have staying power is to think of them as goals. Resolutions are the end result of goals. They may be formidable goals. But in the end, completing those goals will fulfill your resolution needs.

Use the acronym GOAL to keep your resolutions year-round. Here are a few tips to keep your GOALs:


I’m a great believer in taking action. Talking about a goal, creating a vision board, or reading affirmations are a wonderful start. If there is no action, it becomes a wish. Wishing is hollow if not followed by consistent action to fulfill your goal. How many New Year’s resolutions have gone unfulfilled due to lack of action and follow through? What are your 2011 resolution(s)? What are some interim goals for the first quarter of 2011? What are some steps you need to take? How do you need to get going now?

Create a GOALs list

Write down your 2011 goals. On the first row of the GOALs list, write the name of the goal, the action step you need to complete, and then put a deadline date to that step. Here’s an example:

Finish writing and publish my first book by December 31, 2011

· Map out chapters and complete forward (by Jan 31)

· Join online group for support and help (by Feb 15)

· Do research on self-publishing websites (by Feb 28)

· Finish rough draft for review (by Mar 31)


Taking action steps toward your goals are tough! You are moving into uncharted territory. To maneuver through the quagmire, remember your ultimate outcome. For example, if you’re ultimate goal is to be 50 lbs. lighter, when times get tough, do some visioning. Imagine yourself fitting in your clothes with ease and comfort. Imagine your smile of confidence. Imagine telling your family (or your family telling you) what a great thing you’ve accomplished. It’s happening NOW. Not in the future but NOW! Keeping your eyes on the prize and clearly knowing your outcome is the ultimate high!


In early 2002, while I was still reeling from the events of 9/11, I was going through a divorce; I was in a stormy relationship and I weighed 203 pounds. What turned my life around? One day in February 2002 I got out of breath while tying my sneakers. I had had it! I was ready for a change. The divorce didn’t get signed overnight nor did my other relationship change significantly but I did change my healthy mindset overnight. Friday I couldn’t tie my sneakers without panting; Saturday morning I was jogging in the park, grocery shopping for more nutritious meals and snacks, and losing weight. Within 4 weeks I lost 8 ½ pounds!

I knew it would be tough – I love desserts! But by mid-2003 I weighed 149 pounds. How did I lose the weight and still have dessert? I allowed myself to have my cake and eat it too! I allowed myself to make mistakes AND LEARN FROM THEM! I allowed myself to have dessert, an extra cookie or two, and discover more about my character. I learned about my food triggers and my emotional eating habits. At first it was distressing, but I got an accountability partner (someone whom I would update with my meal intake, eating habits and issues). I spoke to her twice a week. In turn, she was telling me about her food issues. It worked! WE both allowed ourselves to veer from the ultimate goal only to come back on track quickly. By the way WE BOTH have kept the weight off since then!


About 30 years ago, I saw an interview with a jazz musician who discussed his strict rule about recording music. He mentioned it’s required he loves every song he records. When asked why he that if he didn’t and the song became a hit, he was playing a song he disliked for the rest of his life! Keep this policy in mind when fulfilling your goal. Love your goal! Embrace your goal! Find your goal irresistible! Be passionate about your goal! Love the action you’re taking to realize your goal! Love how you are kind to yourself to achieve your goal! Love the outcome! Love, love, love your goal!

Have a great 2011??!


Crystal Williamson is a certified professional life coach (CPC) who loves to collaborate with holistic entrepreneurs. She works with clients on their business’ vision, marketing, and technology needs. Crystal would love to hear how your GOALs list helped you fulfill your resolution! Contact her at coachingwithcrystal@yahoo.com, Facebook (www.facebook.com/coachingwithcrystal), or her website www.coachingwithcrystal.com. If it's important to you, you'll change ...

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