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Holding the Light: Preparing for the Coming Changed Times

by Cassendre Xavier

In the times we are now living, there are many cataclysmic changes in the earth and our atmosphere. There is a general consensus that the world is deeply troubled, and among some select “believers” that the end is near.

One may look around and see terrible crimes being committed by humyns against one another, and against the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms. We may compare this generation against others and think things are really coming to a head. But there are other ways we could look at the world and its progressions, too. We could choose to focus on the progress we humyns have made in various ways.

These are huge issues and rather than try to give all the examples that would illustrate the changes of the world, I can choose to direct the focus to our reaction to what we see around us. What do you think when you look at the world around you? What do you believe is the next course of action to getting safely through life here on earth during these times?

I look around and I feel both afraid of what’s happening, yet happy to be around to see the changes, and hopeful that many are awakening to their power to be a positive force. I believe the next course of action is for us to wake up and be responsible for ourselves, and take responsibility for our earth and how we have contributed to its current state. I believe we need peace. We need love. Above all else, this is what needs to be our focus: Love. No matter what, it is our duty as lightworkers to be balanced and centered in Spirit and our reason for being here.

Lightworkers chose to be involved in earth life this time around to assist the planet in its revolutionary processes and healing. Regardless of what you may believe about this, there are people who distinctly identify with this, who have a very strong and deep need to heal and be of service to the humyn, animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms here on earth, and some, beyond.

I also think we need to all learn to listen to our own inner hearts, and minds, and to listen deep down and know what we believe to be for ourselves. We need to stop being sheep. There is much power in knowing your own truth, and then living by it, and then calling your spiritual and earth community of sisters and brothers to live their own truths as well. That’s very powerful in changing what’s going on around us from negative and challenging to positive and blissful.

I am one of those who requested to be on the lightworker’s path of healing self first and assisting others on their path of healing, and this is what I know: We need to decide for ourselves what our truth is, and to create a spirituality that will engage us truthfully and allow us to be of true use of this earth.

Having been reared Fundamentalist Christian, it has taken me a very long to realize what my truth is: Spirit is within us and we are Spirit. We are energy, and we are at our best when we are in a pure state of love.

My truth is that no matter what goes on around us, whether these times are the end times or whether the only thing that is ending is that evil forces are soon to be pushed back into their original dwelling places by the love activists aka “lightworkers” now being called to service.

Personally, my inner guides and truth tell me that these times are the returning of earth to its original state of paradise. We as humyns are growing, we’re learning, we’re seeing the effects of our actions. We are realizing that Mother Earth feels and can communicate very clearly to us when She is hurt and otherwise displeased.

We are learning that our thoughts and emotions have power – more than we knew before.

If you are reading this article, you are either a lightworker awakened or you are awakening. While I believe we are all healers, I think some of us specifically have a very strong calling to become such and to spread our work as far and wide as our healing will take us.

If you are such a one, please heed the call: Your work is needed, and it is needed now.

If you feel a call to heal, teach, write, etc., please seek the next step. Find out from your inner spirit guide(s) and higher self what it is you are to do next. It may be to take a class, write articles, begin practicing healing therapies, partner with a colleague to open up a practice, etc. Please do not take lightly these callings of your heart to you to take action.

There are beings on the earth right now awaiting your help, and others being born who will need your help in the future.

Let us all be the love activists we feel called to be. And not everyone was meant to be a Reiki or massage therapist, channeler or spiritual medium. Some of us are musicians, some of us bake cakes and sell them for charity to help important causes or underserved communities. No one knows how you can serve but you and your own dear heart.

When you hear anything that causes you to feel fearful, let it go and return to being in a loving place in your mind and heart. When people around you complain of things, try to find the better, more loving point of view.

When there are tragedies seeming to come from the weather, do not accept any explanations or scenarios that cause you to feel fearful or helpless. Try to always take the position of higher light and responsibility.

We are here on planet earth, and we are responsible for each other. We may not be able to explain everything, and we don’t have to, but we can be loving and serve others in recovering from whatever happens.

In these coming changed times, let us focus on the amazing changes that are happening all around the planet – changes that are changing everything living on the planet for the better.

Let’s focus on how much more loving and psychic we are all becoming. Let us begin to accept this new earth that will have us all focusing on love and cooperation rather than fear and competition.

In life as there has always been sometimes very difficult times. We can best navigate these times by being prepared to heal and assist during these times, and most of all, to be loving in all ways.

Cassendre Xavier (aka Amethyste Rah) is an award-winning practitioner of the creative and healing arts. Featuring music of light by Thaddeus, she is the creator of the guided meditation audio/book/ebook series Affirmations for Survivors (“Self-Love” and “Spirituality” released in 2007, “Sexuality” and “Life Skills” forthcoming) and recently presented a live guided meditation called “Holding the Light: Preparing for the Coming Changed Times”, which is based on the forthcoming audio/book/ebook of the same title. For more information, please visit www.cassEndrExavier.com.

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