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A Mind-Made Self

by Nouk Sanchez & Tomas Vieira

Did you know that you’re not who you think you are? And did you know that your endless search for happiness and love won’t be fulfilled until you discover just who you are not?

Unknowingly our lives are a product of the ‘me’ that we think we are. This ‘me’ consists of a mass of uninvestigated beliefs that tells us what reality is.

We think that reality occurs externally from and independently of the mind but that’s not true. Quantum physics have a theory called the “observer effect” which illustrates that no reality exists externally from or independently of the mind because we as ‘observers’ affect reality, we make it. As the ‘Law of Attraction’ rightly teaches, we do have the power to manifest.

The challenge we all face is that the uninvestigated ‘me’ is the ego, the one that’s plagued by intermittent fears, relationship break-ups, financial difficulties and ill-health. It’s a false-self, a mental construct and one that’s life mantra is seek and never find. Until we’re brave enough to undo this self-image we can use the law of attraction all we want but it will be manifesting from the unconscious mantra, ‘seek and never find’. Yes, you’ll probably attract a new love, car, wealth, or career however the ego will make sure you lose in another area of your life. It set’s us up for repeated suffering. This way we stay ever focused on the cycle of ‘desiring, having and becoming’…but you won’t have peace.

According to ‘A Course in Miracles’, we effectively introduced an alternate mind reality (dream) which we call the human ego. Its claim to fame was that it truly believed that it should play the role of God by usurping Gods power. The cost of this universal charade was immense. Massive unconscious guilt was the legacy of shunning the Creator to make this often loveless reality we call the cycle of life and death. The monumental guilt we felt just had to be placed somewhere where we did not have to face it; where it was unseen and thats when we came up with the projection idea. In projecting the concept of separation (duality) we off - loaded our deep unconscious guilt by projecting it onto others thus believing that we were the victims of others & external influences.

Where Are You on the Guilt Meter?

The reality you see out there is made by your own ego-mind’s projection. It’s an outward manifestation of your unconscious beliefs. Every person, every thing or situation is your movie. What you perceive out there is a product of what you believe. So, trusting what you see ‘out there’ to be the truth is fallacy. Your mind together with the collective minds of the world have made this reality, so if you want externals to change there’s only one central place from which to make that change; your own mind. We are the ‘cause’ of our life, and life is the ‘effect’, not the other way around. The ‘Guilt Meter’ below (taken from ‘Take Me to Truth, Undoing the Ego’) is an attempt to help us quickly identify any unconscious guilt that causes suffering in us. It shows us, in some ways how the ego’s unconscious guilt manifests in our lives. You can gauge any unconscious guilt to the degree that you still experience the following:

· You either judge others or perceive them judging you

· You react negatively to a perceived offence ( with anger, defense, frustration or judgment etc,)

· You judge yourself

· You experience seeming injustice in the form of perceived attack

· You perceive threat or anxiety in the case of personal or worldly adversity

· Your perceived needs appear not to be met (money, relationships, etc)

· You experience “doubt” in the beneficence of your life. You perceive scarcity

· You perceive struggle or sacrifice

· You feel physical discomfort or dis-ease

Guilt is the core and the fuel of the ego. Most of this guilt is not observable to us; it’s hidden. Where? Most of it appears outside and in others! Your own unhealed guilt is hidden in everyone and everything else. And anytime you judge another, or feel attacked, is when you are ‘projecting’ your very own guilt. There is only one of us in this ego dream, appearing as many.

There is an all-loving Creator, perhaps not unlike an infinite holographic mirror. We just happen to have forgotten that we are all fragments of that one mirror. An all-loving Creator is LOVE, that means that no-thing other than LOVE exists, period. Fear & suffering do not exist except in a dream, one that we’re having right now. We are dreaming that we separated from God and made a world where we each appeared to be separate. To begin healing our perception we need to recognize that whatever may upset us presents us with a useful catalyst to help us undo the ego. Undoing our old perception through forgiveness reveals true love, peace and happiness; the kind that can’t be affected by anyone or anything. Struggle, sacrifice and suffering must fall away when we undo the ego, the false-self.

Recently, there has been an evolutionary leap in our collective search for purpose and meaning. Beyond the confines of organized religion, a surge of independent spiritual seekers are questing for Truth. Heaven is not a place we go to after death; it’s a state of mind that is our natural inheritance once we have demolished our ego’s perception. Infinite love permeates every particle of our existence, because anything that is not love does not exist. If we see or feel anything other than love, then we literally perceive illusion. To the degree we still perceive suffering of any kind is the degree to which we must undo the ego.

Footnote: Nouk Sanchez & Tomas Vieira, authors of ‘Take Me to Truth, Undoing the Ego’. Visit: www.takemetotruth.com for schedule of ‘Undoing the Ego’ Workshops throughout the USA. BOSTON, MA WORKSHOP: Sat. Dec 1st, Open Doors. 10am-4pm. $75 Ph: 508-697-5480. Email: robertleroy@comcast.net

NYC WORKSHOP: Sat. Oct.6th, NYC Theosophical Society. Ph: 917-549-0959 Email: rogier@thecourseintongues.org

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