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The Secret Language of Color

by Inna Segal

For thousands of years people have used colors for healing, entertainment, to create beauty, to feel more radiant and alive. Colors are everywhere, in nature, our homes, our closets and our food.

Properties of Colors

Each color contains properties of temperature, weight and vibration. This means some colors create heat while others have a cooling effect. Experiments where a thermometer was put into a colored glass have demonstrated that red rays give off most heat while blue rays are coolest.

Healing With Colors

Every disease gives off a vibration, which has a color. When a complementary color is introduced into a diseased area, it interacts with the vibration of the disease and can produce relief. To be effective, color healing must treat the overall cause, not merely a symptom. Combining color healing with emotional clearing processes is extremely effective.

Colors can be used to help people heal in many ways, including: visualization, the clothes and shoes they wear, the food and drink they consume, home decoration, bedding, nature, working with plants or flowers, using crystals, essential oils, bath salts, lamps which emit a particular ray, lighting candles, wearing colored jewellery, painting, drawing, using make up, coloring hair and drinking water from a colored glass which has been in the sun.

Colors can also assist you to open your heart, increase your energy, boost your confidence, provide clarity, relieve stress and bring peace.

How Colors Can Help

To experience more peace and relaxation, wear blue and white or introduce more green plants into your environment. To open your heart to love you may wear orange and carry a pink crystal. To boost your energy wear red, orange or gold and eat red food. In order to increase your confidence wear turquoise jewelry and blue clothes. For improved sleep buy indigo-colored bed linen. Red and gold are outstanding for attracting prosperity into your life.

The Secret Language of Colors

Red – The color red helps you to increase your energy, and lose weight. It is also helpful in healing circulation problems and blood disorders. Red heats the body and helps to release pain.

You can work with red by visualizing it moving through your body. If you have pain in your muscles visualize red rays circling around the tense area and releasing it. You can also eat red food and wear red clothes.

Blue – the color blue helps to calm nerves, bring a sense of peace and improves your memory. It destroys infection and assists to heal burns, stop bleeding and relieve fevers. Blue is a great color to help you improve your communication abilities, release fear and increase your confidence.

You can work with blue through visualization, painting your house or office in blue hues, wearing blue clothes or jewelry. Also through crystals.

Green – the color green helps to revitalize the nervous system, the heart and circulatory system. It’s great for helping you make decisions, increase self-esteem and attract abundance. Green helps to lower the blood pressure, center yourself in stressful situations and to mend a broken heart.

You can work with green by spending time in nature, eating green leafy foods, visualizing green light moving into your heart, wearing green clothes and using crystals.

Orange – the color orange helps to release fear, loneliness and depression. It also assists in treatment of asthma, colds, digestive, adrenal and kidney disorders. Orange increases vitality.

If you suffer from asthma or colds visualize orange rays moving into your throat and lungs and dissolving all density. Place water into an orange cup and put it in the sun for about ten to twenty minutes and then drink it. You can also wear orange clothes, work with crystals and essential oils.

Yellow – the color yellow assists you to think quickly and clearly. It brings about happiness, optimism and inner strength. Yellow calms stress, assists with releasing toxicity, cleansing the bowels and clearing the skin.

A great way to take in yellow is through sunlight, flowers, food, clothes and visualization.

Purple – the color purple helps to release negativity and bring out leadership qualities. It assists to improve your vision, hearing and bring back a sense of smell. It boosts your immune system, calms heart palpitations and assists with fertility.

You can work with purple through visualization, food, clothes, flowers and crystals.

Pink – the color pink helps to open your heart and allow love in. It helps to release worry, irritation, anger and fear. Pink assists to activate your intuition and attract relationships to you. It also helps to manifest your dreams.

You can work with pink through visualization, the clothes you wear, colors, flowers and crystals.

Inna Segal is the creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing® and the author of The Secret Language of Your Body © 2010 Inna Segal

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