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Excerpt from "So, We're Still Here. Now What?"

Unplugging from the Machine

by Gwilda Wiyaka

So here we stand at the precipice of this remarkable adventure, the adventure of human evolution. We have the opportunity to be among the chosen ones to steward an entirely new way of being.

We indeed do have the chance to move beyond the current system. We can now become the co-creators of our experience.

As we have seen, there is a price of entry. That price is nothing more and nothing less than undergoing a shamanic death. Yet, what must die is the illusion; through its death we are truly reborn.

We have been enslaved by a system that no longer serves us. This system has outlived its time, and, like all things that hang on beyond their shelf life, it has become distorted and rotten, fouling the environment and all it touches. This system is no more evil than anything else that is cornered and fighting for its life, and, at the same time, it is no less dangerous.

To participate in this system we must remain chained. Those chains have names—addiction, ill health, denial, guilt, shame, judgment, projection, defense mechanisms, victim mentality, and Ego. To continue in the system, we must remain fragmented, polarized and mind centered, continuing to invalidate our hearts and dreams.

The current system—“the machine”—has no power in and of itself. It must take it from us. In order to leach power from us, the machine must hack into the toroidal fields of the individual. The more whole or healed we become, the more sovereign we are and the less vulnerable we are to the system.

A torus is a surface generated by a closed curve rotating about, but not intersecting or containing, an axis in its own plane. From the electromagnetic field of the earth to every organ, cell or chakra in our bodies, everything expresses according to a toroidal field. There is much speculation that, under the right circumstances some toroidal fields have the potential of perpetual motion. The perpetual-motion potential of the toroidal field is dependent upon balance, which is dependent upon freedom of motion. Even the longevity of the human body is determined by this freedom of movement. The enemy of this freedom is “drag.”

Anywhere we do not express according to our true nature, we create drag, which is the true motivation behind the systematic programming perpetrated on us by the system or the machine. If one can impose drag on a toroidal field, one can create a torque, through which energy can be appropriated.

The process of disengaging from the system is not one of doing battle with it. In fact, fighting it only feeds it. In order to battle a thing, one must polarize against it, which results in denying that very thing in ourselves. When we are polarized against anything, we are frozen in polarization and have lost our mobility. This weakens our toroidal fields, rendering them more vulnerable to exploitation.

In order to unplug from the machine, we must choose to remain neutral in heart and to not participate in frozen polarizations. From this stance of neutrality or non-judgment, we can accept who and what we are, thus embracing our own shadow. Willingness to embrace our denials empowers us to heal and evolve. The more we evolve the more sovereign and unavailable to exploitation we become.

Nature deals in win-win scenarios. Plants exhale the oxygen that mammals need for life, while mammals exhale the carbon dioxide needed by the plants. Everything in nature is symbiotic; this is the circle of life.

The current system is not symbiotic—it is parasitic —totally self-serving. The machine works against the laws of nature, which is to practice sorcery. As you recall, sorcery has a nasty backlash, as nature will correct itself.

We have the dubious honor of living in one of those times when nature is in the process of making a monstrous correction. The degree to which this correction will impact you is directly proportionate to the degree that you are engaged with the system. The more sovereign your toroidal fields, the less you will be impacted by this correction. When your toroidal fields are sovereign, you are aerodynamic, moving in accordance with the flow of nature and therefore running with, rather than against, the wind.

* * *

Published by Swan • Raven & Co.


February 27, 2013

ISBN: 9781893183575 • $17 • 222 Pages

This excerpt is authorized for use by Swan • Raven & Co.

Please alert Eileen Duhné 415.459.2573 / eduhne@comcast.net if you plan to use it

One of today¹s foremost experts on modern day application of shamanism, Gwilda Wiyaka is the founder/director of Path Home Shamanic Arts School, a Colorado state-certified occupational school. A preceptor for the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Wiyaka provides shamanic instruction to medical doctors. She holds a B.S. in Psychology, and has studied shamanism for forty years. Her latest book is, So, We’re still here. Now What? Spiritual Evolution and Personal Empowerment in a New Era.

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