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Marconic Reconnection: Assisting Your Ascension

Certificate Program in Massachusetts

by Alison David Bird

Four women on the island of Martha’s Vineyard began to receive messages from Spirit that would cause them to converge at the same crossroads in an understanding of their collective role; to receive, develop and deliver a new energy healing modality that would assist the planet on the road to Ascension.

Alison David Bird, a Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Teacher in Vineyard Haven, was shown a demonstration of a new energy healing modality, called ‘Marconics’, in several lucid dreams and visions.

She was told, "Marconics is a broadband shortwave of Higher Dimensional Healing Energies, carrying the Ascension Frequency of 144,000."

Alison said, "Marconic Reconnection activates Axiatonal lines - vibratory lines in the 5th dimensional body that connect to resonating star systems - helping the body to absorb greater light and more intense energies without distortion, according to our level of spiritual development. It is a necessary bridge to life in the Higher Dimensions.

"These Higher Dimensional Fre-quencies are newly available since the planet passed through the Galactic Plane at the end of 2012, altering its aspect in our solar system, and positioning it to receive increased electromagnetic radiation from other planets in the system."

She also said that ‘Marconic Reconnection’ is an Attunement for healers in all energy healing modalities, which until now, have only existed as sub-sets of energy, appropriate for 3rd dimensional healing, but not for the body in the Fifth.

Alison was shown by Spirit that the Chakra system had been ‘capped’ and ‘nipped’ at the spine, creating the ‘trumpet’ shape required for our disconnection, for full immersion in our experiences in the third density.

She said, "As we return to multi-dimensionalism, it is necessary to ‘uncap’ the Chakras, to ‘liberate’ the being from its Karmic creations; for Ascension into higher realms."

Metaphysical counselor, Lisa Ann, and intuitive, Connie Hyde, simul-taneously channeled the confirmations needed to clarify a three-part sequence that would become an Integrated Chakra Unification.

On completing the system, the women performed the Marconic Reconnection on each other, with dramatic results.

Two of the women who had been in menopause - one for 2.5years - had periods within a week of the procedure.

Alison said, "We each experienced rapid clearings and released negative vibrations depending on where we were still holding them. Past life debris, pain and distortions built up within the chakras oozed out.

"The Axiatonals filled with ‘Light’ and we felt the process of dropping density – as it was described to us.

"This frequency is powerful, and accelerates your life path on all levels. It can be challenging if you are sensitive, but the rewards are undeniable.

"We each felt that it was the pinnacle of our spiritual experiences so far, and a kick-up on the ladder of human evolution. We are connected to Spirit, and everything is easier, lighter and more joyful."

The team is performing "Marconic Reconnections", Integrated Chakra Unifications and teaching a new ‘no-touch’ healing modality called: MARCONICS, with Completion Certificates, in MA this summer.

For more information:

www.MarconicReconnection.com  or call 508-560-5709

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