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Healing Present Day Issues Through Integrated Regression Hypnotherapy

by Reverend Art Gutkin

Many people consult hypnotists to review their Past Lives out of curiosity, but the true purpose of seeking a Past Life or a Between Life experience is to find the purpose for this life.

Hypnosis which achieves age and womb regression, past lives regression and between lives experiences requires a hypnotherapist whose training encom-passes the ability to put the subject into a deep state of trance, as well as a clear understanding of Guides and Judges, who appear in both Past Life and Between Lives experiences.

Traditional regression therapy consists of a subject being regressed to a past age experience or two, to the womb and an exploration of the fetus’ soul’s purpose. Thereafter the subject regresses to a Past Life and then journeys to a Between Life experience. At that juncture the subject may follow several different courses. One may be that the soul enters a hall, library, temple or some other place. The soul could meet loved ones or Guides or Judges.

The age of the soul determines many events and each soul travels a unique journey. After the soul meets the Guides and Judges, the hypnosis portion of the session ends. A discussion between the hypnotherapist and the client takes place to resolve and clarify the lessons learned.

The session may take up to three hours or more.

The subject exits the session very tired as a result of its length and intensity. The results are outstanding. The subjects’ lives dramatically change for the better.

Through Integrated Regression Hypnotherapy, the results prove even more dramatic than Regression Therapy as provided by the well trained Regression Hypnotherapist.

Integrated Regression Hypnotherapy combines hypnotherapy and Hands on Healing. Simply stated, during a period of regression when the subject experiences trauma associated with a life event, healing is applied to release the trauma which allows the individual to move forward free of that distress.

Examples best demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique.

Names, places and circumstances in the following examples are changed or altered for confidentiality purposes. The events reflected occurred as stated.

I regressed a medical practitioner to the womb. While in the womb, he stated, as the fetus, that his mother felt great distress which he felt as well. Her fear was due to the war surrounding her.

I asked the fetus if I could put my hands on its’ heart to alleviate the fear. The fetus agreed. I did so. The fetus exper-ienced immediate relief. When we spoke again shortly after the session, the doctor told me that he had an extraordinary night. He did not feel the tension that he felt his entire life and that feeling of well-being continued. He said when I laid hands on him, he felt the tension "being sucked out of his body like a vacuum" and into mine. He then said that nothing relieved the tension that was present within him until I laid hands on him. He said he never felt so free.

In another case, during the womb state, a client felt that her mother did not want her and that the pregnancy was a mistake. I laid hands on her during womb regression. After I laid hands, the client smiled broadly and said that she knew her mother loved her. After the session terminated, I asked the client to go to the rest room and look at herself in the mirror. She did. I then heard a joyful scream. She returned to my office door with a smile from ear to ear. She said she never felt so happy and young.

She returned another day and we proceeded to a past life session. She experienced two lives. One life occurred in an ancient era and the second during the Second World War. During that second life, after prodding her about her sullen state she realized the death of her brother in that life. She cried when she told me of that death. We then released that depression in the past life by the laying of hands. After the session ended, we discussed her depression which brought her into my office and how her depression in this life paralleled her depression in her past life. She realized the similarities and knew how to release the present life depression through her past life ex-perience and the laying of hands.

And finally, a middle aged man of Irish descent, possessing no leadership abilities asked me to help him. He regressed to a past life where he was in a dark place with women and children, with soldiers all around. He knew they were all going to die. He told them to be brave. He said how afraid he was but he would not let them lose hope. I told him to ask his Guides for help and they stood with him as he and the others were about to die. He shook uncontrollably. In most cases such as these, the hypnotherapist guides the subject away from the violent death and the soul passes to the between life experience.

I incorporated that courage into him.

His soul then passed to Between Lives where he met his Guides who helped him to evaluate his present life in relation to his past life and learn from it.

After the session he said that he was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

He now knew he can face Parkinson’s bravely without fear and will make every effort to conquer it.

Recently, a client stated that, after her Past Life experience, she was stuck. She said she could not experience the Womb or Past Life Regression. I then brought her to a Between Lives state and asked her Guide to assist her. The Guide then disclosed the solution to the problem which brought her to me.

Integrated Regression Hypnotherapy, exclusively practiced by Art Gutkin, provides a unique avenue of relief through a combination of Hypnotherapy and Hands on Healing.

No results are guaranteed and each session will vary. For more info or to make an appointment call 215-740-0766  www.sghealingandhypnsis.com , www.medintuitive.com

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