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Amethyste’s Angels – Angels Help with All Things Large and Small

by Cassendre Xavier

The angels want us to call upon them all the time, for all things, large and small.

I am often amazed at how true this is.

Recently, I was preparing to do a task I was dreading. It was a move and I needed to pack my things, and then run this several hours-long errand with someone with whom I often conflicts. I was so anxious about being in an enclosed space for several hours in a potentially very uncomfortable situation, especially since something had happened a few days ago that drove a web of silence between us that had since become awkward and stifling. Furthermore, I needed to move my belongings from my present residence and I understood this person was only doing the driving and would not help me carry the items to my new place.

I asked the angels for help. I said, “Dear angels, please help this move go as smoothly as possible.”

Now, when we ask the angels for help, often our view of what we want is much smaller than what they can offer and want to do for us. All I wanted and asked for was to be able to move my things from one place to another with much less stress and conflict than usual – to be given the strength to move everything by myself, and to come home not too late and not too tired.

What the angels gave me was:

1) Fun conversation: Not only was the company not stressful and without conflicts, but we had wonderful conversations! We laughed, we got along even before he brought up the topic we’d been avoiding. We cleared that up, and continued having inspired, fun, and often humorous talk.

2) Help moving my things: Although I did load the vehicle alone (which wasn’t too difficult), he assisted me in carrying them into my new place.

3) Totally smooth sailing (or driving!): We didn’t get lost one time – the GPS worked brilliantly and we had no hang ups or delays in traffic.

4) Two jobs done, not one: In addition to moving my things from my present place to my new home, but we also picked up half the contents of my storage as well, which he also helped me carry!

At every turn, the angels not only smoothed the rough spots of our journey, but also added more value to the experience. I got more out of the move, from our fun, motivational, and enlightening conversations, to moving most of my things in, and even getting home with plenty of energy to take a shower and get some online tasks done.

I went to sleep content and awoke early and energized.

I heard someone say once that the angels are often bored and underworked because we are not calling upon them for help enough.

I like to think that the angels are so happy when we ask them for help, and all they ask in return is our thanks, our joy and appreciation at having received their help, and our asking them again.

So whenever you need them, remember, the angels want you to call. So, call!

Cassendre Xavier’s self-assigned soul name is Amethyste Rah. Under both names, she has produced uplifting spiritual works including the Affirmations for Survivors (2007) and forthcoming Amethyste’s Angels guided meditation series featuring music of light by Thaddeus (used with permission from www.orindaben.com). Cassendre has been working with the angels for many years and writes about their healing and empowering qualities in her own tradition as a Haitian and Chinese-American multi-media healing artist. Visit www.cassendrexavier.com for more information.

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