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Riding the High Side

by Phyllis Light

We are in an intense period of personal and spiritual growth—since May, 2012 and continuing through December, 2015. Many people are feeling extremely tired these days. Some are “not feeling like their normal selves” and wondering what’s wrong with them. Many are dealing with a resurgence of old problems and patterns, even ones they thought they had laid to rest many years prior.

There is so much change upon us now—for everyone on the planet—that it’s just “too much” for many to handle consciously. So, our conscious mind just shuts down. Too much input... too many thoughts in our brain, too many feelings to feel... and we get tired. That’s one way to go through this period, shutting down so that we don’t have to deal with all that’s going on inside of us.

Some people are just feeling “off,” out of sorts, not balanced or “normal.” It’s as if we are “reeling” inside ourselves, and it’s hard to maintain the status quo, staying where we have felt comfortable for so long. Some of you may go through periods of feeling insecure, feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing, or where you’re headed, or why you’re acting the way you’re acting.

It’s as if we don’t know who we are anymore...because we keep leaving our “old self” behind. We are constantly in the state of becoming different, renewed.  Like a piece of steel being tempered in the fire, we are being strengthened at a deep level. But all we know here and now is that it’s hot, and it burns, and we’re not sure why we’re going through this or what’s ultimately going to happen to us. But at the end of this period, we’re going to come out much stronger and more certain about who we are and what direction our life needs to take.

Have Faith

That’s really the best advice at this time. Trust that you are where you need to be and are attracting the experiences you need to attract, in order to grow as much as possible throughout this period. There is a Divine or Cosmic Plan underlying all that you’re going through, and although it often feels hard, painful, intense, disconcerting, or even frightening, there is a purpose to it all. Having faith is about the best way you can stay afloat during this period, when it seems like the “ship of your life” may be sinking or heading toward disaster. 

Having faith means trusting in a Higher Power that knows what you need and when you need it. When you have faith, you default to innocence and trust. You let go of blaming others for your unhappiness... and yourself as well.

Often when things don’t go our way, we find someone to blame, someone at whom we can point our finger and say “That’s why my life isn’t working,” or “It’s because of you that things are bad for me.” However, as long as you blame others, or even the circumstances around you, you keep yourself from finding the cause within yourself— why you attracted that problem and what you need to release within yourself in order to grow from the experience.

All that is happening in your world is for the Higher purpose of growth and the evolution of your spiritual self. When you take responsibility for everything that occurs in your life, you get the learning and healing much more quickly. And this means letting go of blaming yourself too.

In truth, you are always doing the best you can. Instead of feeling guilty about the past, know this:  If you could have done things better, you would have. Letting go of beating yourself up for past “errors” or“wrong doings” is imperative in the self-healing process!

Simplify, Breathe, and Let Go

It’s also good to let go of pressuring yourself during this intense period. See if you can find ways to simplify your life, or find avenues to focus on that bring you enjoyment and pleasure. Focus on the “being” side of your nature more, rather then the “doing.” Remember to breathe.

Often when we are fearful or anxious, we hold our breath. As you remember to breathe, it helps you to let go of whatever negative emotion feels stuck inside you. Forgive yourself for any hardship or problem you’re having at this time, and do your best to get subconscious support, through clearing or healing techniques, to help you move through this period with as much ease and grace as possible. 

The Good News

You could have a significant breakthrough at any time during this period. It’s not about “waiting until it’s over” before you  can experience some welcomed changes in your life. Because there is so much opportunity for healing and transformation, you may already see some changes taking place, even if it’s “something happening to you that seems out of your conscious control.”  As old thoughts and feelings are purged from the subconscious during this period, we have new space within us to be positive and attract different kinds of people, jobs, and situations in our life. This is the wonderful, high side of these seemingly turbulent times.

So there is good to be had here and now, as well as down the road, at the end of this period. Do your best to feed yourself with positive, uplifting thoughts and ideas. Adopt new attitudes of kindness and compassion—toward others as well as yourself. Be willing to view things differently, so you can see the positive aspects of people and events, rather than the negative.

It’s truly time to stop beating yourself up and be your own best friend. Make peace with what you consider to be your “flaws” and be willing to love yourself no matter what. And, continue to work on yourself, so you can be the best expression of who you really are—more and more with time.

Phyllis Light, a Ph.D. in Psychology, author, and expert in “Telepathic Healing,” helps people release old, negative programming within the subconscious mind and fulfill the highest spiritual purpose of their lives. Dr. Light has done pioneering subtle energy research to protect people physically and energetically from the life-damaging frequencies of our high-tech world.  512-301-2999 orvisit:  www.lighthealing.com.


Light Healing

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