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Your February 2015 Tarotscope

by Jenna Matlin

February is going to hit a lot of people hard this year. We have a triple whammy for many, deep winter, all the “stuff” that Valentine’s Day tends to bring up for people and also we are in the midst of a Mercury Retrograde.

This month will be challenging on several levels for most, good thing you are checking out your Tarotscope so you can be prepared to either alleviate the negative energy or prepare yourself for a soft landing. The best thing is, this is only one month (and a short one at that!) So batten down those hatches, honey, and ride out the storm.

Aquarius--The Devil

When the Devil appears in a Tarotscope it's time to watch out for temptations like the--bad for you but oh so hard to resist--exes, friends, and that good looking neighbor down the street. Remember, the Devil is the Lord of Illusion, his energy is not off-putting at first but it is the thing you will find the hardest to say no to. Just say no, Aquarius!


Last month you got 2/Pentacles, and all of its complex, chaotic energy but this month 7/wands is asking you, “What do you have to show for all that stuff you had going on last month?”  You are so creative and deep, Pisces but sometimes you fall short on owning that in the world, on sharing your world so that others can engage, too. Make February about opening the depths so that others can see.


Aries, the choice is going to be the one you have been ignoring. It could be the hard choice, the less sparkly choice but it’s the one right behind you, turn around and look.


Dude… you need to lay low this month. I have a sneaky suspicion that this card is specifically referring to the Mercury Retrograde. Back up your tech, make sure your Triple AAA membership is up to date, and use the retrograde to not start anything new but to review what you already have going on. I would wait on starting anything new or entering into any agreements until Mercury goes direct, ok?


Your natural habitat is within the realms of communication and intellectual pursuits so this month will feel great for you! The one thing the Queen here advises is to stay on task. I feel the emphasis here is on communicating a concept and focusing upon that one thing for maximum impact.(Hard, I know, the world is just so delicious—oooh, pretty!) If you are pushing through a project, a series of classes, writings, or a research project you are going to make great progress this month.


Cancer:  something is about to come to an end for this month. To be honest, I am not exactly sure in what area for you but if you have been sensing the end of something in the wind I would absolutely heed that gut feeling. Death isn’t always a doom and gloom  portend rather the call that something is done, there isn’t any going back. Time to move forward, friend.


Watch your money, Leo. Especially watch your online banking and credit/debit card use online during the retrograde. 5/Pentacles along with the Retrograde could mean a hack or some other weird shenanigans. Since you are most likely insured this will not be a true loss but one of inconvenience. But carry cash and use it more often this month.

Virgo--The Hermit

This month is about building the relationship you have with the Source (however you relate to that) or to an ideal you have been meaning to pursue. So if things haven’t been going well in a relationship or if the single and dating thing has been problematic my advice is to take it easy-- the energy is just not there for that, don’t fight it and work on the other very important relationship in your life.


Libra, this feels like a continuation of the energy in January for you, January asked that you not fight what was going on or play tug of war and this month is the month to consider if you should write off your losses and walk away from a job/love/friendship/house--what have you. It’s just not working outand there is a bigger horizon once you hike through the night. Cold comfort, I know, but here is the permission slip you need to feel OK with moving on.


Well… this month portends a possible great disappointment for you. If you have been in a rocky relationship this could also mean a break up. If not relationship based it could also mean that something happens that is difficult to swallow. This is a card of disappointment, as much as you can keep your expectations on the conservative side. I think you already know what this could be, deep in that intuitive center of yours. Time to create a soft landing and to recheck your assumptions about things.


On the run of some very hard Tarotscopes this month, you seem to escape the energetic effects that will hit most. This month will be pleasant, kind, amiable, and abundant. No big ups and no big downs, focus on gratitude because it feels overall a kind and largely uneventful month for you. A vacation to a warm and verdant place would be nice, too!


Like so many others this month, your Tarotscope is also about leaving something behind. The emphasis for you is that the leaving, while sad and perhaps regretful, is absolutely in your best interest and for a better aspect to your life. You also have support around you as you move to leave what was, and as you do you will immediately feel the weight begin to lift from your shoulders. You deserve more than what is, allow the Mercury Retrograde to support you in this, the energy calls for now.


Wisdom’s monthlyTarotscope is brought to you by Jenna Matlin of Queen of Wands Tarot. Each month, Jenna pulls cards for every Astrological sign to zero-in on the main focus or theme of that month. If you would like a more detailed reading by Jenna, you can check her out at www.queenofwandstarot.net Jenna has been reading Tarot for over 20 years, has various articles published with Tarot trade magazines, runs the Not Your Mother’s Tarot Meetup Group in Narberth, Pa as well as teaches workshops on reading Tarot and using Tarot as a tool for self-discovery.

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