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Excerpt from "Love Never Dies: From Heaven My Sister Speaks"

Chapter 8 - Talk of Heaven

by Angela Dawn

I began to meditate daily, first thing in the morning. It became a wonderful obsession. The more I meditated the easier it became. I found I could meditate up to two hours a day! The lawn mowers, leaf blowers, cars passing by, even the phone ringing did not affect me anymore. I could be in a deep meditative state within minutes without having to picture a staircase or a walk through a beautiful garden. It felt so natural and I loved it. Of course, Louise and Scott thought I was being obsessive and suggested I slow down and limit my daily sessions. But I couldn't. I enjoyed them too much. I found it fascinating that my mind could actually do this. If people want to call it my imagination that is fine with me, but I never had such a great imagination. I had never been so inspired to write and never been able to write so philosophically. It was a journey I wanted to stay on. I wanted to learn more, I wanted to go further, and I wanted see where it took me.

In the beginning when I first meditated I was very cautious of being by myself, at home, all alone. I never meditated at night. I had seen too many Hollywood movies, and I never liked the dark. I developed my own technique for meditating. At the beginning of my meditation, I opened with a short prayer. I asked that God's love surround and protect me, then asked if my mother and sister could visit me. This seemed to work very nicely!

I had been meditating for approximately two months, and I was very fortunate to always be able to communicate with Mum and Linda. On this day, when I began my meditation, I did not see Linda or mother; however, inspired thoughts came into my mind, similar to how they appeared in San Francisco. I thought this was strange but continued to write down all the inspirational thoughts as quickly as I received them.

Love is a verb

A wonderful world awaits you on the other side. Once you know and understand it, it changes your life so much, that you are not afraid of anything—not even death. You can call it Heaven if you like, whatever you imagine Heaven to be; that is what the world is like when you pass over. It is a place full of love. It is a place where you continue to learn and develop love.

Love is a verb, an act of doing: I love, you love, we all should love; all should love one another. That is all. That is all there is to learn in this life and in the afterlife. Learn to love one another and you will live the greatest life of all. Jesus, Gandhi, Mohamed, Mother Theresa, all preached love, and they are here in the afterlife teaching love, just like they did on earth. You don't change your thoughts or philosophy when you cross over. You take these with you. Some have more to learn when they cross over because they did not learn it when they were there. They continue to grow and evolve as a spirit.

Sometimes it may mean you have to come down back to earth again and learn that lesson again.

Sometimes you can learn them up here, but the greatest challenges and learning experiences come from your time on earth because you have obstacles such as temptations, lust, greed, etc. to overcome. These temptations are not here in the afterlife because they are only relevant to the physical body, which of course you lose when you pass over. Love is the essential or essence of life in your world and the after world. It is such a simple word, yet its meaning is ten-fold. Love is a verb; love one another. The act of loving, forgiveness, understanding, caring, and nurturing are all the words that represent and mean all what is good in life.

Discover your soul’s journey; discover your own journey. It is the most exciting thing in the world. It will become part of you and your life. By that I mean, everything you do will have a purpose, a meaning. Your whole existence will make sense once you discover the meaning of your life. It is the same meaning for everyone. Your life's purpose on this earth: we are here to love and be loved.

Love everyone, not just your family and friends, which is the easy piece. But to love everyone, people who come into your daily life, even if it is only for a moment, make that moment special and show your love. A one second smile at a stranger can brighten that person’s day. A genuine thank you to someone goes a long way and will make them feel special. Here you will find that they have helped you in more ways than you know. By saying a special thank you to them, or a 'good morning' to a stranger, it will leave you with a feeling of love and warmth that you made someone else's day brighter, and there is no more reward greater than that.

Life is so simple if only people didn't complicate it by making assessments of others. Assessing others is the mirror of the depth of the pain that is within your own self. You are projecting outward what is inside of you, making that pain inflict itself onto another person for a short-term fix of making you feel better. It is a cop out, as the expression goes. Instead, learn to love that other person and see the good in them, for it is you who put the bad in others by verbally bringing it out in your words and actions. So I say to you, as the great teachers such as Jesus, Mohamed, Gandhi and Mother Theresa, love one another for there is no greater gift on earth than love.

Thank you for today's sermon. I hope you have enjoyed it and that it has given you food for thought for your journey ahead. God bless each and every one of you.

As this sermon came to an end, I listened for a sound or an image to appear of either Linda or mother. It did not feel like Mum or Linda communicating with me. I sensed a male energy, and an image of a monk came into my mind. I felt very comfortable and at ease with this new energy. When I came out of the meditation, and said my closing prayer, I thanked the kind spirit who came that day and gave me this inspirational writing.

What is Heaven Like?

What is Heaven like? I wondered. Like most people, this thought had crossed my mind many times. Since losing my loved ones, I was curious about Heaven. Could Linda tell me? Would she? I am certain that Linda, in her human body, would want to know. My idyllic view of Heaven is a perfect place full of love and kindness. People often use the words “Heaven” and ‘Heavenly” to describe something that tastes, feels, or looks wonderful. For example, if you eat something delicious, you may say, "It tastes like Heaven." Heaven is a place where everything is more “Heavenly.”

Could it be possible that Mum or Linda could describe Heaven to me? Or, was it off limits? I closed my eyes and prepared to meditate. I saw Linda's face appear and almost immediately she started talking about Heaven. She had been listening to my thoughts.

Linda: It is like a balcony: people hover over it looking down at earth waiting to see if they have been called in. There are classrooms off the hallways that you have to go into and learn. Some of them are like classrooms on the earth, like most classes with desks they want you to sit in them. Some of the advanced souls get to go to executive-style rooms with a conference room, and then beyond that, it is like something out of the Roman days where they sit around and talk about philosophy. On days when many are learning for want of a better word, their souls link, into something of a universal system, and they learn as one.

In between sessions you can come and look over the balcony any time you want and check on your loved ones. Sometimes when you call me, it may take a moment for me to come through. Yes, we already know when you will be contacting us because we know everything that you do. So we can be here and there very quickly in your time. As I told you before, it is not quite the same in our world because time has a different meaning here. I think it would be great if you could write down a description of how it somewhat works over here. It may help explain it to those who want to know.

Foremost, Angela Dawn is a sister and a daughter who has experienced firsthand what it is like to lose a loved one, and the tragedy and despair that comes with grief. Born and raised in England, Angela resides in Pennsylvania. Angela has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree from Villanova University. She has studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in Stansted, England and at Lily Dale Assembly in NY, the World’s Largest Center for the Science Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism.

Purchase Info (price, where it is available): Amazon; Barnes & Noble $14.99

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