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Ask The Astrology Guy

by Rev. Jeff Pica

Greetings Astrology Guy,
My name is Tom and I was born in Culver City, CA (a suburb of LA) at 4:10pm, 21 January 1958. Is all hope lost for me? Or will career and relationship finally get on track? I made a radical change in my career path to doing what my heart really desires - to be a writer/creative. I wasn't especially happy in my financial industry career despite the fact that it paid pretty well. I felt too boxed in by the rigidity.  Writing has been spiritually rewarding, but a financial disaster, so far. My latest project has received critical success and I've been able to make contacts with people who could potentially help me make the financial success and stability that my life partner craves, especially given the current rather dire looking economic straits that we are in. We are between projects now, but have a wealth of creative ideas and content in the can that could be monetized. My natural inclination is to see the glass as half-full and to trust spirit to provide (which it always has.) My partner, however, is the polar opposite, given to a strong negativity about things and sometimes a real drag on my own positive spirit. Will things get better or is this the point at which I just throw in the towel and try to find another way to make a living?
Hi Tom,
Let's take a quick look at your natal chart.
Your chart has a Stellium, a cluster of planets in one sign, in your case your Sun, Venus, and Moon all in the sign of Aquarius. Stelliums concentrate the energy of the sign they are in. For you, there is a love of humanity in general and groups of people are important to you, especially your friends. Aquarians are often accused of sometimes being detached, or aloof with their cool temperament.
Your Sun in Aquarius is in the Seventh House of partnerships, revealing your greatest satisfaction from this lifetime comes from having a partner and companion, learning from commitment, compromise, and everything else involved in relationship.
With a Cancer Rising sign, you can also be sweet, sensitive, and have a compassionate nature. Cancer Ascendant people usually have a wide, Moon face. For anyone with a Capricorn Descendant it's best not to marry until after age 28. You take relationships very seriously and are often coupled with karmic partners. 
Your Moon in Aquarius often rationalizes emotions, however in the Eighth House and in an opposition aspect to Pluto, your feelings are deep, profound, even secretive and you possess a very sexual nature. At some point in your life you might have confused emotional intimacy with sexual intimacy. Other's people's money plays prominently in your life somehow (insurance, inheritance, lotteries.)
Your Mars in Sagittarius is very close to Saturn in the Sixth House, revealing a highly organized nature, especially at work, with a steady flow of energy output. Mars in Sagittarius is the Mars of the adventurer, however Saturn's influence will exhibit a more controlled almost reserved demeanor. You are highly ambitious. 
You have a special aspect in your chart called a T-Square where two planets are in opposition to each other as each planet of the opposition squares a third planet, creating a large T formation across a chart. In your chart, both the Sun in the Seventh House and Venus in the Eighth House make an opposition aspect to Uranus in the Second House as the Sun, Venus, and Uranus all square Jupiter and Neptune in the Fourth House. 
Sun in Seventh House shows a need for relationship and companionship while Venus in the Eighth House craves a highly sexual and passionate connection. However, both in opposition to Uranus shows need for space and independence, seeking some breathing and elbow room. Your T-Square highlights this push/pull dynamic. Such a combination of energies is often associated with lifetimes of hot and heavy relationships full of passion, then lifetimes of independence as relief from such intimacy and involvement. Now, in this lifetime, you have decided to confront both dynamics at once to find balance. The Sun, Venus, and Uranus all square Jupiter and Neptune reveals the conflict of looking for the perfect situation, the perfect relationship, the ideal to be reached. Of course no ideal exists leading to existential thought. Your best course of action is to channel energy into anything creative.
With Mercury square your Midheaven, creative writing is an excellent resource for you as a career and with Mercury trine Pluto there is a depth to your writing. With Uranus trine the Midheaven it's best to work alone and in an unconventional career because of your dislike of authority, bosses, and routine. 
Now on to some future forecasting.
Transiting Jupiter opposed your progressed Venus, which was most potent this past Spring 2015, coupled with transiting Uranus squaring your Ascendant (beginning this past Spring and in operation through this coming Fall 2015 and into early Spring 2016) brings relationship challenges. Any irritations, disputes, and difficulties will need to be aired out now and dealt with. An unhealthy relationship will not last this period. Even the best of relationships need to be overhauled so that it is a more accurate expression of who you each are.
Although you have natal Uranus in the Second house, revealing an up/down relationship with money in general, the current financial stress you speak of can be attributed to transiting Saturn square your natal Pluto in the Second House, felt most potently early 2015 and will be felt until this Fall, 2015. This may affect your creative energy as well. 
Transiting Jupiter opposes your natal Moon in the Eighth House this July. If there is any real estate transaction looming at this time, it will work out in your favor. It's an excellent time for buying and/or selling real estate, or making any improvements to your current home.
Transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal Pluto in the Second House later this Summer in August. This aspect will ignite your ambitions and you can expect an increase in income at this time.
Writing is favored this year as Neptune and Jupiter make easy aspects to your natal Mercury. Your career (and your emotions) stabilize as well this year, as transiting Saturn trines your Moon and Midheaven. Beginning this Fall and lasting for a year, transiting Jupiter will travel through your Third House which is an additional boon to your writing career. 
Look for some kind of change or transformation in your writing as transiting Pluto squares your progressed Mercury this year, felt mostly this Summer to the end of the year. Perhaps your writing style changes, what you write about changes, or even why you write in general is questioned. If you are asked to write anything along the lines of a detective story or anything psychological or psycho/sexual in nature, do it.  
I see favor in your upcoming future as the Solar Arc of Uranus, a powerful aspect, squares your natal Mercury in the Sixth House at the end of this year. This brings a level of excitement and enthusiasm to your writing as well as to the general tempo of your life. Additionally, transiting Jupiter making a square aspect to your natal Mars and Saturn later this year and into 2016, look for a lightening of mood, and an easing of any obstructions to your daily work life.
I hope this has helped.

Tom's Response:
Thanks, Jeff!
This has been very helpful. A confirmation of feelings that have been just on the cusp of solidifying into something that I can tangibly deal with.
Thank you!

Reverend Jeff Pica has been a professional Astrologer for over 25 years. He began his study of Astrology with two years of private tutoring and then became a student of the New York Astrology Center. He gives private Astrology readings, teaches Astrology and lectures on Metaphysical topics. He’s a Psychic Medium and Reiki Practitioner and an ordained Spiritualist Minister, which gives extra depth to his Astrology readings. He’s also a founding member of the Spiritualist Church of NYC.  
Please address questions to jeffpicaastrology@gmail.com with Astrology Question as the subject.

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