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The Outlook From the Spring Equinox & Lunar Eclipse

by Raphael Simons

The spring equinox came on March 20 at 4:31 GMT. Because it came so close to the lunar eclipse on March 23, they can be viewed together.

The spring equinox chart has only one lunar aspect: Moon quincunx Mercury. This means that in the atmosphere of all the other planetary aspects, there is only one thing to anticipate, as far as this chart is concerned. Moon and Mercury rule the mental state of the world. The quincunx says it is unstable. The world is everywhere ill at ease, and in need of adjustments everywhere.

Mercury is in Pisces, his weakest sign. A wave of fear, distrust, disbelief, and confusion sweeps over the world. Changes and political decisions made this quarter, whatever they are, will tend to be unfortunate. There is coming and going to no purpose. Contracts and agreements bring misunderstanding. Promises and appointments are not kept. There will be plenty of false news to distract attention involving bad publicity, scandals, petty quarrels, gossip, tale-bearing, and there will be legal disputes.

The context of all the above is shown by the following planetary aspects.

On the hard side,
Mars is square Venus and Neptune,
Jupiter is square Saturn and opposite Neptune,
Saturn is square Neptune,
Uranus is square Pluto.

On the easy side,
Mars is trine the Sun,
Saturn is trine Uranus.

Mars is in a critical degree: 4 degrees Pisces. This means a crisis in which underground aggression comes out.

Short of going into details, the general atmosphere shows six hard aspects against two easy. The Moon quincunx Mercury favors the hard aspects. The general tone of the time is distressed. The quincunx aspect is, by definition, an aspect of distress requiring adjustment and probable separation.

The spring equinox chart, made at Greenwich, UK has its Ascendant in Aquarius. This means that the reading holds water for an entire year.

Briefly, the chart at Greenwich has Venus, Neptune, Mercury, and the Sun in the 1st house opposite the Moon and Jupiter in the 7th house. There is a strong pulling apart of Britain from the EU in evidence. Mars is in the 9th house, conjunct the Mid-Heaven exacerbating the tension and involving heated quarreling in the respective Governments. Saturn is in the 10th house. Square Neptune in the 1st, opposite Jupiter in the 7th, and trine Uranus in the 2nd. The hated bond between Britain and the EU is most likely to break, and a new, more enterprising direction taken. If they manage to stay together, a new direction will be the only course open.
In the charts both of the UK and EU, the Moon in the 7th house is quincunx Mercury in the 1st. An adjustment must happen. Separation is highly likely. Saturn in the 10th house trine Uranus in the 2nd house in both charts says that if the two sides split up it will open new avenues for economic development. It is the most optimistic outlook, especially for Britain. The EU is apt to begin fragmenting.

The chart at Washington DC has Mars and Saturn in the 1st house. This shows the angry and extremely discontented feeling of the people. Mars in a critical degree square Venus and Neptune in the 3rd house points to possible rioting on the streets, possible terrorist activity in addition to staged political riots. Stay out of harm's way.

The lunar eclipse comes on March 23 at 12:02 PM GMT. It is at 3 degrees Libra. The eclipse Moon is opposite Mercury. So, we see the equinox Moon quincunx Mercury answered in the eclipse chart by the Moon opposition Mercury. Nature is eloquent. The eclipse is driving home the meanings of the equinox chart Moon/Mercury aspect. Where it is most likely to affect is where the eclipse is visible. That is across North America, most of South America, and all the way across the Pacific to Asia as far west as Pakistan.

The traditional reading for a lunar eclipse in the 1st decanate of Libra is violent weather. If we add to this the Sun's position at 3 degrees Aries, it tells of violence and sedition in the human realm.

The eclipse charts for the UK and EU show the Moon at the nadir opposite Sun and Mercury in the zenith. This brings extreme tension between the ruling parties and their opposition. Europe is in serious political turmoil.
The eclipse chart for Washington DC has Neptune, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and Uranus all in the 12th house opposite Moon and Jupiter in the 6th. This brings up a wave of criminal activity, and points to scandals in connection to the Administration, and probable rioting during the period of the coming three months in which this eclipse is in effect. The eclipsed Moon in the 6th house sextile Mars shows a spike in police and/or military activity. Pluto in the 10th house square Uranus in the 12th shows a delinquent President. 

Raphael Simons is an internationally known western astrologer, Chinese astrologer, psychic reader, fengshui expert, and author. Raphael lives in NYC. For information about his work, visit www.raphaelsimons.com

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