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Excerpt from "Sacred Geometry of Nature"

by Francene Hart


Finding Home in the Waters of Hawaii 

Legend tells of a healing triangle that exists in the part of the Big Island of Hawaii where I live. When researching the concept, I came to understand that this triangle is not a flat physical locality, rather it is multi-dimensional and holographic. More than physical, it represents a natural synergy between location and transformation.

Healing the Heart, painted in 2003, was inspired by the deep levels of healing that have occurred for me while living in Hawaii. It relates the healing of the heart on personal, planetary, and multidimensional levels. Mauna Loa, topped with snow and a lenticular cloud formation, sits at the apex of the healing triangle.

At the base a visible coastline progresses from Kealakekua Bay to the City of Refuge at Honaunau. Dolphins and whales frolic in the DNA-like sine wave that moves through the foreground. The beautiful geometric configuration depicted in this painting is the hyperdimensional fractal geometry of space-time.

Pele’s Summons, 2001.
Pele, goddess of Hawaii’s volcanoes, has a profound effect on virtually every person who enters her realm. I am one of many who have felt her summons. Pentagons embody power, excellence, strength, and protection. This is a star portal connecting her with every particle of creation.

From Non-Swimmer to Born-Again Mermaid

I have always known that I am a water person. However, I was frightened by an experience in early childhood and developed an irrational fear of water. When I arrived in Hawaii, I considered myself a nonswimmer. In the Midwest I would splash around in lakes, but was never truly comfortable there. Conversely, when engaging in meditation or shamanic journeying, I always seemed to enter through water. In my heart I knew that I could swim, I simply had been unable to access that ability. Upon entering Hawaii’s tropical waters with snorkel gear a significant shift occurred. I could see and breathe and the salt water embraced and held me up. Perhaps I had simply been trying to swim in the wrong waters. It was an initiation. A personal conversion to the wonders of this phenomenal salt medium took hold of me . . .
I became a born-again mermaid.

A common Hawaiian ocean encounter for many people is an eye to eye meeting with green sea turtles. Due to their gentle nature and relaxed attitude when swimming next to snorkelers, they become everyone’s favorite. Every single time I encounter one of these gentle spirits it feels like a blessing of tranquility and peacefulness.

The painting Gentle Spirits honors the joyous experience of being in the ocean with green sea turtles. Watching them glide by like water angels and looking into their peaceful conscious eyes offers a wonderful lesson of slowing down and simply being.

Healing the Heart, 2003.
The beautiful geometric configuration depicted in this painting is the hyperdimensional fractal geometry of space-time.

Water Consciousness

Perhaps the most vital component for life, water is so abundant in some places on Earth that many humans take it for granted. We drink, bathe, swim in, and enjoy the marvels of water. By cultivating an awareness that everything has consciousness, it becomes easy to embrace water as conscious and part of our sentient universe.Water has many unique qualities.

• Water is the only known element that can exist in three forms: liquid, solid, and gas

• The density of water increases below the freezing point and decreases above the freezing point

• Water has a kind of memory--it retains a record of things that happen in its surrounding environment

• Investigations have shown that water not only has memory but its structure is affected by emotions

Adding positive emotions to water--be it the glass you drink from, the river you sit beside, or the vast ocean--changes its vibration and viability.

In 2003 I was inspired to paint a gorgeous waterfall located in a remote valley on Hawaii Island. It is said that this location was a powerful place of healing in ancient Hawaii. These Healing Waters cascade gracefully over seven individual pools, here assigned chakra colors. The overall energy is green and soothing. Vibrant heliconias and hands reach upward. The Flower of Life matrix is delicately embedded in the background and informs the viewer in ways subtle and ever changing.

Mermaid Dreamtime, 2008.
A sleeping mermaid is surrounded by green sea turtles, yellow tang, scrawled file fish, and Moorish idols. She dreams the dream of clean, balanced oceans and exudes the love and protection of friendship. Spirals fill the scene with flow.

My growing relationship with water and understanding of water consciousness inspired me to complete the only triptych, or series of three related paintings, I have ever created. The Water Consciousness Trilogy, completed in 2012, took nearly eight months of researching and painting. Because I was seeking to include as many of the concepts regarding the distinctive qualities of water and water consciousness, multiple visions are packed into this series. The intention is to venerate this remarkable element. 

Ice Meditation is the left-hand image of the Water Consciousness Trilogy. This painting honors the solid state of water. The delicate ice crystal in the center represents positive emotions in crystalline frozen form. Both the downward facing triangle and icosahedron are symbols for water. The iceberg reveals its greater part below the water while Auroras light the starry sky. Here you will also see Flow Beings, who move through all three paintings in the trilogy.

Gentle Spirits, 2001.
Pentagonal star geometry celebrates these five gentle spirits.

The central image of the Water Consciousness Trilogy is Motion of the Ocean. About two-thirds of the Earth is covered with water, most of it ocean. Water vapor rises from the sea becoming clouds, returning to the ocean as rain. Big waves hold universal fascination. Surfing the waves of this image are the Flow Beings. The lower portion of the painting represents the global conveyor belt, which is a constantly moving system of deep-ocean circulation driven by temperature and salinity. Also called thermohaline circulation, it mixes nutrients throughout the oceans helping to keep her inhabitants vibrant and nourished.

Fresh Splash is the right-hand image of the Water Consciousness Trilogy. Fresh water is the essential nourishment of all terrestrial beings. In this image water is filtered through the rain forest, its freshness cascading down a spectacular waterfall. Water vapor and rainbows rise from this turbulence, which plunges and splashes into a pool from which a spiral of dragonflies twenty-one dragonflies--honoring the Fibonacci series--rise, acting as a template for creating the golden spiral. The waterlily embodies our potential for enlightenment. Flow and transformation abound. Again you can see Flow Beings moving through the image.

Healing Waters, 2003.
The waters cascade gracefully over seven individual pools, here assigned chakra colors. The Flower of Life matrix is delicately embedded in the background and informs the viewer in ways subtle and ever changing.

Francene Hart is an internationally recognized visionary artist who has been working with sacred symbols as models for evolving consciousness for more than 35 years. The creator of The Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck and Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path, she lives in Honaunau, Hawaii. http://www.francenehart.com/

Sacred Geometry of Nature by Francene Hart © 2017 Bear & Company. Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International. www.InnerTraditions.com  Availability: Usually ships within 1-2 business days. Price: $35.00. To purchase this book visit B&N.com, Amazon.com, InnerTraditions.com, or your local bookstore. 

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