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Discovering Your Other Knowing

by Hart Brent

We live in a culture that prioritizes left brain logical, linear thinking, yet our right brains play an essential role in interpreting context and making sense of what we see. Our human brains would not have evolved separate hemispheres with different thinking skills if both perspectives were not essential to survival. Good judgment arises from a balance of intuition interpreting context and tone combined with the left brain’s logical, reasoning assessment.

Our physical senses (sight, hearing, touch) can only perceive 1-4% of the frequencies in the universe spanning from infrared to ultraviolet. Every frequency is information. Doesn’t it make sense to develop our potential to perceive the other 96% of reality? Modern education so focuses on the logical thinking that many of us need practice and encouragement to develop our creative, intuitive skill: our other knowing. 

I rely deeply on sensing and feeling what is happening both on the physical and within the energy field that surrounds us in order to understand a client’s condition. I enjoy bringing forward intuitive skill in others.  I believe an out of body, near death experience at a young age taught me to see beyond and within linear reality.

So how do I help students develop their trust in the metaphysical reality? I teach how to develop awareness of the subtle energy reality that is the quantum physics field, the vibrational soup we are in and of by adapting exercises from ancient metaphysical traditions such as Daoism.  Around the world, indigenous traditions recognized qi, prana, life force energy as transcending and vitalizing our physical bodies and their techniques are still useful today.

We can learn and practice how to feel and move this light energy within and around ourselves.  Our intent and awareness can become as powerful tools as logic and reason.

One of the experiences I use in class to introduce students to their other knowing is to introduce them to their 3 Minds: upper middle and lower, by inhaling three different essential oils into their head, heart and belly. 
In the upper head behind the third eye is the walnut-sized upper mind to use for big picture decision-making and problem-solving.  Vetiver essential oil helps us to make contact with this cosmic mind.

The essential oil peach leaf absolute opens and focuses the orange-sized heart mind at the heart chakra and facilitates understand the feelings and motivations of others. 

The belly mind is found in a grapefruit-sized space below the navel and inhaling lemon myrtle essential oil connects us to this our survival knowing.  I watch students inhaling the oils and can “see” when coaching is needed to hook them up with these primal doors to knowing.  This is an exercise that can be practiced at home as well.  Students report that experiencing their 3 Minds feels both relaxing and reassuring.  They are learning to distinguish the facets of their inherent knowing.

I am starting a monthly class for those interested in discovering their other knowing. You can check out  for www.healthcallsus.net information about this and other classes beginning at the Nonotuck Mill in Florence in October 2017.

Resource for essential oils:  Biosource Naturals  www.biosourcenaturals.com  734-335-6798.  High quality peach leaf absolute is an uncommon oil.  

For 28 years Hart Brent has taught and consulted on empowering self-healthcare as a clinical herbalist and homeopath.  Hart opened her practice in Ashfield MA with live blood cell analysis but has been farming and seeing clients in VT for the last 23 years.  In her HealthCalls practice she illuminates both the physical and metaphysical causes of illness.  She is described as “the one you consult when no one else can figure out your health problem.” 

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