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Excerpt from "Riding the Wave of Change - Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World"

by Eve Wilson

I sense that I must find the strength
To shape my soul in worthy fashion
To form herself as spirit’s garment
– Rudolf Steiner, the Calendar of the Soul

You Are Ascending

You are evolving in ways that have been pre-ordained since the beginning of time.  Beneath the challenging and often negative aspects of life there is something marvelous and purposeful going on.  This book will help you to orient toward the positive shifts taking place so you can ride the wave of change on planet Earth with confidence and grace.  

The evolution of life we are experiencing now is as significant for life on earth as when the first land creatures emerged from the primordial swamp.  Beneath the apparently negative evolutionary indicators of our present age which include global warming, overpopulation, limited resources and damage to the environment due to human technology there is a true evolution of soul.  This deeper evolution has always been the underlying reason for life.  This book is about that positive aspect of evolution for planet and soul which is called ascension.
Ascension is the journey by which we emerge from the swamp of our lower energies of hatred, fear, and destructive behavior and evolve into our true potential of union with our own higher intelligence, purpose and love.  

There are two directions of evolution relevant to this book which we call the old world and the new world.  The old world has been our experience since the beginning of time, only recently nearing the fulfillment of its purpose on earth.  It is a journey of separation from our spiritual root in the oneness of all things.  Its purpose has been the development of independent vehicles: souls to carry our spirit, life forms to carry our souls, and planets for us to live and evolve within.  This separation from our original state of oneness and unconditional love was necessary to create many life forms with individuality and independence out of the state of absolute oneness of spirit.  This part of our journey caused a great deal of suffering and we can be grateful that this direction has pretty much done its job and is on its way out, so we can get on with the more enjoyable phases to come. 

The new world is the intended goal for all that has gone before and it began to slowly awaken within human souls as early as the mid-1800s.  Its goal is to take the raw forms of life as we know them, and to bring them into a more refined state capable of growing with sustained intelligence and love.  The new world emerges as we re-engage our independent souls, bodies and planet with our root in the oneness of spirit from which all life was conceived, while still retaining the uniqueness and individuality we have developed during the old world experience.  Ascension is the raising of vibration within all of life which brings us into range for receiving our true spiritual selves into the independent souls, bodies and planet our true selves have created.  By ascending, all life forms will eventually become suitable homes for the intelligence and love which characterizes us at the level of our eternal spiritual root in the state of oneness.  

The Mayans new about the ending of the old world and predicted it with the end of the Mayan Calendar in December 2012.  What we experienced was, fortunately, not the end of the world as some people feared as that time approached, but the end of the old world soul contracts which predominantly defined our experience prior to that date (see soul contracts, Index of Terms).  Since then, we have been moving with increasing confidence and strength into the new world and a whole new set of contracts.

While the old contracts have ended, it will take time for the work they have initiated to completely finish.  There is a continuum of change: the old world lingers, getting less and less potent, and the new world strengthens, its goals and contracts increasingly becoming the norm.  The transition from the old to the new can sometimes be intense, rather like cold and warm fronts meeting and creating storms.  But a lot of the distress can be weathered more easily by simply choosing to focus your life within the new world and not fighting with the old.  It is like stepping through a doorway into a calmer place.  You can always step back the other way as well, out of habit or in response to an event or incident.  This book will help you to choose the new world and to grow stronger in that experience so you can ride these changes with ease and grace.

So let us learn to ride these waves of change together!  But first some background about me and how I come to be writing this book, teaching, healing and working with personal and planetary ascension.

Memory: A Tremendous Gift

It’s a quiet morning in 1986.  I’m standing in the healing space in my home, where I offer healing treatments for a living now, as instructed during a conversation with God earlier in the year.

Contemplating my poster of The Kabbalistic Tree of Life by Patricia Waldygo, I sense a presence and turn to see a Being of beautiful golden light standing to my right.  The feeling is of purity and strength.  I immediately realize it is Archangel Michael although I have no recollection of having met him before; there is no mistaking his identity.  There is joy, comfort, and safety in his presence, and he has my rapt attention.

With my inner ear, heart, and belly, I clearly perceive that he is offering to teach me the Qabalah as a healing tool.   I happily agree and then feel an inner shift by which I receive a holographic awareness of the Healing Qabalah as a way of working with the Tree of Life.   It is amazingly straightforward, clear, and practical in its application, and I feel that I can immediately apply its wisdom and gifts.

Eve Wilson, Director the Healer Development Program, Reverend, Planetary Healer, Ascension Worker, Public Speaker and Author is a naturally gifted intuitive, able to perceive the soul’s purpose and support people, families, soul groups, creatures and the planet to greater health and self-actualization.  Her classes and treatments reach people around the world live by phone and Skype and her new book Riding the Wave of Change - Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World is available at www.balboapress.com and Crazy Wisdom Bookstore.  The international award winning Weekly Word for Healing and Ascension Blog is new every Friday at www.spiritualhealers.com/blog.  While you are there, visit Eve’s website, watch her video, sign up for Weekly Word email links and inquire about Classes or Healing and Ascension Treatments!

Riding the Wave of Change - Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World is available at www.balboapress.com and Crazy Wisdom Bookstore.

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