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Ask Your Pet

by Jennifer Dickman

Dear Jennifer,

My cat, Pepper, is 5 years old. I adopted him as a kitten. Lately he’s been coming up next to me and just staring at me, right in the eyes. I feel love coming from him, but I’m worried that I might be missing something. Maybe he’s trying to tell me something. Would you please ask him why he’s staring at me like this? And, please tell him I love him very, very much.

Thank you.


Dear Allison,

Pepper just adores you. If he was a person, it would be like he had a mad crush on you. He says he does anyway. (So cute!) Pepper just thinks you're the greatest and he loves you so much. He loves when you look at him with love in your eyes and talk to him in your special, loving voice. Those are the best times and make him feel so wonderful and warm inside. He thinks you're so special and the love he has for you is just radiating from him, to the point where I can feel it. It’s quite beautiful.

Pepper says he wants you to really know deep in your heart what a good, kind, and caring mommy and person you are. He says sometimes you doubt yourself or are too rough on yourself. Sometimes you feel like you have to prove you're good enough. He says you don't have to prove anything; you're perfect just as you are. You are beautiful and kind, and just a good soul. He is pouring out so much love for you that it’s hard to express it in words.

Pepper says this doesn't mean to stop evolving. He’s showing me an image of you reading what he says are “good books to help you grow “. We're all a work in progress and he thinks you're doing a great job. He wants you to be proud of yourself for that.

So, when Pepper stares at you, he’s for the most trying to let you know how he feels about you. He feels such joy being close to you and sharing your special bond. He's very content just to be with you, to be near you, to be in that place of love. He thanks you for sharing such a beautiful love with him. He says his home and his happiness are wherever you are.

Thank you for allowing me to witness this, Allison. The strength and purity of Pepper’s love for you is heartwarming and precious. Never take this wonderful little guy for granted – his love for you is deep and unconditional.

Many Blessings,

Jennifer Dickman

Jennifer Dickman is an Animal Communicator, Reiki Master-Teacher specializing in Animal Reiki, and Intuitive Counselor. She conducts phone and email sessions worldwide. She may be contacted at Jennifer_Dickman@ymail.com , or through her website, www.JenniferDickman.com where her MP3s "Journey to Contact Your Animals in Spirit" and "Deep Relaxation" are also for sale. To subscribe to Jennifer’s newsletter and receive a free copy of her essay, "Five Things Your Cat or Dog Wants You to Know", please email Jennifer with the word "Newsletter" in the subject line.

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