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Excerpt from "Happiness Is Life Itself"

A spirit called Uranus speaks to a spiritual growth group through a trance medium.

by Hanni Salovaara

People think that a happy and spiritually mature life is nothing but gliding in clouds, dizzy with happiness. That, of course, is not true because a happy life has contradictions which give the possibility to strengthen and confirm yourselves, your state and what you really want. Even though the world is full of contradictions, the world goes on anyhow, for how the individual experiences contradictions and how he relates to them, changes everything. Happiness is shown in how the individual sees his own condition and shows it to others as well. Happiness is a very different state to everyone, for people are very individual, and happiness also manifests itself every moment in its own way. Happiness is to feel that your life is meaningful and it is also that your life is pleasant. You can wake up in the morning happy to wake up in your own bed and being alive and existing, when everything is still slumbering around you, your mind still partly wondering in the borderland of sleep. You can be happy when you are stepping in a transportation tired, and getting a seat. You can be happy by the bedside of someone dear when he is leaving life and will never more be concretely present in a visible form; you know you are losing someone who is dear to you and at the same time with growing grief, tears and longing, you can be very happy because that someone is going to freedom, and his pains are ending. Happiness is like life itself, always new, always changing and always to be found.

It is only about whether man opens up himself to life surrendering to it, or whether he closes himself from life, in which case it comes across as an enemy. When you open up to life, life unfolds as a friend, and you can see how life carries on. If man’s way of thinking is loving, he can see what is good and positive in everything. Then the mind is freed, balance is regained, the energy field becomes sound, and man can be happy. No matter how people or conditions are, you stay happy for you can see the issue from a wider perspective as a whole. You can reconsider it and either discard it or take action to change the issue, and after a while, you can notice in gratitude that it has served you and has taken you forward. Think about the thoughts running inside you and whether they are in accordance with your needs, wants and aspirations. Change them if they do not seem to serve you in that moment; especially, transform every thought that is self-belittling into a possibility, and always see the issue already realized in your imagination. Everything that you focus your mind on will increase in your life, for when you repeat things in your mind, you work unconsciously; then, it is practicing in its own way. The entire life is practice and working with the mind. When it is conscious, you can use your mind; when it is unconscious, outside impulses will trigger states and then the mind is using you. Man can be happy underneath it all, no matter what the conditions are like in the surroundings.

Man can be stiff with anger and be very happy at the same time, for he can feel great happiness noticing that he can defend himself. A person who has been like a doormat in the hall and has let everybody walk all over him, may wake up one day for he does not want to be a doormat anymore; then anger, this resource, is rising in him. He may then be angry with himself because he has laid there to be trampled on by others and he may also be angry with the people who try to walk all over him. He may be angry with the state, everything and he does not even really know what he is angry with. He is just very angry and is telling people to move over and make way in order to get out of there. Simultaneously, he can be very happy when everybody is giving way and when he is walking out of the hall, happy that he was able to do it.

When you can face your own hate, you can recognize your own love. You cannot know the one unless you know the other, for they are the same entity. When you face your own darkness, you can face the light out of which the darkness was born, for behind darkness, there is always light. Reality, truth and honesty live in the middle of darkness and light and hate and love. It brings freedom to choose your own destination and your own direction: whether you want to go to light or to darkness. It brings you the freedom to choose in everything. When you take this responsibility, you can use all this freely to serve yourselves and your surroundings. Then peace is born, for man is born from darkness into the light, when darkness is serving light. Darkness is like a force that enables light on your planet, and darkness gives you a root, as it were, so that light can shine and serve you and your surroundings. When man is going from darkness to light, he is like a plant which is firmly attached to the ground with the help of the root. Darkness is then like nutrition, for going through darkness has produced and endless amount of experiences which are moving to the light as nutrition through the root. In this way the individual can realize the meaning of his life like a plant flowering and seeding, when all the experiences are streaming in him, and he is fulfilling his life. Experiences are like seeds which he can sow and with which he can serve; darkness is then like a resource carrying him. On the other hand, when man is going to darkness, he is going outwards from himself; he is then like a plant the life stream of which is going to the roots. It is a completely stagnant state, when everything is resting. In time, stagnation will generate a movement, and life starts streaming again. When man is going to darkness, he is going to stagnation; he then needs this state to be able to be born again with the help of it, for when man is stepping into the light again, the experiences he has got in the darkness are serving, carrying and helping him. Every moment, they seed through the life of man and serve the surroundings, even though he does nothing else but concentrates on his own life and lives it in harmony with himself. When he then passes on to the other side and looks at his life, he sees that it is like a piece of art he has created.

In its own way, life is this circulation on every level, for man is constantly born again by himself level by level. In the same way when he is leaving his body, he is born into darkness and through darkness, he moves to another level. Be aware that you are in freedom in between darkness and light and you have complete freedom to choose, for freedom contains responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Live according to your inner values and you live in harmony with yourselves and are on your own road to the light. When man is aiming at the light, he is moving to honesty and reality in its deepest meaning. He is moving to himself and he is moving to life, for the life of every individual is born of light which sustains all life.

There is no perfection because life is constant movement, and perfection only exists in this moment. Each moment and every blink of an eye as such is unique and, in its own way, perfect as it is. Live your lives and let others live theirs! Do not judge yourselves anymore and do not judge others either, for everyone has his own road. Respect yourselves, love yourselves and be merciful to yourselves, to every moment and to every thought, for everything has its meaning. You have come to this level to grow, to learn and to serve yourselves and all life around you. By living your own lives and serving yourselves, you can accept your experiences and all the darkness you have felt that you have needed. When you accept it, you are freed and you see the other side of your experiences which has been hidden from you. It is like flipping a coin, for when the mind is freed, the coin can flip over, and when the other side of the coin is flipped, one can see the side that has caused bitterness as a part of the whole. He then notices gratefully how important it has been in his life, how important a door it has opened and carried him through it, changed and ground him, carrying him on to this day. The experience has been unique and without this experience, this moment would not be this moment.

All that man has attracted to him, he has done of his free will, for the fundamental meaning of everything is service in everything and everywhere. The past is trying to carry man into the future, open doors and give strength to move on to the future. If you are pining for the happiness of the past, you are blind to the happiness of this moment, for it cannot open. Only this moment in man’s life is building his future, for this moment is building the next moment as well as guiding man’s life and future. Every moment is infinite and contains everything; man only chooses, for there is not a thing that man cannot use to build himself and to open doors to the future. Even fears serve man, for they make him observe and clarify things; they are a tremendous resource with the help of which man can stop to clarify his condition and to ensure what he really wants.

Man’s security is often resting on the past and the unchangeable, when changes seem to him as catastrophes bringing disaster. Man realizes that God has created everything he sees, the whole universe. He understands God’s infinite wisdom and power and still, when he is thinking about his own life which is born of the same power, he doubts and fears. Can you think that this force has made a mistake in you? Does this force make mistakes in your world or universe? Alone through the cycle of nature and the mechanism of your body, you can realize that it does not because this force is neither absent-minded nor forgetful. You know the security, dependability and lovingness of this force, for this force is not trying to destroy your life but is trying to carry, construct, open and bring joy and happiness. If man really believes in God, this loving force, how can he then doubt that this power would want something bad for him in his future? This force serves in everything and everywhere, when life is a loving stream and love itself. Everyone defines the direction of this stream by himself and when one surrenders to this stream, one surrenders to the soul plan which one has once chosen and seen good for himself. Man often doubts whether he is worthy and enough but his existence alone tells him the answer. This force, infinite and loving wisdom, would not have enabled man’s life had he not seen that man is capable of it. This force does not wish to harm or be part of anything that harms, for only man himself can deny everything.

You cannot stop the connection to yourselves but you can close it from yourselves. You cannot build a connection to yourselves either because that state is. The same applies to love; you cannot stop it either because love just is in you. It is the fundamental essence of every individual but you can deny the love living in you. Underneath everything there is always love which is trying to guide your life to a better direction every moment. This moment is love and the next moment is love if you choose that way.

The life of every human being is like a journey which he has planned for himself because he has seen it necessary. He has also seen that when he sets out on the journey, he has all that he needs on his way so that the journey would be happy, useful, meaningful and successful in every way. All those possibilities are slumbering in man and only waiting for a chance to rise when all the spiritual and physical potentials awake unless he denies them with his own thoughts. It is all only about how he uses his mind. So, create for yourselves thought patterns which will carry you on in your lives with love in ever increasing tolerance and charity!

Do not judge yourselves anymore but live your lives! Think about how you treat yourselves and change every self-belittling thought into a possibility! Put on your wall the sentence: “I love myself unconditionally” when it serves you every time it catches your eye. Love knows no conditions but serves. But there also are boundaries in love, for boundaries are wisdom to choose into your life in every moment the things, relationships, anything you feel are right and good. Then you can live every moment in peace and balance with yourselves. Love also contains understanding and charity which means realizing the fact that everything has its background and its meaning. Everything comes out of something but underneath it all everything is love. Everyone has his own road and everyone chooses each moment of his life from a need underneath which is an aspiration to love. Everything has its meaning and everything comes out of something.

Give your lives a chance, for would you really out of your free will choose only troubles, turn yourselves into beggars and enjoy all this misery? No one acts like this voluntarily, for when one can choose, everyone strives for happiness. When you see infinitely and choose in an unlimited state, you can rely on your lives for you know that you have in that state built yourselves the possibilities for a happy life. If you think about seasons, you realize that the new often necessitates the departure of the old. Storms and upheavals can serve and help the old transform and disappear, thus opening the door to something new. When you realize this, you also know in the phase of upheavals that you are stepping forward in your lives and receiving something new which is even better than what is gone. Then the upheaval does not cause any problems but you can bless it and thank it. On the other hand, man can, during the phase of upheaval, see only chaos, find it bad, create fears and freeze in that state; then the future cannot unfold but everything is just prolonged. Everything is in every moment man’s free choice, so use your thoughts yourselves, do not let thoughts use you! All the thoughts of the world are swirling around you all the time, so think about what kind of cacophony life can be if one lets this mass of thoughts guide one’s life! Everything is in yourselves, for nobody from the outside has never given you anything, and no one can give you anything that you have not in you. No one can help you to give up either; only you yourselves can give up, for it is living in you. Happiness contains the gift of giving up, for when you let go, you can settle in the moment and see the happiness, the beauty and the possibilities of the moment. Happiness is always the core of everything in every moment, for when you can give up, you can find and receive. A change can come through acceptance, and acceptance opens the door to change, for acceptance gives always the freedom of choice.

Trust yourselves, respect yourselves and listen to yourselves, for you have in you all that you need! Try out how your own knowledge can serve you and no matter what you will find in you, accept it, open your hearts to it and thank it! Then you know that there is nothing in you, nothing, that is not meant to take you forward in your lives. You yourselves have built and attracted everything there is in you in relation to yourselves, other people, institutions, outside world, anything. Everything in you is born out of your needs and it is meant to take your lives forward as well as fulfill the meaning of your lives. When you accept it with gratitude, it will unfold. Gratitude is acceptance, for it is like a magic wand with which you touch everything, and reality, with all its possibilities, unfolds to you like a cornucopia in all its beauty. You choose with your heart and keep going on your road, when happiness is your eyes, joy is your ears, love is your language, the light of eternity is your mind and truthfulness is your life.

I ACCEPT MY LIFE UNCONDITIONALLY and LOVE GUIDES MY LIFE; these two sentences I want to leave to you.

Spread your wings and they will carry you better by the day.”

©2018 BookLocker.com, Inc.

This article is an excerpt from the book Happiness Is Life Itself by Hanni Salovaara, published by BookLocker.com. The book is available for purchase on Amazon and most online bookstores.

Hanni Salovaara is from Finland and has a Master of Arts degree in Education. Her book Happiness Is Life Itself is based on her personal experiences in a spiritual growth group led by a spirit called Uranus. She shares the teachings of Uranus in her blog: spirituranustalks.blogspot.com

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