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A Message

by Alison David Bird, C.Ht., Originator of Marconics Ascension Energy Healing

Has come the time when the student must take his seat in the Halls of Creation as he becomes the Master!

In order to stand as a Co-Creator in the Zero-point field, aligned with Source at the center of this Galaxy, you must embrace all realities - equal and opposing. This is the path of the Sun and the Moon. Equilibrium. BALANCE!

You may already be triumphantly aligning with new versions of this planet; 3 - Dimensional ‘Terra’, and the higher vibrational Earth parallels of 5th Dimensional ‘Gaia’, and 7th Dimensional ‘Eartha’.

If you have gained true Spiritual Mastery you will know that what will happen next is not intended as a personal slight, or a God levelled punishment, but as a purposeful lesson in how to free yourself from FEAR.

When you have faced that which you fear the most, and have overcome it, what else remains to be fearful of? It is from this new level of understanding and acceptance that you can step fully into the Mastery of being a Co-Creator of this New World.

Know that as you move through 2019, many of you will feel as though you are being ‘squeezed through the eye of the needle’. This is not just a vengeful expression plucked from the scriptures, but a mandatory experience that will teach you to traverse higher dimensions at will.

In order to pass through the Degaz, into another dimensional structure you must first cross the narrow passage in between. The Gateway at the pinnacle of the first harmonic universal structure.

You may feel the resistance as though you are ‘stuck’. You must put down the last vestiges of the karmic baggage that restricts you on your journey, then you will squeeze through the ‘bottle neck’ into a new dimensional space. From there you can access higher harmonic frequencies and pull them down to anchor here on the Earth plane and bring your personal Heaven into merger with your earthly being.

This is symbolically represented by the upper portion of the pyramid descending to rest over the lower portion, assuming the sacred geometric shape of the ‘Seal of Solomon’, or perhaps what is more widely recognized in your culture as ‘The Star of David’. This configuration signifies the merger of Heaven and Earth; the best of the human expression integrated with Divinity for the next phase of authentic, God-realized human evolution, an experiment in Divinely Inspired Free Will!

Manifesting your Heaven on the Earth requires anchoring higher electro-tonal frequencies (or Flames) to the Earth plane. Pyramidal structures resonating with the trans-mutational ‘Flames’, or frequencies, of other planets and resonating star systems will anchor themselves through you to the planet surface. You can now create within your own personal, individual reality and consciousness grids.

Regardless of what else plays out on this 3-Dimensional stage you will walk the path as the best version of SELF, existing in Divine Flow.

You will continue to serve as compassionate leaders for those who still hold Fear. You will become The Shepherd.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

Did you know ‘thy rod and thy staff’ are symbols of the electro-tonal frequencies of Third and Fifth realities?

You are the Guardian Angels now!

For more information about Marconics Ascension Energy Workshops, or to buy the book, “Marconics: The Clarion Call”, go to: www.Marconics.com
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