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Sun Spots and the Circulations of the Solar System

by Marguerite dar Boggia

"The Sun is the heart of the Solar World (System) and its brain is hidden behind the (visible) Sun. From thence, sensation is radiated into every nerve-center of the great body, and the waves of the life-essence flow into each artery and vein. . .The planets are its limbs and pulses. . . " (Commentary.)

What are the sun-spots? Similarly one might ask the question: What are the pores of the human skin? The sun-spots are the outer mouths of channels through which the rivers of lives go forth from and re-enter the sun. They are the openings by which and through which the sun expels to the remotest corners of its system its own accumulated store of solar vitality; and it is this solar vitality which gives life to all things within the aura or atmosphere of the sun, which aura extends even to the remotest boundaries of the solar system. It is through the sun-spots again that this solar blood, energy, solar electricity or magnetism, more accurately speaking psycho-magnetism, returns to be purified in the heart, which once sent it forth some twelve years previously. The sun-spot periodicity reckoned at 11.2 of our years; but it has been found that this cycle is not always exact. Detailed investigation of the problems involved and careful comparison of observational data, have shown that the average time period between successive maxima or minima of sun spots is not the same. The average of the intervals between successive maxima is about 11.2 years (some determinations giving, however, 11.5 years) The rise from minimum to maximum is more rapid than the decline. Not only is the period variable, but the average number of spots varies from one maximum to another. It is possible, therefore, from the purely scientific standpoint, to predict only approximately the date of the maxima and minima of sun-spot activity, and the intensity of the outburst. Astronomers of a wiser generation than ours will probably discover that the actual average length of the sun-spot cycle is about twelve years, thus being the same as Jupiter's period.

Strictly speaking, the cycle of sun-spots is a ten-year cycle. The current of vitality which governs this cycle requires, however, another year to pass through the sun, and still another year for its return through the sun, which makes twelve years all told. But cycles succeed cycles. Each cycle is a vibration, a new beat of the pulse of the sun. The sun is a heart, a beating heart; in another sense of the word it is a brain. There is a temptation to use these two words, 'heart' and 'brain' in what we might call a literal sense, and it wanders not far from fact, from truth, for in relation to its own solar system, the Sun IS its heart. It is also its brain. It is these two and yet it is a coalescence of these two. The two are unified in the one, and yet it is not the physical globe which we see, which is the true head and true heart, except so far as the physical Universe is concerned. The real head,, the real heart, both coalescing and working as one, are the DIVINITY behind and above and within the physical vehicle which we sense as our glorious day-star. We are told that we are made in God's image. We are a living organism. The universe also is a living organism. We have a heart that beats and sends blood through its arteries and its veins. The rivers of lives are the blood streams of the solar system and also of the great universe.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo in his book Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything" states the universe, with all things in it, is a quasi-living, and acoherent whole. All things in it are connected."

As the heart and brain of its entire system, the Sun sends a twelve-faceted life into every atom of its own universe, the solar universe, of which we form an integral part. The Sun is pre-eminently a giver of life. Cosmogonically, it is our Elder Brother, and not at all our physical parent as modern scientific speculations would have it. Yet, it is also in a vital sense our Father-Mother, because through the Sun, from planes superior to our own, come down the invigorating life-streams from systems and worlds above ours; and our planet Terra, as all the other planets, receives its own share of these life-streams, precisely as every individual atom and every entity, on the microcosmic scale, receives also a portion of these life-giving streams, while, at the same time receiving them individually from the Inmost of the Inmost within itself. The Sun is a store-house of vital-electric energies, vitalizing and informing the endless hosts of beings under its systemic sway, as the great pulsating heart of its system.

The periodicity of the sun-spots coincides with the mean periods not only of the planets which are nearest the Earth, but of all the planets of our solar system, including those planets which are invisible.

Every celestial body: Sun, of course, nebula, comet, planet, is the dwelling place of a spiritual being, in other words, the physical manifestation of a god. All these divine beings are organs, or members of the life of the Spiritual Sun, the Supreme Divinity of our solar system.

In using the terms, 'divine beings' and 'gods', no reference is made thereby to the physical body of any celestial orb which our eyes see, but to its indwelling spiritual, intellectual life, and its vital essence. The solar system, from one standpoint, can truly be looked upon as a vital-mechanical organic entity, functioning in its physical and etheric aspects as a mechanism, but nevertheless a mechanism which is ensouled by living beings greatly varying in evolutionary degree. The Sun, for instance, is a divine being in its inmost essence.

It is the giant planet of our solar system, Jupiter, which especially in its time-periods, is in particular relation with the sun-spot cycle, the periodic times of sun-spot maxima and minima. There is a large body of interesting facts showing the connection between the sun-spot cycles and the periods of the planets of our solar system; for the sun-spot cycles and the orbital periods of the planets, i.e., their respective 'years,' are as intimately geared together, both causally and effectually, as are the interlocking wheels of some intricate physical mechanism. when we remember that our Sun is at once the 'heart' and the 'brain' of our solar system and that it is both a giver as well as a receiver of vitality of the solar system and furthermore of those far higher powers thereof, which we humans ordinarily call spiritual, intellectual and psychical, we can perhaps understand vaguely the relations of sun-spot periods to the respective planetary periods of the planets of the solar system.

The sun-spots are both vents as well as receiving orifices. In and out of these sun-spots stream in steady flow, at certain periods in veritable in-rushes and out-rushes, not only streams of lives, but their involved masses of psycho-magnetic-vital powers. These 'Rivers of Lives' are intimately connected with planetary periods, otherwise the 'years' of the planets, in which the respective positions taken by the planets at different times, or what astrologers would call their 'ASPECTS,' mark critical points in the interlocking 'celestial mechanics' of the solar system. The term 'celestial mechanics' not being employed in the sense of mere mechanisms, but applicable directly to the circulations and interblendings of the various planetary magnetisms, coalescing with the magnetism of the Sun itself.

The great cycles on Earth, as well as all smaller ones indeed, are the effects of COSMIC CAUSES, which causes are marked in their beginnings of operations by the positions in their orbits of the different planets and their 'aspects' to the Sun.

Every planet in the solar system not only has its own individual effect on the period of sun-spots, but also you may phrase this same truth conversely: the period of sun-spots is intimately connected with the vital activities of all the planets of our solar system, whether those planets be visible to us or invisible.

The sun-spot cycle is just like the expanding and contracting of the human heart. So is it in the solar system. Every celestial body in the solar system is intimately connected with the beating of the solar heart.

There are many mysteries connected with the sun-spots. These may be described as being 'windows' through which we have the vaguest kind of glimpses into the temple-body of a living god. These rivers of Lives are of many grades, high, low, and intermediate. Every Monad, every life, of all the countless myriads which infill the solar system, must pass again and again at cyclic periods into and through the solar heart, and come out therefrom; just as every drop of blood in the human body and every molecule of every drop of blood must pass into and through the human heart, and come out from it again to pursue its destiny along the circulations of the human body. Just so is it with the beating heart and the circulations of our solar universe.

Marguerite dar Boggia is the former Membership Secretary and Director for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She is the former Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She is a co-founder of UAC and its former Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. To that end, she offers FREE, online, three pages weekly of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings of the Trans-Himalayan Center. It later includes esoteric astrology and information from the book: "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" which book was on Albert Einstein's desk. If you wish to receive these teachings, contact her website www.FreePythagorasTeachings.com, which website, she created at the age of 90.

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