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What the Angels Want Us to Know: July 2019

by Cassendre Xavier

Cassendre Xavier Writing As Amethyste Rah

In the years I’ve studied New Age/Old Wisdom, read many books and learned from many teachers, I know we are always supposed to “reach for the better-feeling thought.”

Recently I’ve had two incidents remind me of that – well, I’ve had many incidents, but these are the two most significant and most recent.

Firstly, I manifested a lover with the help of my late partner. I specifically asked my late partner to bring someone to me, and within 3 weeks I met someone who is compatible with me in new and delightful as well as old and familiar ways. It extremely wonderful, and I feel exceedingly grateful, as does my new sweetie – we both constantly give thanks for our having met.

I was wondering if it really had worked – if my late partner really had brought this new one to me. I felt in years past that my late partner T.T. had indeed brought new sweeties to me from the great beyond.

I am an eclectic pagan spiritually, and I’m also into angel spirituality. But intellectually I’m agnostic, and I also have a very high regard for intelligent atheists. That said, I do sometimes feel a little silly and ridiculous for believing these make believe things, like dead people controlling things from the spirit world, bringing us love, helping to bring about miracles.

But when I “reach for the better-feeling thought,” it doesn’t matter whether or not my make believe thoughts are true. What matters is that I feel good when I think them – I am comforted, and inspired to attract good things to me.

This flows into psychotherapy as well.

Today in therapy I talked about how I was recently triggered by family nudity where I live. I’m a child sexual abuse survivor living with PTSD and am often, easily, and intensely triggered.

In so-called reality, there is most likely nothing unhealthy with the kind of rarely occurring family nudity where I currently live. But given my upbringing, and the sexual trauma I endured as a child, including nudity used in unhealthy ways, I still have a heck of lot of stories running around my mind about what could be happening in front of me today, despite evidence to the contrary.

I can and I usually do coach myself out of my PTSD triggers, but usually no matter what I think, say, or what is said to me, moments later, the pathological thoughts still occur. There is never a way to “prove” that something I see in front of me is actually safe and nontoxic.

So I told my therapist, “I can apply the same theory I use with my talking to my late partner, and with my angel spirituality. It doesn’t matter whether or not these concepts work. They make me feel good.”

Does the spirit of my late partner actually hear me? Even though I know that scientists would say “No way!” my inner child wants to believe it, so I do.

I would rather be silly and make believe and feel good than miss out on a chance to be there for my late partner. I believe that if his spirit is near me and can feel or hear me, then he is very very happy that I am taking the time to communicate with and be there for him. I often tell myself that I am probably the only one whom he knew and loved who is still communicating with him. I want to do that. It makes me very happy to do that. And I love that I do that for him. I love that about myself.

It doesn’t have to be true – it feels good.

And I think this will help me the next time I’m triggered somehow, with my PTSD. I can correct my thoughts, and then when I have a negative thought that follows it, I can return to my positive thought and remind myself that it doesn’t matter whether a positive thought is true or not. It feels good.

If you have fairy tale dreams or want to talk to a departed loved one, in spirit, go ahead! It will make you happy to do so, and that’s a good thing!

And if you have obsessive thoughts that cause you stress in life, and you’ve tried replacing those thoughts with positive ones, and those positive ones don’t really work, because deep down you don’t believe them, try being okay with the fact that they may not be true. Tell yourself that it doesn’t matter whether they’re true or not. All that matters is that you feel better with those positive thoughts.

Feeling better is healthier for you, and also you deserve it!

Amethyst is the birthstone of, and Amethyste Rah is the self-assigned soul name of multi-media healing artist Cassendre Xavier. Amethyste has done angel readings, dream interpretations, and spiritual counseling in various forms since the early 90s. She was ordained by God before birth as we all are, and by law in September 2010. She is the creator of the Affirmations for Survivors guided meditation series, with “Self-Love” and “Spirituality” released in 2007, and is working on “Sexuality” and “Life Skills”, as well as a new line of angel and crystal meditations in progress. Amethyste’s meditations feature background music of light by Thaddeus, used with permission from www.orindaben.com. Under the name Cassendre Xavier, she has been a monthly columnist at Wisdom Magazine’s online edition since 2009, and has been a performing and recording singer-songwriter-guitarist and published poet since the early 1990s. For more information, please visit www.cassendrexavier.wordpress.com

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