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What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

by Fern Kazlow, EdD

Are you psychic?

People ask me questions like these all the time: Are you psychic?" … and … "How did you know that!?"

I give many lectures and demonstrations, and people can’t believe how much I know about them after just a few minutes. "How do you get to the bottom of things so quickly?" … and … "How did you touch something so important to me — instantly!?"

My answer to these questions is that it’s not about being psychic. It’s about reading the energy field. When you know how to read energy, you have access to a realm of personal information that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

And much like the child who makes words out of letters, and stories with the words, when we read energy fields, we decipher our energetic stories which reflect and promote, for better or worse, our "personal reality."

We are distressed when we think of children who don’t know how to read, and worse with adults who can’t read a book, a map, or understand the simplest directions. Yet, most of us can’t read our own energy and we don’t find that a cause for concern. In fact, we usually assume that this ability is the domain of psychics, saints, or is the exclusive property of gifted individuals. We don’t realize that we suffer the consequences of not knowing how to read our energy field, just as the person is limited who can’t read a book or go online.

What’s the big deal?

The big deal is that when you can’t read your energy field, you’re missing crucial knowledge — about yourself and others. You get stuck in the story of your mind and beliefs, and the imprisoning features of the unconscious mind.

You may be lacking the very information that tells you the basic impulses that bring you the reality of your life. Your own field of energy is attracting to you what you like — and perhaps what don’t like! — and it also contains the resources that you need to get your life to work the way you want it to. Your energetic story is the missing link … and not knowing its language and content, could be the reason that you struggle with certain personal issues, over and over again. It is why you may hop from system to system, therapist to therapist, with small gains and a lot of frustration to show for it.

Your energetic story is a reflection of what your energy supports … it is what you resonate with. You only get in life, what your energy supports — always! And, no matter how much you want something, if your energy doesn’t support it, it can’t happen. At the same time — no matter how much you don’t want something in your life, if your energy supports it, there it is.

The good news is that if you’re energy isn’t supporting what you want, you can change it. If you’re energy is supporting what you don’t want, you can change that, too. Know this: your energy field can be re-aligned easily … but first you have to be able to tell what’s going on.

Barking up the wrong tree.

If you don’t know how to read your energy field, you can waste your time barking up the wrong tree. You can spend years in therapy, or go from seminar to seminar, and you can be stuck in limitations relating to health, lack of good relationships, or money … you can be stuck going around and around in these areas for much longer than what you think and feel is necessary. For example …

Jim is like many people that I’ve worked with. When Jim and I first met, he wanted to find a woman and enjoy a satisfying, long-term relationship. Despite sincere efforts including self-help books, meditation and psychotherapy, his relationships always ended with him feeling victimized, betrayed and disappointed.

Jim was intelligent, well-read, and highly motivated. He had learned a great deal about psychology and interactions, but he wasn’t able to substantially change things in his life until he identified and shifted his own, personal, underlying energetic patterns. Those patterns of energy were attracting, developing, and creating the dead-end relationships. Once he re-aligned his energy field, then not only did relationships with women change, his relationship with himself transformed as well.

Jim was surprised to learn that while he was focused on betrayal — which he felt was the issue that destroyed the marriages of his parents and his brother … and betrayal seemed to be making repeat appearances in his own relationships with women — he was actually missing the main point. Jim was barking up the wrong tree. He could spend many more years and even whole lifetimes working on betrayal and achieving minimal results — because it wasn’t the real problem.

Jim was actually struggling with financial insecurity, and the fear of lack. Until he learned to read his energy field, he was totally unaware that it was his underlying financial fears that caused him to attract and create relationships that would end, rather than risk marrying and not having enough money to take care of himself and a family.

It’s like learning to read.


Do you remember what it was like when you first learned to read? I remember the excitement and independence that rang through me when I could read ALL BY MYSELF. Leaning to read your energy field gives you that same freedom and more. It means that you can reclaim the power that you have given to others. You can feel confident and be your own authority because you can decipher your energetic patterns. This doesn’t mean you’ll never have to work with a doctor, therapist, or advisor again, but it means that you’ll not need to go outside of yourself as often. When you seek help, you can join in a true partnership. You will allow others to work with you, without giving your own self-knowing away. You will not be selling your soul … you will be integrating their help into your own original, natural, central, intuitive knowledge system.

And, like learning to read, it’s not hard — but it does take learning and practice. Ironically, while none of us were born knowing how to read we may now think that reading words is easier than reading energy. Yet, we came into this world and began our lives as Masters of reading energy. Babies know what feels safe, who is comfortable and at ease … and so much, much more. As babies, we had the best foundation to build on, and yet instead of learning to develop the skill of energy field reading, we often were taught to not trust our most original, natural aptitude and understanding. But times are changing and we now have a second chance to recover these abilities … they’ve not disappeared, but they’ve simply been covered-up and unused.

We can find that intimate energy-feeling and knowing-place inside of us again … the place that is the native home of energy reading and understanding. We can learn to read the energetic currents that weave together and form the stories … that shape the reality of our lives.

It starts with the basics: How do you feel when you are strong and at the top of your game? And, how do you feel when you are weak? — like when you’re facing a loss. From there you can learn to read the subtle energetic content, improve your comprehension, and learn how to shape and customize your personal fields of energy to get the things that you want most with Life.

What appears to be a solo journey into the individual Self, turns out to be a marvelous journey into the beating heart of the entire human family. For once you start reading your own energy, you realize that the currents of your life and love, are intimately interwoven and inseparable with the energy, inspiration, the loves, the inner discoveries and the destiny of others as well.

Dr. Fern Kazlow, Ed.D, a pioneer in mind-body healing and energetic psychotherapy, established Integrative Therapy and Integrative Action™ in New York City in 1981. She has appeared extensively in the national media. For more information or a schedule ofwinter and spring events, Dr. Kazlow can be reached at 914.833.2005, 212.496.6611, or Info@integrativeaction.com. Visit Dr. Kazlow’s website at www.integrativeaction.com   for up-to-date schedule.


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