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An Interview With Amelia Kinkade

by Edie Weinstein Moser

Until speaking with Amelia Kinkade, my only frame of reference for people who talk to "other" animals and receive responses in return was a childhood hero: "Dr. Doolittle". Upon perusing Ameila's latest book: "The Language of Miracles", I immediately developed an even greater respect for one who views our four legged, finned, scaled and feathered co-planetary dwellers as having the same depth of feeling as do we bi-ped mammals who are rumored to have consciousness that exceeds theirs.


Wisdom: What drew you to the work of communicating with animals?

Amelia: God did it, the way that God works when we stumble into something completely by accident. I had a very interesting conversation with Shirley MacLaine on her radio show. We both were professional dancers and segue-wayed into spirituality and now Shirley is very involved in animal rights and her latest book is about animals. We were talking about dancers and why it is that we have such an affinity toward animals and why dancers seem to be drawn to spiritual and psychic arenas. Shirley said something really amazing to me: "We're soldiers of God. As a ballerina, you don't shirk from pain. Every day of my life, I've been that way. You got the flu, you go to class, you twisted your ankle, you go to class, you pulled a muscle, you go to class. No matter what happened, you don't ever say 'I'm not going to do it today.' I danced six days a week for years." What really blew my mind about this conversation is that I never looked upon it that way. One of the things I teach now; and I'm teaching in 32 cities in 9 countries this year and I've been on a world tour for five years, I tell people that the benchmark of their success is whether or not, they are willing to feel another living being's pain. If you're willing to shoulder the burden, you're willing to hear whatever that animal has to tell you, however painful it is, you are able to get a huge amount of information. Thank God, our consciousness is evolving so that people don't come up to me and say, "Oh, you're crazy." People come up to me and say: "How do you survive the pain? I know I can do this and talk to this horse or this abused cow or this pig that is being sent off to the slaughterhouse. I just don't know how I am able to tolerate that level of pain." One of the things we are working on now is creating this safe oasis of light inside your spinal column. We're getting to know who we are and creating an anchor to the planet. Within that determined space that is our own spirit, we are able to feel the pain and feel the feelings and heal the complaints of the animal and still stay balanced and centered so that we can send love and think rationally and take the next step. "How can I help this animal, now that I've identified what they are going through? I'm strong enough to handle this and I'm strong enough to help."

Wisdom: How is that any different from feeling the pain of humans? If you're tapped in, it seems like it really isn't different.

Amelia: It absolutely isn't. Whenever people ask me: "Do you talk to people or only animals?", I say "you mean other animals?". We are a type of primate, we are a type of ape. Empathy completely erases species lines. Most of my students now are therapists, body workers; I'm getting more vets and doctors. They usually come from the healing professions.

Wisdom: That's because we are already tapped in, already vessels, channels, whatever you want to call it, to allow us to connect with another being.

Amelia: I'm in the most outrageously luxurious position of having the most amazing psychics in the world come out. Now I'm working mainly in Africa. In South Africa, none of this is new. First of all, none of this is new at all. I'm part Native American Indian and Scottish, but when I travel to other countries, the indigenous people always understood these concepts. The people who come to me are already intuitive and they just want to build on their skills. Maybe they want to feel feelings and hear words and want to be able see clearer pictures, so that they can get a really good understanding of what's going on with an animal.

Wisdom: Why do you think we should all be trying to communicate with animals?

Amelia: Here's the whole new idea. This is what "The Language of Miracles" is all about. Edgar Mitchell mentored the book. The reason I had such an honor, is that I basically stalked him. He was key-noting one of the workshops at Palm Springs, as the founder of The Institute for Noetic Science. He gave a lecture about coming back from the moon and seeing the Earth from that perspective. He was talking about seeing the planet as "Earthlings". This was the time of the Cold War and we were very divided. There were "Americans" and "Communists" and "Chinese" and "Russians", and he was saying, from that perspective, in outer space, we are all "Earthlings" and we have a planet to save and we need to know how to get along. When I approached him, I said, "What about the animals? They're Earthlings too. Don't they have the right to have our protection?" Why did we go so terribly wrong that we're not championing innocents? We're not saving their habitats and we're letting them go extinct. We're creating factory farms. What we're doing is nothing short of devilish. Ed took my book, which I gave him with trembling hands, and 48 hours later... and I was terrified at the time, I was just a little animal psychic, who had just published her first obscure book... Ed emailed me from his airplane. He had just key-noted one of the biggest science conferences in the world in Vienna. He finished my book and said he would do anything in his power to see me succeed. The reason I sought out Ed Mitchell, is because I honestly think he might be the most brilliant mind of the 21st century. When the call came in (from Apollo 13) "Houston, we have a problem.", they actually said that to Ed Mitchell. He was grounded for fear that he would get the measles while in space, which never happened. Ed went on that simulator for three nights with no sleep and he got that rocket ship down, he saved those guys' lives.

Wisdom: When you communicate with the animals, do you see pictures, hear them... how are you getting their message?

Amelia: I used to think that when we're telepathic, we see pictures; that's clairvoyance (clear seeing). Clairaudience is my signature gift and it's very unusual and that's where we hear words. Clairsentience is feeling the feeling of the animals. We are able to get medical information and to see into their bodies and feel our way through their bodies. Ed's take on this, and this is what the new book involves; it is called Quantum Holography. In this model, we go into the energetic field of the animal and we re-experience their lives holographically. It's like getting you inside a movie. You are that animal, you're seeing out their eyes. You're hearing what they hear. You're feeling what they feel. You're experiencing their memories. You are them. Energetically we merge with another living being.

Wisdom: How do you re-integrate afterward and keep from absorbing the pain?

Amelia: Bringing you back into the light, bringing you back into your own heart, your own eternal spirit. Ed gave me the analogy that when we're engaged in communication...I call it "resogenesis" and that's when two living beings basically become one. They are two physical bodies but are now in one aura or energetic field. You've reached out to embrace the other being. You can experience what they're experiencing and you can know what they know. They are like two computer programs that are being brought up on a split screen. While you're working the other program, the program is running you. The animals already know what we're feeling. They already know what our medical conditions are. They are already doing it. Humans are kind of the dummies on the block. We're the only ones tuning out the other living creatures. They're not tuning us out. We deliberately have to separate. When we've made the connection, we have to pull our energy back and give the animal back to God and embrace it in the energy of the planet and bring yourself back and bring that energy back to yourself. I have my students envision that they are in snow drifts. It breaks that wave. What happens when you are in communion with another being, is that you are literally in a wave of energy, like a cord, that is connecting the two of you, and now we are able to measure energy in an MRI machine, to prove these things that thought goes out of your body and it's tangible and real. It can actually create and cause changes in the world around us. We need to embrace that connection, embrace that animal in love, and embrace ourselves in love and consciously separate.

Wisdom: But I still carry that sense of connection. I imagine it's no different from working with humans, where you determine "what's mine and what's theirs", so you're not taking on their pain.

Amelia: My job is to be a fireman, to identify the problems and then pull out. When you touch a hot stove, you don't leave your hand on the stove. You identify everything you can as quickly as you possibly can and then pull back. If you reach into the quicksand, you can't pull that animal out.

Wisdom: You can't save anyone if you're in the quicksand with them. It sounds like what you're doing is no different from communicating with human beings.

Amelia: I work with gorillas, orangutans, llamas, elephants and cheetahs and it doesn't matter who I'm working with. Every living being feels. They grieve, they fall in love, they play tricks on people, they laugh. They have long term memory, they care about their families, they miss their mates, they think about the future. It's not different from what we're experiencing and there's no way to discover this except to learn how to do this and commune with an animal and feel what they're feeling. There's no other way to understand this.

Wisdom: Do you hear the words of animals in human language? Since your language is English, do you hear the words in English? If you are working with animals from other countries, is there the accent of the people with whom they live?

Amelia: I hear all sorts of things. Yesterday I received an email from a student who is in NYC. She said her first reading was with a German cat. What she was picking up was both German and English and she doesn't speak German. When I first got my German book deal, I "read" the German publisher to get the deal. When I'm communicating with the animal, I'm going to pick up the communication in English, so that I'll understand it. When I ask the animal what street they live on or what are the names of this woman's best friend or family, the answer will be in German. If there is an animal in Japan and you ask it about its favorite food or its owner's name, it will be in Japanese. Most people don't hear words anyway, they get pictures or feelings. More of my students are becoming clairaudient. The more you practice, the clearer the signals you'll get and the more varied they get. I guarantee that you would just be downloading all this stuff at once. You'd be great at this! Everybody can learn how to do this. All human beings have intuitive powers. We've only been taught in Western culture that we can't communicate with animals. It's a learned skill and it's just a matter of patience and discipline and being able to silence your own mind.

Amelia will be offering her workshops throughout the country this year. Visit her website


Edie Weinstein-Moser is a writer, speaker, interfaith minister, clown, reiki master and animal lover. Her website is www.liveinjoy.com  

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