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A Magic Way To Attract Clients - Fast!

by Elizabeth Genco Purvis

Recently, one of my clients landed two new clients of her own. In our weekly session, we took a moment to celebrate. (Celebrating client successes is one of my favorite things!)

"So where did these two new clients come from?" I asked. (Tracking how your clients found you is very important, so you can keep what's working and drop what's not.)

"I'm telling you, it was the craziest thing. I sent a personal 'check-in' email to every single potential client on my list. But the new clients didn't come from that. They came from - well, they came from out of the blue, really."

Sound weird? It's actually a very real phenomenon, one that I like to call "marketing magic." Getting into action, getting out there religiously AND regularly WILL bring new clients to you, often very quickly (like magic). But they might not come from where you expect - i.e., your current marketing actions.

How can this be? To be honest, nobody really knows. Nonetheless, I've seen this marketing magic play out over and over again with my clients, colleagues (and THEIR clients), and, of course, in my own marketing.

This strategy can be used to attract much more than clients, by the way. For example, a current big project of mine is a rebranding of myself and my business, including a complete website redesign. It's very exciting, but you might imagine, I can't do it alone!

I have some very specific requirements, so even though I know some amazing web designers, I knew I had to find someone new. My intuition told me that this decision would affect more than what I could see right now.

I have to tell you, I was dreading it! I hate wasting time, and finding the right vendor can be incredibly time consuming and feel like a waste when it looks like you're not getting anywhere. But I'm really serious about getting my new brand into the world by the end of the year, so I got to work. 20+ hours (of searching, posting, emailing and calling) later, I was no closer to finding the right designer.

Riding the subway to a night out with our friends that Saturday, I turned to my husband Leland and said, "You know, I really wish the right web designer would just fall into my lap."

We got back to Brooklyn around midnight. There in my Twitter feed, one of my new friends had "tweeted" about her sister's web design services. 24 hours later, I had my designer.

Did I look to Twitter to find my designer? I could have (in fact, your Twitter network is a great place to get the word out not just about your services, but anything you might need), but I didn't. I got into action, and the Divine, whom I call Lady Universe, responded... from a completely different (and unexpected!) direction.

Now, even though I wished for a web designer to fall into my lap, notice that's NOT exactly how it happened. I set an intention, mapped out some very specific action steps and got moving in the right direction. I probably put in a solid 15 hours of work before finding my web designer. The moral of the story? For the "magic" to kick in, you must take action that brings you closer to what you want.

Here's how to get this marketing magic working for you:

1. First, set a VERY clear intention. Keep it short, simple and specific. Most importantly, write it down as if it has already happened. ("It's [30 days from now], and I'm so grateful to have 3 new choice clients.")

2. Make a plan. Sketch out the steps you'll need to take to achieve your goal. You don't need to know HOW to do every step! The plan is to give you a place to start, a map to go by.

Caution: Do NOT get mired in the details or you'll never get to step 3...

3. Get into action! Move confidently in the direction of your intention. Take some action EVERY day. This is where the "magic" happens, so don't cheat yourself by neglecting this step.

4. Be in "receiving mode." An important part of this strategy is letting go of the where and how. It doesn't matter where your new choice clients come from or how they find you. Be open to receiving.

5. Watch for signs and follow up religiously. Part of receiving means accepting and honoring EVERYTHING that comes your way. Follow up on every single lead you receive, even if outward signs look like it might not be the right fit for you. If that seems a little strange, consider: the Universe did its part by sending you a possible answer to your call; doesn't it just make sense to do your part by following up?

Once again, the magic is right here, so do NOT cheat yourself by skipping this step. (Want an even bigger attraction boost? Track everything, including your actions AND these signs and leads.)

6. Say thank you when the Universe delivers!

New bio (please update on my other 2 articles, if possible):

Elizabeth Genco Purvis, “The Marketing Goddess,” is a writer and marketing strategist based in Brooklyn, NY. She teaches spirited and soul-inspired entrepreneurs how to create an abundance of clients, income and freedom in their businesses while staying true to their values. Elizabeth is the creator of The Abundant Business system, a step-by-step marketing and business-building system especially for conscious business owners. For more articles and to claim your free audio course, visit www.MarketingGoddess.com

Elizabeth Genco Purvis

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