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Free From Stress

by Dr. John Demartini

The following excerpt is taken from the book From Stress to Success by Dr. John Demartini. It is published by Hay House (July 2009) and will be available at all bookstores or online at: www.hayhouse.com


Most people don’t mind stress as long as it’s someone else’s and they don’t have to deal with it. Of course you know that stress impacts your life—everyone knows that. But what if you could turn that stress into success? What kind of life could you then lead?

Could you save energy instead of spending it? Could you direct your life instead of being a slave to it? Could you build selfworth instead of destroying it? Could you love your relationships instead of sabotaging them?

Could you heal your body instead of disordering it? And could you sleep peacefully instead of tossing and turning every night? Could you simply live a greater life?

Of course you can!

No matter who you are or what you do, stress impacts success in each of the seven areas of life: spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social, and physical. Moreover, success means many things to many people. For instance, everyone would love to perform as well as possible in their careers. Nobody enjoys being a failure, and successful individuals help those around them succeed as well. We’d all love to have enough money to explore whatever our dreams and visions guide us to do. And it’s certainly stressful when we’re unable to do something or are limited in what we can experience due to a shortage of finances.

In addition, family and personal relationship interactions can make or break the feeling of fulfillment in other areas. For example, it isn’t much fun going home each night to a partner who’s unappreciative of you, despite the fact that your colleagues think you’re exceptional.

Also, becoming popular and well respected within a social network is a key part of feeling and being a "success." A person without a circle of friends and associates is like someone who’s stranded on an island without food or water . . . and that’s certainly stressful.

On top of that, if you’re ill or tired all the time and don’t enjoy great health and energy, it can override any other successes because you always feel as if you’re behind the eight ball. And this mind-set definitely doesn’t breed success.

Our spiritual outlook and the values we strive for must be fulfilled for us to feel truly successful. Without spiritual fulfillment, how can there be genuine success?

And, of course, if we don’t think that we’re using our fullest mental capacities and expressing our unique talents and genius, we certainly won’t believe that we’ve attained success. This can add even more stress to our lives.

Although the word success takes many forms and can mean various things, in this book, it will be more inclusive than exclusive and will signify overall fulfillment. Would you love to experience more success in each of the seven areas of your life?

Do you wish to feel less stress? Then keep reading. . . .

The first step to achieving a more successful and fulfilling life is to alleviate stress, and this book is designed to do just that. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to just follow simple daily steps that will reduce stress and produce more success? Well, you can!

The following list comprises the 31 secrets that are your steps to success. You may be wondering, Why are they called"secrets"? Well, even though some people have heard many of these statements before, few seem to take them to heart or live by them. Their wisdom is simple yet profound, and they’re the secrets of the individuals who live more self-actualized lives. Those who don’t follow these simple steps often live their lives at the whims of others, each day experiencing quiet desperation and reaction. But those who implement these secrets daily enjoy empowering inspiration. The former endure lives of stress filled with strangling weeds, and the latter savor lives of success overflowing with blooming flowers. Which type of life would you rather lead?

Let’s take a look at the daily stress-to-success secrets:

Stress-to-Success Secrets

On a daily basis:

1. Write and read your goals.

2. Clear away your goal’s obstacles.

3. Prioritize your activities.

4. Act on top priorities.

5. Visualize your success.

6. Write and read your affirmations.

7. Practice deep breathing and stretching.

8. Do selective and collective reading.

9. Groom for success.

10. Dress for success.

11. Love what you do and do what you love.

12. Surround yourself with succeeders.

13. Drink lots of water.

14. Eat light, moderate meals.

15. Reduce the four "addictors."

16. Contract and then relax all muscles.

17. Help others fulfill their goals.

18. Save 5 to 10 percent of your earnings.

19. Write three thank-you letters.

20. Reward yourself for your accomplishments.

21. Express feelings of love.

22. Hug someone special.

23. Clean and organize your environment.

24. Eliminate low-priority "unnecessities."

25. Study the subject you’d love to master.

26. Spend time in total meditative silence.

27. Massage your body or scalp.

28. Take a hot bath before retiring.

29. Count your blessings with gratitude.

30. Get a good night’s rest.

31. Follow a Stress-to-Success Checklist.

Carefully study these secrets. Implementing them into your life will reveal the magic inherent in each step and help you transform your stress into success.

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