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Welcome to Wisdom's Online Resource Directory where you'll find the Holistic, Spiiritual, and Metaphysical Practitioners, Products, and Services you are looking for! Wisdom's searchable directory is simple to use. Browse by Category or Business Name, or search by keyword and location!

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The Spiritual Unfoldment Network(tm)

The Spiritual Unfoldment Networktm offers authentic esoteric energy (attunement) workshops from all major spiritual traditions for personal and spiritual transformation. The energies can be accessed by the student any time, giving them the ability to progress at their own pace.

Complete Systems
Drisana - Tibetan/Mystery School System
Huna - Hawaiian Spiritual tradition
Miraculous Vessels - pre-Taoist tradition

Guardian Angel
Chakra Angels for opening and shielding the chakras
Angels from the Ancient Mystery Schools
Bliss of Osiris (Egyptian)
Gayatri Mantra
Essene Dove
Mantra Angels (Om, Om Mani Padme Hum, Om Namah Shivaya)

Individual Workshops
Crystal Empowerment
Pineal Gland
Heart’s Desire
Kundalini Water
Lord’s Prayer
Meridian Flush
Moving Toward Freedom
Nectar of the Sphinx
Phoenix Rising
Red Ankh
Releasing Karma
Twelve Ray Energy System
Planetary Triangles
Rainbow Heart
Universal Feng Shui
Compass feng shui workshops and consultations
Memon Harmonization
Distributor for Memon units to cancel EMF, cell tower, and all other detrimental energies. Units for home, office, car, cell and cordless phone, laptop computers, pools, and purification of water.

For workshop descriptions and costs, workshops at a distance, calendar of workshops, free lectures, and more information on Feng Shui and Memon, please go to the website at www.spiritual-initiations.com Or call, write to Loretta Metzger, certified SUN and feng shui teacher and Memon distributor, 914-722-2188 (New York) sun88@juno.com

The Spiritual Unfoldment Network(tm)   Contact Loretta Metzger  Call (914) 472-0332  170 E. Hartsdale Ave #2F Hartsdale, NY 10530

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Maureen St Germain
Empaths Survival Guide
Light Healing
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Alternatives For Healing
Alan Cohen
Laura Norman Reflexology
Denali Institute
Margaret Ann Lembo

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