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Articles for February 2023
   2023 Psychic Horoscopes and Messages from Spirit
   by Elissa Heyman
  Fire, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: A separate message came for each fire sign for 2023: Aries: More focus on health this year than before. Leo: You are chugging along, it’s a little like you’re moulting this year; keep the faith. Sagittarius: You are mor...MORE

   Astrological Forecast for February 2023
   by Lou Valentino
  February produces Groundhog Day for those wanting to know if it’s going to be a long winter season or early spring, and Valentine’s Day for romantic moments. ALL PLANETS ARE IN DIRECT MOTION including Chiron till April 21st, the next time Mercury wi...MORE

   Astrological Forecast for January and February 2023
   by Armand M. Diaz, PhD
  Happy New Year! As we begin 2023, we naturally look back to the past year and ahead to the future. The year begins with Mercury and Mars both retrograde, a sign that it might be a little difficult to get traction in some areas. Communication is li...MORE

   Your Horoscope for January and February 2023
   by Elizabeth Joyce
  Aries (3/21-4/20) Jupiter is now direct in your First House of Self. You build confidence with your goals and are optimistic for successful outcomes. Enjoy outings with romantic partners and share children’s excitement to fun toys and games. Take ti...MORE

   by Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss
  Dear EarthTalk: What’s on the Supreme Court’s docket in terms of cases with any bearing on nature, wildlife or the environment? Historically has the Court tended to be friend or foe to the environment? – S. Jackson, Miami, FL There has been little...MORE

   Totems: Octopus, Part 1
   by Cie Simurro, a.k.a. Thunderbird Starwoman
  If I wrap my many arms around you, would you melt into my embrace, or would you fight it, though you would not win? I am very strong, but I can be gentle as well, once I learn to trust you. I am Octopus, the one who reminds you that things aren’t alw...MORE

   Totems: Octopus, Part 2
   by Cie Simurro, a.k.a. Thunderbird Starwoman
  An octopus’s mouth is in its armpit. You read that right. They usually grab prey with their suckers, passing it from smaller suckers at the tip of one of their arms, onward toward the next larger sucker, continuing toward its head until it reaches it...MORE

   You Can't See Them
   by Harlyene Goss
  You can’t see them. They are subatomic, has no mass, does not alter the chemical composition, work on the quantum level and move faster than the speed of light. This quantum healing technology works inter-dimensionally and compliments other healing m...MORE

   How Do I Perceive Life?
   by Sibylle Dorge
  Our lives are subject to constant change. We either notice this change externally or we feel it internally. It is in our nature that – at the beginning of our lives – we grow, develop and change externally, as well as grow, develop and change interna...MORE

   Nature's Healing Feeling
   by Robert G. Waldvogel
  Many plan vacations far afield that enable them to “get away from it all.” But what may need to be understood is what exactly “it all” is and where that reality exists—that is, “out there” in the world or “in here” in the person’s head. A walk-throug...MORE

   The Science of Meditation
   by Darshan Goswami
  Scientific evidence suggests the health benefits of meditation include improved memory, increased ability to focus, improve health, and more. Meditation is a centuries-old practice of getting in touch with oneself, observing thoughts without judgme...MORE

   What's Really Behind All the Polarization?
   by Cher Gilmore
  Everybody’s talking about it, journalists are writing about it, and all kinds of explanations are being offered for the extreme divisions we’re seeing in many forms today: men versus women, immigrants versus citizens of their adoptive country, reacti...MORE

   You Are Just Right
   by Eve Wilson
  Looking in the mirror, what do you see? It probably depends on the moment and how you are feeling about yourself and your life. Perhaps someone was happy to see you, then you see yourself with a smile and it makes you feel attractive and lovable. Per...MORE

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