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Articles for October 2017
   Excerpt from "Love Never Dies: From Heaven My Sister Speaks"
   by Angela Dawn
  I began to meditate daily, first thing in the morning. It became a wonderful obsession. The more I meditated the easier it became. I found I could meditate up to two hours a day! The lawn mowers, leaf blowers, cars passing by, even the phone ringing ...MORE

   Excerpt from "Riding the Wave of Change - Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World"
   by Eve Wilson
  I sense that I must find the strengthTo shape my soul in worthy fashionTo form herself as spirit’s garment– Rudolf Steiner, the Calendar of the SoulYou Are AscendingYou are evolving in ways that have been pre-ordained since the beginning of time. &nb...MORE

   Excerpt from "The Intelligence of the Cosmos"
   by Ervin Laszlo
  Chapter 3 A New Answer Einstein remarked that there are two ways to live one’s life: as if everything is a miracle, or as if nothing is. For the outdated and yet in many quarters still upheld materialist paradigm, the world is a giant mecha...MORE

   White Spirit Animals
   by J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus, D.H.L.
  The Golden-Hearted Alchemist No matter who we are, no matter in which part of the world we dwell, we are one. We are one with each other. We are one with the Earth. We are one with the moon, the sun, and the stars. --Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa,...MORE

   Astrological Forecast for October 2017
   by Lou Valentino
  October is the month when we anticipate cooler temperatures and the Sun setting much earlier. We don't have daylight savings till November 5th.The signs most effected this month are: Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn.Th...MORE

   Astrological Forecast for September & October 2017
   by Armand M. Diaz, PhD
     The long, hot summer of 2017, complete with the Great American Eclipse on August 21st, is now behind us, but we’ll be sorting out the events of the past few months for some time to come. Not that all the action is in the rearview mirror ...MORE

   Intuitive Impressions of Fall and Horoscopes
   by Elissa Heyman
  Intuitive Impressions of Fall 2017: Everything changes, things get more serious; people realize and re-assess what is important, who is important, and what’s important for them to do now. Another era starts, the “It’s what you make of it”, “It’s...MORE

   Your Horoscope for September & October 2017
   by Elizabeth Joyce
  Aries (3/21-4/20)September brings a focus on your body and well being Aries. Day’s off from work won’t be easy to come by. It’s a hard working and busy month, but friends could help with a little down time. If you stay on top with your finances, you ...MORE

   Ask Your Pet
   by Jennifer Dickman
  Dear Jennifer,I have a dog who is on the older side, named Chesya. Lately she’s seemed very withdrawn to me. She doesn’t want to play or even be affectionate like usual. She doesn’t seem like herself. Can you tell me what’s wrong? It’s very distressi...MORE

   by Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss
  Dear EarthTalk: What is so-called green patent sharing and how does it work?  -- Bill Gilmore, Albuquerque, NMThe idea behind so-called green patent sharing is that researchers, inventors and companies can share the rights to make, use o...MORE

   GemSpot: Get into the Swing of Things: Ruby and Self-Motivation
   by Margaret Ann Lembo
  Do you need to improve your vim and vigor? Do you need a bit of motivation to get things done? It’s time to get things moving with a ruby in hand as your gemstone ally. Ruby increases your passion for life when used with conscious intent.The lazy day...MORE

   The Colors of the Wind
   by Jill Mattson
  The wind whistles, roars and purrs. It teases, soothes, or rips us with cold stabs to match its winter song. Poetic? Yes, but literally and subtly true. As the speed of the wind increases, its pitch rises. A diminishing breeze sings a correspond...MORE

   Totems: Sea Jellies, Part 1 of 2
   by Cie Simurro, a.k.a. Thunderbird Starwoman
  We, of the Sea Jelly nation have come to you at this time to help you simplify your life, spend more time on the things you love to do, more than the things you have to do, and to let you know that you do not have to be lonely. There are others of yo...MORE

   5 Reasons To Talk To Your Doctor About Your Sex Life
   by Dr. Sarah Cimperman, ND
  My patients can talk to me about anything, but they don’t always want to talk about everything, including sex. For some people, talking about sex is difficult or shameful, even though it shouldn’t be. Your doctor is one person you should be talking t...MORE

   Healing From Military Service
   by Dr. Karen Clickner
  Everyone knows at least one person that has been in active military duty and many of us know someone who is still fighting a battle even though they have returned home. The assaults that occur against a service person in active duty are not just pote...MORE

   Yeast, Fungus, Candida and Other Such Critters That Make Us Sick & Well, Part 1
   by Michael Cheikin MD
  This article was originally written ten years ago. Like the 40-50 years before it, there has been minimal progress in conventional medicine's utilization of these concepts. However, if one searches for "yeast" on pubmed.gov, the federal government's ...MORE

   Difficult Transitions & Letting Go of Material Possessions
   by Cassendre Xavier
  I don't know if this is happening in your life, too, but it seems a lot of people I know, myself included, are going through a major life transition while simultaneously also having to let go of many of their "things." In my article I wrote last...MORE

   Getting Sober
   by Alan Cohen
  I recently learned of the death of a musician I admire. Ruud was a trombonist in André Rieu’s orchestra. Besides being a talented musician, he was something of a comic spark plug, performing clever antics in skits the orchestra wove into their perfor...MORE

   Resign As Your Own Teacher
   by Alan Cohen
  While traveling in Europe to attend an André Rieu concert, my laptop wouldn’t boot. If you ever had this happen, you know it can be, well, disconcerting. I Googled computer repair technicians in the small Holland city where I was staying, and found t...MORE

   by Nancy E. Yearout
       Although much has been written about angels throughout time, we don’t seem to acknowledge their presence. They are mentioned nearly three hundred times throughout the Bible. The Archangel Michael and the Angel Raphael are mentione...MORE

   Discovering Your Other Knowing
   by Hart Brent
  We live in a culture that prioritizes left brain logical, linear thinking, yet our right brains play an essential role in interpreting context and making sense of what we see. Our human brains would not have evolved separate hemispheres with differen...MORE

   How High We Can Climb?
   by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff
  Yesterday as I was waiting in line at the grocery store, it occurred to me that life has a way of coming full circle.  As I struggled with physical pain and growing impatience waiting, compounded by persistent aches, I remembered back to when I ...MORE

   Let Go and Let God
   by Alison David Bird
  Ascension Energy One of the most difficult things you will do during this period of great change is say “goodbye” to someone you love or, have loved in the past. We are sociable creatures but familiar faces do more than just bring us comfort. Wh...MORE

   Speaking Truth and Being Kind
   by Eve Wilson
  When emotions run high, human maturity drops proportionately!  We live at a time where stress is high which makes people more emotionally reactive, so this is a great time to build our emotional maturity, a muscle that serves well in every aspec...MORE

   Spiritual Traveler: Form to Essence
   by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff
  At the beginning I was mistaken in four ways. I sought to remember God, to know Him, and to seek Him. When I had come to the end, I saw that He had remembered me before I remembered Him, that His knowledge of me had preceded my knowledge of Him, His ...MORE

   The Magical World of Numbers: October - Number Ten, The God Force, Good Karma & Money Issues
   by Elizabeth Summers
  By  October, the beautiful season of Fall has arrived bringing with it new looks in Mother Nature, new weather conditions and new life styles for we humans as we begin our nesting for the next several months.As Mother Earth began to wind things ...MORE

   The Practice of Harmlessness
   by Marguerite dar Boggia
  David Wilcock's most interesting book, "The Ascension Mysteries" is based in part on information from former employees of NASA and the military-industrial complex.  The information seems outrageous and it is hard to believe.  Wilcock throug...MORE

   The Spiritual Traveler: The Grand Bazaar
   by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff
  Traveler:   What is the purpose of life?  From your perspective, why do we come here to live, work, experience, enjoy our self and then journey to another place?Master:  The great cycle of life is an opportunity to experience who we ar...MORE

   To Pray Is To Be
   by Robert G. Waldvogel
  Which language do you speak?  Prayer is the one that God or a Higher Power of your understanding does and to which he most responds.  It fosters the ultimate and uninterrupted soul-to-soul link with him, the direct connection to creator, fo...MORE

   Unleashing the Field of Infinite Possibilities through the Akashic Records
   by Pat Hardman, ARR & Josephine Hardman, PhD
  The Akashic Records can be defined as an archive of everything that has transpired through all directions of time and space. Taken from the root word “Akasha,” meaning “book of life,” the Records contain both collective and individual information for...MORE

   A Gentler Kind of Missionary
   by Phil Levesque
  We've all had the experience- we are listening to someone "share" their belief whether we asked them to or not and they crossed the line from sharing their belief to preaching at us. The premise of their sermon seems to be “ You are doing it wrong. T...MORE

   Deeper Connection to Self and Community at Empowered Light Holistic Expo
  Take a step toward a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle at the Empowered Light Holistic Expo! The expo runs from 5 to 9 p.m., October 27, and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., October 28 and 29, at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, 100 Station Avenue, Oa...MORE

   How to Stay Centered in These Challenging Times
   by Laura Norman, M.S., LMT
  “May you live in interesting times.” I find living in “interesting times” to be a blessing and an opportunity—the chance to play a role in creating a better life, both for yourself and the world.We’ve been living in tumultuous, challenging times...MORE

   LifeForce Awakening™:From Stuck to Transformation in Just Minutes? What’s Possible for YOU?
   by Joshua Bloom
  I transformed my life with an amazing process that has also helped transform the lives of thousands of people. And now I want to help you shift your energy and change your life by using the same healing secrets I used to get my own life back. I ...MORE

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