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Articles for April 2024
   Excerpt from "The Genius of Empathy"
   by Judith Orloff, MD
  One of the biggest blocks to empathy is a fear of being vulnerable and then overwhelmed. It either seems too painful or unsafe to lovingly explore your own emotions or that you risk getting burned out by other people’s problems, dramas, and needs. In...MORE

   Excerpts from "UFO…Contact from the Pleiades, Volumes I & II, 45th Anniversary Edition"
   by Brit Elders
  UFOs. They finally made mainstream news, but with a different name—UAP, which stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. Whatever one chooses to call them, they have been around forever. They’ve been depicted in petroglyphs, paintings, tapestries, an...MORE

   Interview with Judith Orloff, MD
  “The Genius of Empathy” will immediately improve your life by helping you to be kinder to yourself and stop overthinking or taking on other’s stress. This book will also enhance your communication skills, especially with difficult personalities. So m...MORE

   Astrological Forecast for April 2024
   by Lou Valentino
  April of 2024 is filled with intense energies as Mercury stations retrograde on April fools’ day and we have the only total eclipse, new Moon solar eclipse, of 2024 on April 8th with both in the sign of Aries. THE MONTH OF APRIL is potent with Aries...MORE

   What the April 8th Solar Eclipse Means for Your Sun Sign
   by Elizabeth Joyce
  Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you after the April 8th eclipse. We are experiencing the “dance of the cosmos” and everything will change for everyone, worldwide. The sunrise and sunset memorizes you – catches your attention in a different, m...MORE

   Your Horoscope for April 2024
   by Elizabeth Joyce
  Aries (3/21-4/20) Mercury retrogrades April 1st through the 25th, so expect a lot of communication mix-ups. The workplace gets busy. Expect to spend time correcting mistakes. If you’re single, with Venus is Aries, you could think about tying the kno...MORE

   by Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss
  Dear EarthTalk: I heard we’re running out of so-called “tonewoods” for making acoustic guitars. Are there are alternative materials that eco-minded luthiers can switch to? – B.C., Montgomery. PA Most guitars out there today are crafted out of some...MORE

   Homeopathy for Summer Bumps, Bites and Burns
   by Claudia Regojo
  Hardly anyone makes it through summer without getting sunburn, insect bites, bumps, scrapes, cuts, or indigestion from too much food and drink. But, with a small homeopathic medicine kit, you can often care for those ailments and discomforts as they ...MORE

   The Healthy Side of Darkness
   by Dr. Karen Clickner, ND
  We are about to go through a solar eclipse. It has been the headline in the news now for weeks. The opportunity to watch darkness spread across the face of the sun and the corresponding shadow on the earth is hard to ignore. This very fact has driven...MORE

   Altered States That Unveil The Hidden Layers Of Our Psyche
   by Anthony Talmage
  Two kinds of reality exist in our world - sensory reality and clairvoyant (spiritual) reality. Both are equally real and shade into one another like the colours of the rainbow. Most of us conduct our lives at the sensory end of the spectrum while mys...MORE

   Recovering Memories
   by Robert G. Waldvogel
  Experience, relationships, events, circumstances, and conversations pave the path of a person’s life, of which many are unavoidable or unpredictable. But all carry associations that run the spectrum from euphoria to trauma, leaving him to wish they c...MORE

   The Power of Positive Thinking
   by Darshan Goswami
  Positive thinking can change your life. If you want to live longer, be happy, healthy and successful, all you have to do is think positive. More and more people (including Doctors and Scientists) are turning to positive thinking because it is a pow...MORE

   Within You
   by Eve Wilson
  Within you shines the morning sun The evening star, the rivers run The bird song and the wondrous flight All come to rest at sacred night This is the chorus to a song I wrote in my 20s, shortly after my father’s death. His passing opened me up an...MORE

   Review of “The Genius of Empathy” by Judith Orloff, MD (foreword by The Dali Lama)
   by Ronald Alexander, PhD
  According to NY Times bestselling psychiatrist Judith Orloff MD, empathy is a superpower that can transform your life, your relationships, and the world. In her new book “The Genius of Empathy” (with foreword by The Dalai Lama) Dr. Orloff shows reade...MORE

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