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Articles for June 2022
   Excerpt from "Activate Your Cosmic DNA"
   by Eva Marquez
  The Pleiadian star nation is one of the most discussed star nations that we know of. Pleiadians, along with other star nations, seeded the Earth eons ago and their energy is still present today. They never left us, they never gave up on us, and if yo...MORE

   Excerpt from "That Other God"
   by David Richard Beasley
  The pilgrims lay in blankets, chatting in low voices, swallowing beer, or roasting chestnuts. Suddenly, a deep voice reverberated through the night air. "La ilaha il Allah." The unexpected cry of Ory Baskan startled and then hushed the pilgrims for...MORE

   Excerpt from "The Full Extent"
   by Richard Botelho
  Overview In the early 20th century, discoveries in quantum mechanics proved Consciousness is the ground of all being. This finding contradicted scientific materialism, which posited matter as foundational; instead, matter results from Mind. Moreover...MORE

   Excerpt from "The Kabbalah of Light"
   by Catherine Shainberg, PhD
  This book is about the unconscious. Later I will call it the subconscious. There is a reason for this, which I will explain shortly. How is it possible to write a book about something that, if we take its name at face value, is unknowable? As I am wr...MORE

   Astrological Forecast for June 2022
   by Lou Valentino
  June is here so summer is about to begin. That means lots of sunshine and visiting your local beach. Mother nature is a blessing to all of us regardless of what zodiac sign you are born under. This month Mercury stations direct, Saturn stations ret...MORE

   Astrological Forecast for May & June 2022
   by Armand M. Diaz, PhD
  The cosmic weather continues to blow choppy through late spring and early summer this year, with eclipses, planetary stations, Mercury retrograde, and hot aspects sprinkled throughout May and June. Still, there’s also a lot of potential for ease an...MORE

   Psychic Horoscopes for Spring & June 2022
   by Elissa Heyman
  For Everyone: Stay focused on what you want to build. Stay connected to groups that you are responsible to, or friends and collectives that keep you connected to life in a positive way. June is Opportune: When your hard work and expertise meet an o...MORE

   Your Horoscope for May & June 2022
   by Elizabeth Joyce
  Aries (3/21-4/20) As May opens, meet with bankers and brokers to learn about the financial advantages they offer. Playtime and bonding are best the first week of May. Honor your Mom on Mother’s Day and show your nurturing side to family members. You...MORE

   Ask Your Pet
   by Jennifer Dickman
  Dear Jennifer, I’ll be going away for a week on vacation next month. This is the first time I’ll be leaving my dog, Frito, in a few years. I’m worried that he’ll be anxious and act out while the sitter is staying with him. Is there anything I can ...MORE

   by Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss
  Dear EarthTalk: Why is lithium mining so bad for the environment? -- Jane B., Atlanta, GA Lithium is called “white gold” for good reason: the metal’s value has been growing exponentially over the last several years, in large part because it is an...MORE

   Let the Sun Shine In: Magnificence and Sunstone
  This is a time of prosperity and purpose. During spring, this new cycle, awaken your consciousness and let yourself align with the promise of new growth and new beginnings. The positive thoughts take root and open you up to the reality of unlimited p...MORE

   Totems: Walrus, Part 3
   by Cie Simurro, a.k.a. Thunderbird Starwoman
  The greatest threat to walruses and other marine animals of the Arctic are global warming, atmospheric ozone depletion, and shifting ocean currents – for how will they survive without Arctic waterways, islands, and massive ice floes and land masses t...MORE

   5 Essentials for a Safe and Effective Spring Cleanse
   by Dr. Sarah Cimperman, ND
  It’s well documented that chemicals in our environment accumulate inside our bodies. We’re exposed to toxins in air, food, and water, and they enter our bodies before we’re even born. More than 200 chemicals have been found in the cord blood of newbo...MORE

   A Bit of Wisdom for the Ages
   by Dr. Karen Clickner, ND
  So many people think that aging has typical symptoms that everyone can expect and will experience. Arthritis, memory loss, fatigue, digestive problems, hair loss, cancer may be what we think is unavoidable but in fact how we age and how that process ...MORE

   Aligning Self-Will With God's Will
   by Robert G. Waldvogel
  While most people make decisions and plot and chart their own courses in life based upon intelligence and sound logic, their view of time and circumstance is limited. Predicting how the pieces will come together, even in the near future, is impossibl...MORE

   Helping Your Pet Transition With Love, Grace and Support
   by Ellie Pechet, MEd
  This article is dedicated to a Border Collie named Bailey who lived in Canada. Les, her human enlisted my services to help her feel more comfortable and to help both of them prepare for her transition. My own understanding and appreciation for the p...MORE

   Pulling Together
   by Eve Wilson
  Humans are complex beings. Within us we have so many potentials that can pull us in different directions unless we train them to pull together! Our minds have ideas that could be judgments we learned from others or may be led by our intuition. Our he...MORE

   The Vital-Astral Soul
   by Marguerite dar Boggia
  Some students have read that when an individual is so evil, that when he dies he enters into an animal. That is not correct. You must understand that a human being is a composite being. He is composed of a group of consciousness centers, called a Mon...MORE

   When You Get Grounded What Happens?
   by Eve Wilson
  Our bodies have been created by our Higher Selves with the intention that one day they will ascend into unity with our eternal spirit and together they can co-create a beautiful life and world. As eternal spiritual beings we often find our bodies to...MORE

   Hope and Action: Antidotes to Despair
   by Lynne Girdlestone
  For more than two years the world has been dealing with a host of negative effects from an incredibly destructive “agent of change”: the coronavirus. For over two months another crisis – the war in Ukraine – has grabbed the headlines and our hearts. ...MORE

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