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Articles for August 2022
   Excerpt from "Proof of Spiritual Phenomena"
   by Mona Sobhani, Ph.D.
  I really don’t want to be writing this book. Sometimes I find myself imagining how my life would have been, had I gone on the way I was before. Sometimes I wish none of this had happened to me and I had stayed on my original path. Nevertheless, like ...MORE

   Excerpt from "Sane Asylums"
   by Jerry M. Kantor
  Has psychiatry gone astray? It appears so, with corporate greed as the primary cause. Despite what some consider state-of-the art psychiatric treatment, rather than declining, the number of identified disabled mentally ill has tripled in this country...MORE

   Excerpt from "The Full Extent"
   by Richard Botelho
  Overview In the early 20th century, discoveries in quantum mechanics proved Consciousness is the ground of all being. This finding contradicted scientific materialism, which posited matter as foundational; instead, matter results from Mind. Moreover...MORE

   Astrological Forecast for August 2022
   by Lou Valentino
  It was a “Hot August Night.” Neil Diamond came out with that album in 1972 and reflects the tempo and mood of August after a hot July worldwide. Mercury moves into the organized sign of Virgo on August 4th. The healer. Mercury was in the sign of Le...MORE

   Astrological Forecast for July & August 2022
   by Armand M. Diaz, PhD
  With eclipse season behind us, major planetary aspects taking a break, and even Mercury retrograde over for the moment, we might wonder if the summer of 2022 will offer us some calm. The answer is a definite ‘maybe’. We may not find much in the way o...MORE

   Your Horoscope For July & August 2022
   by Elizabeth Joyce
  Aries (3/21-4/20) Travel plans are more successful early in July Celebrate July 4th with family, then kick back for another week or two in the sun and salty beach air. Friends extend invitations for cook-outs mid-month. Early discount prices may ent...MORE

   Ask Your Pet
   by Jennifer Dickman
  Dear Jennifer, A few years ago, several turtles I loved very much were killed in a fire. Three of them were named Raphaela, Harry, and Lou. I’d rescued them and cared for them for years, but had placed them in a good adoptive home. I’m still griev...MORE

   by Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss
  Dear EarthTalk: I hear emperor penguins are on the brink of extinction… How did they get there and what can we do to save this species? -- J.W., Westport, CT Two words explain the decline of Emperor penguins: climate change. Like many wildlife spec...MORE

   Frog Medicine: Leap Forward with Crystal Clear Intentions
  One morning, years ago, I woke up from a sound sleep with the title of the book had to write. Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom is the name of the book and within it you can find how messages and lessons from the animal kingdom to the vast, supp...MORE

   5 Natural Remedies For Your First Aid Kit
   by Dr. Sarah Cimperman, ND
  If your summer plans include outdoor adventures, don’t forget your first aid kit. It should contain basic supplies like bandages, sterile gauze, scissors, tweezers, adhesive tape, matches, needles, and thread. You’ll also want antiseptics to clean wo...MORE

   Genetics Is Not The Key To Disease
   by Dr. Karen Clickner, RND
  We all agree that cells communicate with each other. This happens through receptor cell membranes, the surface of which must be free of obstacles in order for communication to take place. When there are obstacles, the cell communication is altered, i...MORE

   Are Synchronicities Just A Co-Incidence?
   by Anthony Talmage
  Do you regard yourself as being in the hands of fate? Or in control of your own destiny? What is right for us in the eternal scheme of things is our Destiny. Fate is what happens when our hearts and minds have surrendered to lower forces and the fog ...MORE

   Insights About Judgment
   by Robert G. Waldvogel
  Judging is something everyone, I am sure, can be found guilty of and this may apply, to an even greater extent, to those who were influenced by parental dysfunction because they were the recipients of it, prompting them—sometimes automatically--to ju...MORE

   New World Mind
   by Eve Wilson
  Humankind is in process of shifting modes of function from mental control to whole-person-intuitive. Many people feel mentally stressed and anxious not knowing to make this shift. My adventures trying out electric bikes seem like a good analogy for...MORE

   Pulling Together
   by Eve Wilson
  Humans are complex beings. Within us we have so many potentials that can pull us in different directions unless we train them to pull together! Our minds have ideas that could be judgments we learned from others or may be led by our intuition. Our he...MORE

   Separativeness, The Lesson of Humanity
   by Marguerite dar Boggia
  What is meant by 'Separativness? The ascended Tibetan Master, Djwhal Kuhl wrote Esoteric Healing1 and many other books through His amanuensis, Alice A. Bailey, using mental telepathy. This is His picture. On page 82 of Esoteric Healing he said: "If y...MORE

   The Sweetness of Summer
   by Eve Wilson
  The scent of soft breezes off the lake…blue skies with shifting clouds…birdsong delighting ears…sunlight reflecting off water and making rainbows on eyelashes – did you ever notice those rainbows? – … juicy sweet freshness of watermelon. Farmer’s Mar...MORE

   Why Are Difficult People In Our Life?
   by Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.
  Many of us wonder what our purpose is here on earth. Do you ever wonder what the purpose is for encounters/relationships with people who feel like sandpaper to your Soul? A FEW THINGS TO CONSIDER : 1 - If a person who triggers you reminds you...MORE

   What does NLP have to do with Spirituality?
  As one moves down the path of personal growth and psychology, one will most likely find the door of spirituality. The connection carries both ways in that the study of Spirit will also involve the study of the mind. Spirituality and the study of ener...MORE

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