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Sep/Oct 2021

The Poison Path Herbal
By Coby Michael
Park Street Press
Book, 256 pages, Soft Cover, $19.99
ISBN: 9781644113349 

Part grimoire and part herbal formulary, this guide to the Poison Path of occult herbalism shares history, lore, and practical information regarding the use of poisonous, consciousness-altering, and magical plants. Author Coby Michael explains how to work with baneful herbs through rituals and spells, as plant spirit familiars, as potent medicines, and as visionary substances.

Jul/Aug 2021

We Thought You Would Never Ask - Finding Balance and Sanctuary in the Aquarian Age: A Transcript of Angelic Guidance
By B. E. Schlubach

RQM Press
Book, 284 pages, $16.99, Soft Cover
ISBN 978-0578-79715-1
https://rqmpress.com/ and www.amazon.com

This lively spiritual autobiography traces the author’s growing discovery of her ability to channel divine guidance. Through her correspondence with benevolent, unseen beings, the author receives comfort, answers, healing, and solutions for her pain and bewilderment. Transcribed from the author’s diary entries, this triad of human, spirit guide and angelic “voices” weaves a poignant, humorously human tapestry into an Aquarian Age primer of authentic experience. These miraculous exchanges also provide readers with a template and vivid, real-time examples of how to invite and practice the channeling, wisdom, and shifts for themselves. No one can read this book and remain unchanged!

May/Jun 2020

Backstage—The Importance of Your Personal Inner Connection
By Elizabeth Joyce

Visions of Reality
Book, 145 Pages. Soft Cover, $21.95

With training and deep insight Elizabeth Joyce offers a profound exploration into the mysteries of the Universe. When the windows and the doors to the universe opened for her, unexpected knowledge leading to a stronger and bolder way of living, opened up to her. She has become a teacher of teachers. While her spiritual and intuitive work is still available to her, this update with her energies has introduced ways of walking through divisive political angst, bringing a brand new way of meditating, self-talk, and creating decisions that bring one forward to new- life changes, walks, and pathways. She is aware and thrilled that a new universal language is being born. All the props and necessary material are here, Backstage, for us to ascend into this new awareness.

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