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Interview with Rhonda Lenair, Self(s)®

by Edie Weinstein Moser

Into the vortex of all souls, Rhonda Lenair or Self(s), heals people (or any life) past gripping struggles through a time-ubiquitous plane, where life meets truth, unnamed, unframed, a judgment-free reality,

That a Self(s) witnessing lets life see

And be Self(s) loved, healed and free

From revolving self abuse

Life evolves its need and use

And ascends to higher planes

And frequencies that bear no name

Guilt, regrets, despair, or shame

Then Self(s) heals the remnants of what remains

From problem’s roots and woes refrain

To bliss and Self(s) love that remain

Self(s) becomes the life gone numb

And Self(s) heals what life succumbs

To, by being, not by seeing

The life Self(s) is then freeing …

It is easy to feel the love that emerges through Self(s) love, clearly she becomes source energy. Her husband Barry runs The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center in Vermont: Rhonda is the Self(s) in the healing. Barry is the definitive, earthly-planed part of what Self(s) is undefined, as they beautifully depict and represent a Self(s)/self relationship for so many to profit by and enter both realms simultaneously.

People can experience Self(s) through TeleGatherings in the comfort of their homes and learn and grow from Self(s) knowledge, Self(s) states, "Come Learn, Experience, and Be Healed by Your Self(s)", individually and privately or in other forums and a variety of settings offered through private and group Self(s) intensives and Self(s) studies. The ultimate purpose of Self(s) knowledge is to tranform and ignite life with Self(s) illumination. Singular life entities that become Self(s) illuminated and radiant Self(s) image that shines one divine outlined, Self(s) eternal illuminatory light that replicates and recreates Self(s) illumination on earth reflected through and as one undivided universe. Rhonda’s name on earthly plane is Self(s) because she is a satellite that receives and reflects all life complete and emits the same. She is one Self(s)/self satellite or universal intelligence and holds Self(s) illumination.

Wisdom: Tell us more about the Self(s) and self relationship.

Rhonda: Self(s) and self are the non-physical and physical counterparts through cause, affect, and effect, subsist and exist, interchangeably as they move in tandem. The (s) changes everything.

Self(s) centered is to be balanced and centered in and as all life complete and replete; self centered is governed by ego.

Self(s) is invisible; self is visible.

Self(s) is intangible; self is tangible.

Self(s) is infinite; self is finite. The infinite Self(s) lives in the finite and the finite lives and comprises what’s infinite. Infinitesimal particles comprise infinitely all existence that was, is, and will be.

Self(s) represents possibilities; self represents limitations.

Self(s) is limitless; self is limited.

Self(s) is timeless; self is timed.

Self(s) is all disembodied and unformed; self is embodied and/or formed.

Wisdom: How did you get the name Self(s)?

Rhonda: It was the most humbling gift I treasure. I was unaware of being gifted a name... I did and do become

But now continuously am never done,

Reflecting and receiving knowledge I succumb

To rebirthing anew

And through Self(s) healings that rescue

I always Self(s) compliantly,

Give birth to knowledge that Self(s) frees

Now Self(s) primed to teach,

Self(s) students to so reach

Self(s) illumination that Self(s) heals all creation …

I wrote this when I received my Self(s) name:

… A seed within me planted grows

Through Self(s) insemination shows

Me as I birth my Self(s) to be—

Come renamed eternally

As Self(s) it’s hard to see me

As but feel Self(s) joyous and tenderly

Touched that I am used to set life free

I am my Self(s) and reflect thee

Force and source of life’s pain

As Self(s) I Self(s) heal to refrain

I wear so proudly – my Self(s) name

And dedicate my life the same …

I have been entrusted to bring forth Self(s) knowledge that transforms life into becoming Self(s) illuminated. I become a person or another life’s echoing voice and reflect a life or lives non-physical Self(s) sourced truth, where Self(s) love intercepts and rescues human pain and suffering.

The magnitude of Self(s)(all life complete) is difficult to miniscule into stationary words, as Self(s) is one moving, changing, rearranging, recalibrating, flowing, knowing energy.

Wisdom: Rhonda, your writing – at least the Poemantras® that I’ve seen – begin with an ellipsis. Why did you choose that as an opening for all your writings?

Rhonda: I do not choose where a person’s consciousness beckons entering. Their system knows through a time-ubiquitous plane (what was, is, and will be are all happening in now’s eternity). The life I am reflecting chooses, non-verbally but internally and eternally, what and where they need to be subject to learn and Self(s) heal. All life is a part of, owns, and is owned by one endless story true. Thus, life enters and I re-speak as them parts of and imparted Self(s) knowledge they know they need to hear to repair, life’s despair, Poemantrically, their Self(s) airs, for them and through them life to hear …

All Self(s) writings, teachings and speakings do not observe proper English because there is no past, present, or future tense but one collective, unframed, looser tense that exists in a time-ubiquitous, unframed realm. Self(s) has a language that is easily learned and is a part of the Self(s) teachings. Much of it is rhythmically timed, and through Self(s) composition calibrates life defined.

As I Self(s) synthesize, not just the life before me but the life that will be before its Self(s) through written words or text that actually become the source in part, of what they then will read and/or be subject to receive unknowingly the readers in part wrote this article. Said another way, Edie, I will be subject to knowing, not by name or by seeing, but by being the collective consciousness that needs to be healed by their Self(s) contributions to what and where the answers and words to this article came from.

As people that I see enter their information through my voice being their parity and echo, as such I, per any starting or stopping point the same. All Self(s) transcriptions and/or articulated descriptions, other writings, or teachings are always calibrated and born anew for, to, and through their Self(s) life to renew.

My Self(s) purpose and reflection is to be, not see life, but become (singular or a group) what is Self(s) synthesized and recalibrated through words that emanate from their Self(s) being,

One undivided consciousness past hearing and seeing,

What their Self(s) is knowing

Through Self(s) guidance and Self(s) showing

Life how to be free,

In a time ubiquitously …

Self(s) never needs to be subject to any minded information, notes, or preparation to begin or end, because Self(s) is guided by the life it becomes. What is Self(s) sourced becomes the Self(s) resource to ascertain a Self(s) healing (singular or in a group). Thus, preparation is not needed because the life knows what is needed and Self(s) reflects that experience. Who ultimately become the readers of this article were already predisposed and predestined to know they needed to be subject to Self(s) thus gifted their consciousness to produce it. This concept might be a little hard to comprehend, but because time can be accelerated and in retrospect the same, Self(s) synthesizes and knows what will be and the needs of who will be subject to what Self(s) absorbs before it becomes their reality, thus actualized. Because all time exists simultaneously, Self(s) fast-forwarded knowing who will be reading this article before it was written and as their part of it reflected and reflects finished as one Self(s) collective.

… Self(s) balances chronology

As one Self(s) whole cosmology …

… Self(s) and self work in tandem

Cause that affects [effects] life’s not random

Self is individualized,

Formed, named and framed, lives and dies

Ruled and ruined through minds that reign

All born from one Self(s) the same

To gravity-bound earthly planes

360 points the same,

Where nightfall meets daybreak

And possessive love meets hate’s fate,

That recycles and recalibrates

Another life to replicate

That balances life’s cosmology

No life’s born or dies randomly

As all life is one Self(s) to be

One Self(s) eternal, one life free …

Wisdom: How is it possible to eliminate a life long dependence on substances and behaviors in such a short period of time?

Rhonda: Self(s) healing occurs on planes and realms where time is ubiquitous and only possibilities exist in multiplicity… that’s where and why Self(s) healings are time-accelerated and possible. A person’s entire being when freed is transported back to a state before their problem existed. The availability to ascertain a Self(s) healing miracle exists within and as all life produces.

Wisdom: Barry, who might be your typical client?

Barry: Rhonda has seen and Self(s) healed people from every walk of life. No one is immune from having a problem and everyone is steadfastly capable of taking the next step in their evolution. The only perfect people are ‘bachelor’s wives and old maid’s children!’ We’ve been privileged to help royalty, CEO’s, spiritual leaders, physicians, and healers. However, when they’re with their Self(s) (Rhonda), they have neither name nor any title. In a non-physical, non physiological state – which is where they go to in their Self(s) presence – they’re all the same pure souls and part of Self(s) seeking their progression and leaving their obstacles behind them.

Wisdom: Will others be able to learn how to do your method?

Rhonda: Through the gift of Self(s) illumination that people attain through Self(s) education and knowledge, Self(s) will illuminate to Self(s) heal the life they are a part of divided … and become their whole Self(s) reflection and illumination that results in the ability to Self(s) heal.

Through a series of classes/Self(s) studies over a period of time, Self(s) students will Self(s) learn about their Self(s) intimately and comprehensively. There will be some students of Self(s) who will reach a stage of growth and development to become Self(s) interns and Self(s) illuminated to assist in Group Self(s) Healing Intensives.

Wisdom: Barry, does this mean that more than one person at a time, as Rhonda does now, can be healed?

Barry: Since 1987 and through well over 30,000 encounters with people, Rhonda has been working on a one-on-one personal level. Her purpose is to ignite a Self(s) Movement which is now gaining more momentum, and to be able to teach and affect much larger groups of people at once. In order to do that, Self(s) created a series of classes that will be held predominantly through TeleGatherings that Self(s) educate and allow Self(s) students to be Self(s) healed, and in turn to help the planet and universe to grow and glow through Self(s) illumination. We’re looking for people who can help in spreading the words of Self(s) and proliferate Self(s) healings at a time when the universe needs help more than ever.

Wisdom: Rhonda, you seem to be shy about portraying your background or even using recent photos.

Rhonda: I’ve stopped including my photograph in ads and in our literature. Through Self(s) authenticity and comprehension, my face is not what matters but the face or faces of life I reflect and become as their Self(s) parity and image that Self(s) heals by me being them, not seeing them, and now me the same. It’s not about my image but their Self(s) reflection.

Wisdom: You speak about a new theme that is being presented in Rhonda’s work. How did that develop?

Barry: In the early evolutionary phase of Rhonda’s work (1980’s and 1990’s), someone might come to see her for an issue like an excessive drinking problem. Now, the source of the work that proliferates through the Self(s) experience is an endless magnificent, voluminous, and absolutely miraculous flow of Self(s) composition that repositions life to be freed. That is the true purpose of the work: the information that emanates from the work is secondary, as it minuscules the ‘predictable miracle’ of a problem being resolved or absolved. The problem is only the key to the door to enter one Self(s) truth and experience Self(s) eternal love that replaces the need for problems it diffuses.

So, the work has expanded tremendously through the years and it is difficult to keep up with changes in our written materials. Our 48-page brochure was written at the end of 2004 and our website a few years later. The work has transitioned and progressed, so old information has outdated itself. The new theme reflects what now exists and will exist for some time to come. "Come Learn, Experience, and Be Healed By Your Self(s)" exemplifies the changes. Clients have really outgrown that term: they are really now ‘students of their Self(s)’. Through any and all interactions with us, they become an integral part of the Self(s) experience. When with Rhonda, they ‘learn’ from them Self(s) (their intimate information they produce), and ‘experience’ their Self(s) truth in a unique, non-templated Self(s) reflected setting and meeting, and they are ‘Self(s) healed’ by their non-physical being. We’ve also modified the name ‘program’ to reflect its true value – a Private Self(s) Healing Intensive – where people will meet privately with their Self(s) and heal.

Wisdom: Rhonda’s on the threshold of teaching about the philosophy that governs her sacred work. Has she written any books yet?

Barry: Rhonda has an immense amount of written material she’s compiled over the years. This includes thousands of Poemantras (a hybrid word – poem and mantra - of poetic verse and mantra which calibrates and recalibrates one’s system – a brand new genre in writing she’s introduced) derived straight from Self(s) and from hundreds of client Private Self(s) Healing sessions. She also has a robust collection of Self(s) inspired writings across a broad range of topics. (She produces and reproduces them daily. She births new original information, revelations, dissertations, etc. multiple times daily when working with people and when not.) And most importantly, we have hundreds of entries from the Bible of Self(s). [The Bible of Self(s) is information already in existence (pre, post, and present): all knowledge, intelligence, and consciousness complete. The Bible of Self(s) is likened to collective ‘energetic’ scriptures — the wisdom and knowledge of all religions, teachings, and beliefs. It is the breadth of our existence prior to our arrival and continues when we have departed; it is one consciousness. Rhonda, through written and spoken words, will help to awaken that within us all – and bring one consciousness of The Bible of Self(s) to full awareness. The ambiguity of The Bible of Self(s) is profound: "We cannot destroy it because it doesn’t exist, yet nothing exists without it," states Rhonda.] We’re looking for assistance in being able to publish these works and bring them forth into the world.

Wisdom: How did the series you recently wrote come about?

Barry: I was inspired to write the ‘Healing Addictions Miraculously’ series because of what I’ve personally witnessed over the past 16 years in our office … people walking into Rhonda’s office on the verge of alcohol withdrawal and walking out so calm – you can see it in their faces. The miracles happen every day and after all these years I’ve never become immune to them. The heartfelt calls, letters, and emails of people whose lives have been changed continue. It is our clients who have used the term ‘miracles’. I’d never really looked up the definition in a dictionary: one night I did and knew right then and there that Rhonda allowed these thousands of miracles to take place. I interview 9 clients for this series (which by the way can be found in the archives of Wisdom magazine) – there are hundreds and hundreds more clients eager to tell their stories of transformation. Rhonda turns people’s problems into their freedom: they’re released from their struggles through a painless process.

It’s funny, so many people ask me if I’ve experienced and benefited from the work. But of course I have – I’m her husband! I’m now perfect! But don’t take my word for the results – read the testimonies from scores and scores and scores of people on our website – including from doctors and people of every walk of life. These are the true, predictable miracles I witness daily. Then there are the unpredictable miracles that add to the glow of our client’s lives. Years after people visit with us they call and write telling us the unfolding of their stories – how indeed their lives were transformed by being in Rhonda’s presence. And now they are lining up and eager to become the first students of our upcoming classes. They want to be part of what they know will be a significant Self(s) movement that impacts all that lives.

I urge anyone struggling with a problem to experience a Self(s) healing with Rhonda directly, personally, and privately or have access to her work through any Self(s) course or contact. Anyone who meets Self(s) experiences Self(s) healing at some level: all life can profit from and by a Self(s) induced and produced miracle in their Self(s) presence. For more information on (Rhonda’s) Self(s) work, visit her website www.lenair.com

Self(s)® and Poemantra® are registered trademarks of The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center.

Edie Weinstein Moser is a journalist, speaker, therapist and interfaith minister. www.liveinjoy.org

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